1. lewis

    OEM Aero Side Skirts and Spats

    Any advice is appreciated. I have just bought aero side skirts and spats and i'm not %100 sold on drilling holes in the body under the door to fit them the oem way. Does anyone have any genius ideas or advice that may help me, or do I have to grow up and try and get it perfect by using the oem...
  2. S

    identifying parts

    Hi all, my lovely new S15 is on its way over from Japan currently so am planning my first mods while i wait. wondered if anyone could help me identify the rear lights and body kit? i like the kit but thinking of swapping the lights back to OEM or DMax units so wondered if those in the photo...
  3. K

    WTB: 3 inch exhaust wanted

    Any body a nice 3 inch exhaust hks or kakimoto from cat back
  4. H

    Skirt fitting to a Spec S

    anyone got any advice for fitting Spec R skirts? the body doesn't have the holes for the clips, and there are no holes underneath either. I'm probably going to use self tappers on the underside and some Tigerseal PU adhesive for the body...unless someone comes up with any other idea's
  5. S

    FS: RB into S body conversion mounts

    I have a set of RB into S body engine and gearbox mounts for sale. I don't have any way of posting pics on here but can email them to anyone that is interested. £100 + postage
  6. L

    S15 Coolant leak.

    Last week I decided to change my exhaust manifold and Cat back exhaust. After crawling around underneath I noticed a coolant leak dribbling onto the subframe but looks to be coming from under the inlet manifold. I've done a search on here and Google and can't really see much info on it. I've...
  7. C

    FS: Imported S15 S-Type

    Imported Nissan S15 S-Type 162KM Rare US Racing Sports Bodykit NISMO Exhaust Kode Steering Wheel Japspeed Coilovers 18" Team Dynamics Jade-R Wheels Carbon Fibre Wing Uprated Paddle Clutch Induction Kit JVC Double Din head unit with Bluetooth Plasti-dipped in Tein Green, Original body colour Red...
  8. chico656

    FS: WTB Front end parts

    Metal wings, Bumper - Preferably the Aero one with the cut-outs in, Standard Radiator, Apex Performance Type 1 FMIC, Headlights, Bonnet. All of the above body parts are preferable in the Pearl white colour. But will take anything. May have had a little bit of a write off on Christmas Eve!! :eek::(
  9. jake

    Need help asap

    Hey I need a bit of help adapt getting my s15 dash loom to fit my rb25 det loom mostly the f4 pin This one can any body help kinda need to know it or have a diagram of it by tomorrow thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. J

    Full body wrap

    Hi guys, Looking at full body wrapping my car, stuck between 2 colours... Question is, anyone know somewhere that if I buy the wrap, would do it a good price? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. S

    S15 aftermarket body parts

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody has used Knight Racer before for aftermarket body parts. I'm interested in buying a pair of their +30mm front wings but I've heard mixed reviews about their products fitment etc... Anybody bought and fitted a pair of these before? Thanks a lot.
  12. T

    2001 Spec R Restoration/Project car

    My 2001 Bronze Spec R Project So I have been on here awhile now mostly scouting for cars never did much posting but yesterday(August 2014) I joined the s15 ownership Car is a 2001 spec r with a mostly standard spec besides coilovers adjustable arms and a genuine INGS+1 body kit apparantly...
  13. shib

    Bodyshop in Midlands

    Anyone know of a good body shop in the Midlands?
  14. Surfing Boris

    body kits and roof bars!!

    Hi guys, Need some advice please, I am looking to be an S15 Spec R owner in the very near future and hoping to import a nice red example. I wanted to know how easy it is to buy aftermarket body kits, tail lights and headlights and buying them new. I have seen a lot of wanted threads for...
  15. S

    FS: Air con

    I have stripped my Aircon if any body needs anything.
  16. G

    My S15 Spec-R GT (Victoria, Australia)

    Hey guys, I am new here, looking forward to meeting some cool people and learning a thing or two also. This is my S15 Spec-R GT that I acquired not too long ago. What I love about it most is that it's virtually stock when it comes to the body, and mechanically it has very little done also. It...
  17. K

    Do S15 Uras kits hang really low?

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between a Uras body kit and an Origin body kit for my S15. One thing about the Uras body kits is that in some photos it makes the car look like it is very bottom-heavy and VERY low. Is this because the owner's have lowered their car that low or because of the actual kit...
  18. Parky

    Throttle body inlet pipe size..?

    I want to change the old black rubber joiner from the intercooler cold pipe to the throttle body but am unsure of what size I need to get, can anyone advise?
  19. Jaydej

    Turbo to elbow gasket where to buy

    As the title says, any body have any recommendation seen a couple on ebay for £10.
  20. S

    moved from my sx to a silvia

    Hi all Decided to make the jump to a s15 been a avid sx owner for 9 years but have decided it's time to change. Going to be breaking my s14 :'( but so happy to be back in as body as my s14 been of the road more than on. Hopefully the bad luck will go now. Here's my new love