1. B

    URGENT - need abs block bracket measurement

    hi there, i´m doing a LHD conversion and would like to make it as close mirrored as possible to look genuine. by this i was cutting the abs block bracket without making a measurement where to place the upper part on the new lower part. in my mind it was something like 10mm on one side and...
  2. JDM_virgin

    how much power can an SR20 block handle

    Exactly the question above however i dont mean on stock internals. My question that I cannot find the answer is how far can you push the block casting itself when you have fully forged internals, head bolts and all that stuff. For example the new focus RS the blocks start to crack at around...
  3. JDM_virgin

    FS: Apex stainless steel intake

    bling up your engine bay with some stainless goodness. Brand new comes with the silicon connections and I will throw in four jubilee clips with the sale. Had this for ages just never got around to fit it and now I've deleted my dump valve its easier for me to block the rubber pipe than a...
  4. oilman

    Keep the winter rust at bay with ACF-50!

    With summer coming to a close, autumn is just around the corner. Of course, once autumn is out of the way, we've got winter to look forward to, and we all know what the greatest danger to our vehicle over winter is...RUST! Opie Oils can help you keep the rust and corrosion at bay, thanks to our...
  5. Jay-pan

    Cable identify

    Just fully removed ABS from the car and tidying up all the loom. One of the cables that goes from the ABS metal block in the engine bay leads to the front passenger headlightand is plugged into a plug behind the radiator expansion bottle. what does this do? There's only one small blue/black...
  6. S

    FS: WTB S15 SR bottom end

    Hey guys names David, I'm looking into buying a friends S14 with a S15 SR but his bottom end is blown. Looking for a new bottom end at a good price.
  7. F

    WTB: broken 6 speed gearbox

    Howdy gents. I'm after a broken 6 speed box to see if/how I can mate it up the original block in my 240Z:nod: If I can do it i'll then find a decent one!
  8. I

    FS: [Brand New] SR20DET CP Pistons 86mm 8.5:1

    Hi, I sell my brand new CP Pistons for a SR20DET, bore 86mm, ratio 8.5:1. Number : SC73241 Theses are strictly OEM size pistons, and ones of the best available. I sell them because I'm currently rebuilding my block, and I ordered them before I opened it... And when I opened it... One sleeve...
  9. pegliobaglio

    Helicoil kits

    Right chaps, as some of you may know I have a little problem. Fitted my Mani a few weeks ago, had a little water leak so removed it all and when I put it all back together the oil line ( block end) wouldn't tighten up it screws in but won't go tight if you get what I mean? Seems the thread in...
  10. L

    Walbro 341 Noisy

    Heya, My walbro has started making a really annoying buzzing sound, which is apparently normal for a 'walbro'. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the sound? Anyone tried sound deadening to block the sound from the cabin?
  11. T

    Pigeon Mod Query

    Heya. Has anyone on here done the 'pigeon mod' to their cars? I know all about how to do it and why people do and dont do it - - - but what I was specifically after was this: If people HAVE done it...what did you use to block the pipes with. It's the 28mm and 30mm pipes in particular...
  12. Nickichi

    Water Sensor placement

    Hey guys Thought I might to plan out a weeks worth of upgrades for September to fit some of the kit im collecting in the shed atm Need some advice on locating the water temp sensor. Got a Defi version but im not sure were to install it. First place that I considered was on the outgoing (top)...
  13. naha_music

    Turbo oil drain tube on block

    I've changed to a top mount turbo set up, and replacing all the oil feed/drain lines with braided hoses and AN fittings. I also want to replace the oil drain tube on the block that connects to the turbo drain line with a 10AN fitting. The weather hasn't been very cooperative the past couple...
  14. T

    Rebuild time...

    Well as you may have read, the first few months of my S15 ownership has been somewhat sour, however I am still very enthuseatic about the car and its future so.. Engine is full out, head has been taken to my machineist who is going to give it a skim to bring back to life. The arse end of the...
  15. T

    Somethings not right...

    Out driving thisafternoon, stretching the cars legs a little and all came to a very bitter end when i glanced down to my coolant temp and it was 130degrees....:( Stoppped the car as soon as i could and by this time white smoke was poring out the ass end of the car, cooland tank was full and...
  16. seilow

    FS: TOMEI N2 oil block s13 s14 s15 silvia sr20 sr20de

    hi there i sell my new tomei N2 oil block never fitted 150€ + shipping
  17. LuPix_S15

    SSQV recirc pipe- where do I get one from??

    Ok - before I can carry on and install the new SSQV inc. recirc adaptor which arrived this week (woop!!) I need to get hold of this long recirc tube/pipe which replaces the horrible OEM plastic item (the one that goes flat and runs across front of engine block etc. But I've gone through all my...
  18. Curryzz

    Fitting gauges in air vents?

    Need to find rev counter cable asap, got the dash in bits. Does anyone know what colour the cable is and what block it sits in out of the three? Cheers
  19. C

    FS: sr20det gaskets

    , have a full set of Nissan turbo gaskets for sale manifold to block manifold to turbo turbo to downpipe oil return on bottom of turbo oil and water returns on turbo and to block inlet gaskets also all can been seen in picture brand new only reason im sell is i sold s14 and not buying...
  20. S

    Which way does the oil come out and in?

    Does oil come out of the middle hole from the block? Does my diagram right for the oil cooler?