1. B

    Servicing in 2020

    Hi all, New owner and I'm looking to get a few bits done. Including; a full service (soon) - all fluids and filters, brake rotors and pads. I'd like to know what people are running and where from? Genuine Nissan oil filters are easily locate, but something I'm having difficulties locating is...
  2. O

    FS: 350z front calipers

    Hi guys, Have a set of front 350z calipers for sale. Came of a running 350z calipers have ferodo ds2500 pads in them and new bleeding nipples. Reason for selling is have a front BBK already and just needed the rears. should be a nice upgrade for anyone wanting something a little bigger then...
  3. J

    Scraping Noise from front passenger side

    When out driving yesterday I noticed I could hear a scraping sound coming from my front passenger side wheel, this noise disappears under braking but starts again as I come off the brake. I really do apologise if this is a silly question but would that suggest that the rota needs replacing? The...
  4. bigk20

    My pearl s15

    I picked up my s15 last weekend and I absolutely love it. I got it from sva Imports and they were brilliant, the car wasn't in the best way when I went to see It but when I picked it up they had sorted it completely. Car has a few mods Black bride bucket seat Big fmic Apexi intake Rays...
  5. A

    FS: R33 Brembo Front brakes & R33 Twinpot Rear brakes

    Now Sold Hi S15 owners, I was posting this up on the SXOC, where I'm a long standing member, and I thought you could be interested too, some of you already know me through my work - sure you can get it from the account name, not here to plug that, R33 GTR front Brembo setup Direct S14/S15...
  6. B

    Brakes Upgrade offset query

    Hi All, I am upgrading my brakes to GTR R33 OEM ones on my silvia. I've got a nice set of rims to buy where the offset are front ET33 and rear ET30. Will the brakes fit ? Thanks
  7. G

    R33 gts brakes

    Hi guys, anyone got 33 gts calipers on the front of their 15. If so what brake lines do you have to use? Thanks
  8. H

    Wheel fitiment for S15 with r33 brakes

    2000 s15
  9. M

    s15 brake disc technical drawings

    i am a 4th year mechanical engineering student and for my final project i would like to do a brake disc analysis on an s15 but i cannot find any technical drawings of the brakes. if anybody here has any drawings of the brake discs with all dimensions it would be very helpful. thanks very much
  10. Lanyard

    WTB: Standard Rear Brakes!

    Being messed around by some idiot on DW about sending my z32 rear handbrake mech out and have no standard rear brakes (and thus no handbrake as i'm running R33 Skyline rear brakes) for the MOT!! Don't care about pads or lines, just need some none sticking s14/15 rear brakes ASAP... Like...
  11. 2fst4u

    Well, crap

    This is such a hard piece of hardware to describe but here goes: Firstly, I have gtr32 front brakes. So, yes, this would possibly be better placed in a skyline forum but Meh. On the front brakes there are two pins to hold the pads in. To hold those pins in place there is a piece of...
  12. John-

    S15 brakes

    I've just booked a track day on a whim, and my brakes are pretty awful. What's the best upgrade for the standard brakes? What disks and pads front and rear? Cheers in advance!
  13. H

    FS: 240/300zx D2 racing 8pot calliper & floating disks & D2 coilovers

    Hi guys I have a set of D2 8 pot callipers for a 300zx for sale. Believe they fit the s13 aswell with some modification to the heat shield? There in good working condition and have only covered a few thousand miles. All the seals are in good condition and there are no leaks. Come with ss clear...
  14. N

    Important first mods

    Well as ive put a deposit down on the spec r s15 that torque gt advertised the other day im on the market for a couple of upgrades. The car is pretty much stock apart from nismo suspension and non aero bodykit. Are there any parts that are worth buying first, brakes, coilovers, fmic, aero...
  15. Jordan

    FS: R32 Gtr complete front brake upgrade

    R32 GTR front calipers, Project Mu discs and Ferodo pads for sale. Great upgrade from standard brakes. Will throw in HEL braided lines too. Great upgrade from stock brakes. £160 Delivered.
  16. Tommy Kaira

    FS: Brakes and tail lights

    Hi everyone, I've got a couple of bits that might be of use to someone. Not sure on prices so make an offer, I can only say no! First up some clear tail lights. These were on my car when it got tapped in the rear. A couple of the mounting screws have broken but they would only need a...
  17. J

    Rear Brakes Dragging. Help!

    hey guys, i know im a new user, so sorry that my first post is a plea for help. however, i am totally stumped on this issue and any help would be amazing :) so i replaced all my rotors and pads at the same time about 2-3months ago (just after buying the car). noticed a couple days ago that my...
  18. oilman

    Opie Oils now selling Brembo brakes!

    Opie Oils now selling Brembo brakes! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL BREMBO PRODUCTS (T&C APPLY) Enter voucher code BREMBO and get 15% Off all Brembo brake parts, limited time only. Look up Brembo for your car here >> Oilman
  19. Nissan_S15

    S15 Spec S Brake Recommendations?

    Hey guys, My S15 Spec S has just been left with Horsham Developments today in order to replace the brakes. Whilst this is being done I'm thinking of upgrading the brakes to something better than standard. However this seems to be quite difficult at the moment as both the front and rear are 5...