1. T

    WTB: Bride Old type bottom mount subframe

    Hi, I am looking for a Bride Old type bottom mount subframe - passenger side. NO45-SL. Generous budget waiting. PM me. Cheers
  2. S15_SAM

    FS: S15 Parts forsale, Injectors 480cc, Inlet gaskets, turbo gasket

    Having a small clear out Forsale S15 turbo 480cc injectors cleaned and flow tested and never used since.(Bought as spares) New top and bottom Orings, in great condition. With pintles all good! £125 posted Genuine Nissan gaskets both top and bottom inlet manifold gaskets, iacv gasket...
  3. V

    WTB: S15 fan cowling + standard bottom arm

    S15 fan cowling, WMIC pipe to inlet mani and standard bottom arm Hi guys, I'm after a full fan cowling, LHS bottom arm and the pipe from the WMIC to the inlet manifold for my S15. Let me know if anyone has any lying around. Thanks Tom
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    knock sound just started..

    not too sure what it is but it only just started and it sounds like its coming from the bottom end area. Stuff just keeps on coming..
  5. dudley97


    having real problems bleeding the brakes on the s15 i did a upgrade from spec s brakes to spec r brakes and i can get the pedal to come at all!!!! should the bleeding nipple be at the bottom of the caliper ?? any suggestions please ??
  6. B

    S15 gear knob

    Hi all just picked up this gear knob off ebay. It has the silvia logo etched in the top and is flared out at the bottom so it fits like the factory item, has anyone seen it before? is it a factory extra or???
  7. DeanS15

    Dashboard 'carbonisation' ?

    What do you lot think of this? Looks quite cool and well price but not sure wether it's gash or not??? I'd like to see it in reality an see if it looks good or not, the dash bottom half does look dull and scratch quite easily....
  8. J

    WTB: gear stick gaitor!

    desperate for one :( and the plastic bit that goes around the bottom. thanks james
  9. Fasthands

    WTB: S15 rear seat

    S15 rear seat wanted will be happy with just the bottom half, how much posted to UK if you have one.. cheers.
  10. JaseYpk

    URGENT!! 17mm Bolt for bottom of coilovers??

    Its the single bolt that goes through the bottom of the shocker.. and its stuck to hell. Soaked it in penetrating oil and had an impact gun on it.. no joy as of yet. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? I've done a google and checked ScrewFix, but no joy!! gahhhh. I did find that some...
  11. JaseYpk

    Meet: S15 Cruise in August

    Summer Northern meet for S15OC in the UK? Open to anyone who lives up north, or wants to travel! Probably central location to all attendees. (tbc) Stick your names down the bottom if you're interested or have any ideas! Probable date, sometime in august, whenever is voted best. :)
  12. R


    Well... it's time to get to the bottom of this issue on my s15 once and for all. The battery light has been lit for some time now, but the car has run fine and not flattened the battery for ages. What started as an intermittent warning light is now permanent. My local garage has stated that the...
  13. S

    Aero Bar

    Hey guys, I know this is a very noob question but im gonna ask anyway haha:D On the JDM aero fron bar, is the bottom bit carbon fiber? Or is it just painted black? Cheers
  14. Nicely

    WTB: Iomega 100 Zip Drive

    I've got some donkeys years old Zip 100 disks I want to pull the data off and need an Iomega zip drive if anyone's got one at the bottom of a box somewhere and wants to get rid of it, or even lend it to me. :)
  15. M

    help identifying bodykit

    Hey guys. Does anyone know if this is a modified OEM front bar, or a aftermarket kit? I love the look of the front bar, except the bottom lip, it keeps the OEM style but with a larger opening.
  16. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried (PIC ON PAGE 3) Hi guys, I have a rattle which has got worse, i think its vvt but i have had another chap say it sounds a bit bottom end,ish, i dont think it is, how can i work out what it actually is?It doesnt tap when its cold but as it warms up...
  17. andeep

    WTB: Driveshaft Nut

    Need 1 32mm driveshaft nut Must be the one that has that has the larger bottom end, as pictured:
  18. Darren_S15

    Injector O-Ring and Insulators

    Going to be putting in my 740CC injectors in a few weeks. I know that I need to replace the o-rings when doing this, part numbers: Top O-Ring: 16618-10V05 Bottom O-Ring: 16618-53J00 But what I cannot find on here anywhere is any mention of replacing the insulators. Top Insulator: 16636-53J00...
  19. japmadlad

    WTB: door rubber

    looking for the black rubber strip that runs along the bottom of the window on the outside of the door on the passenger side
  20. Dan H

    Subframe bushes + locking collars

    I tried (unsuccessfully) to fit a set of subframe locking collars earlier. The top part went on, but the bottom part wouldn't fit up into the bush enough to get the nut started, even if I used a jack to try and push it up in :confused:. Upon further inspection, the bushes (well, the one at the...