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    Hello crew, Another ozzy, had my S15 since 2002 it's gone from stock through 3 build process, first build was basic bolt ons & 200kw atw, second included cams & a greddy TD06 L2 20G full kit, third got a little out of hand now runs 485kw atw vet head 6262 precision etc. Now comes the task of...
  2. R

    Hi from the netherlands!

    My name is Rutger, 21 years old , and from the Netherlands. my job is rebuilding engines, and own at the moment a Nissan Skyline r32 gtr vpec, and Mazda mx5 na. Previous cars jdm cars: Nissan skyline r33 gtst 600hp @ 1.1 bar With build engine. this was my daily car for two years. Nissan 200sx...
  3. datman55

    Track Car Build in Perth, Australia

    Hi guys, Just picked up an S15 about 3 weeks ago. I have been wanting to build an S15 race car since selling my last race car 6 years ago (SR20DET powered Datsun Sunny). This one is a 2001 Spec R, owned by the one guy for the last 14 years. It was in very good condition for a car it's age and...
  4. armouredsnake

    Ichigo Project phase 2.2

    Sorry guys for moving this but meant to start a new build thread for my car cause things have changed so much:rotfl: So Finally after years of not updating info on my build I will soon be updating you guys with pictures and progress of my secret build project :D I'm still real busy with work...
  5. S

    Hi From the Uk

    Hi Guys, Im new to the forum and just I would introduce myself. I run WORK Wheels in the UK alongside being the photographer for Driftworks. I have acquired a Nissan S15 Spec S from Japan and will be slowly transforming it Keep an eye out for a build thread coming soon. Nissan S15...
  6. K

    DD JDM S15 RB26 MFD RPi more acronyms build

    I'm Ken, from Ibaraki, Japan. I had owned a TT Z32 previously and was looking to get into another fast turbo Nissan, so about 3 years ago I started looking at S15s, as the Z32 is a little too heavy and wide for daily driving here. I ended up finding a very clean unmodified one for a very low...
  7. M

    Hi From NZ

    Hey guys, own a 2001 Nissan 200SX in yellow for the past 2 years now Putting up a build thread to track it and get more active and into the online community to get advice and help on my build Cheers
  8. C

    WTB: Everything 😜

    Started a build and thought it would be great o start at the source (s15 forum makes sense) i i have a build thread on the welcome page but have to kick start with a few posts to get started but anything that people have spare laying around that I need I thought I'd start a wanted thread so...
  9. C

    hi going in hard. s15 shell with rb25. :)

    hi im craig from Portsmouth and have just picked up a s15 shell in grey and have a start f a rb build but am considering converting back to a sr20.
  10. pegliobaglio

    My k20 ek build

    Thought I better start a build thread for this as I like to document my car builds So I was in the market for a new daily, was looking at bmw diesels ( too sensible [emoji12]) when my mate decided to break his mint ep3 sooooo long story short last week I decided I needed an ek I had a look on...
  11. S

    New member from Vancouver, British Columbia!

    Hey all! Here's my beloved S15 Spec R that I bought at auction in April, and have had in my possession for the last couple months. Doing lots of stuff, both fixing and modding. I'll be making a build thread soon! -Pics taken at the Import Lot after being bought at the auctions -The day...
  12. Lanyard

    Finally stepped up to an S15!

    Hey guys, So i've been through an s13, had an s14a... now I've just put the deposit down on a lovely little grey s15 that's making it's way over from Japan. I've been out of the scene for a while so Tooley has been bringing me back up to par between working on his and my cars at the weekends...
  13. N

    My new 2002 Silvia build

    Hi here's a few pictures of the car and wheel build. I started with buying this specR silvia not a solid shell but was complete Which I then made look like this... I decided to build a wide arch silvia so wanted a mint solid shell so I imported a new mint pearl white silvia It's a 2002 rare...
  14. John-

    FS: My exhaust for your exhaust.

    My exhaust is a little too docile for me, so I want something a bit louder, nur spec ideally, but will listen to offers. It is an Apexi N1, pictures are in my build thread, its like new. have to have a price so £350. PM if interested. Cheers
  15. P

    Hello :)

    Hi guys just bought a spec s :D Have a 350z at the moment so going to slowly convert it to det :nod: All these s15 build threads make me want to get it done as soon as possible. hello to everyone :)
  16. J

    My si180 Track Build

    So I bought this si180 on the weekend for a cheap price (Not gonna say) and I have a few plans with it The body work is no were near perfect as the front bumper is held together by cable ties. But now the fun part of putting her back together. First night I stripped out the interior and...
  17. Chriscooke

    Crazy s15 Build on Driftworks

    Not sure if any of you have seen this but what do you guys think of this?
  18. R

    S15 Massive build Thread

    Well since owning the car she has so far been to get a full acid dip. And now resides with Ashfab undergoing quite a huge amount of preparation to the shell for motorsport...
  19. Auss15

    My 9.5 year build, thread is now under construction

    I know I promised my mate Spoonman that I would get around to putting up a build thread and I know Meddler will also be pleased. I guess a lot has happened in my 9.5 years of S15 ownership which started out as a dead stock Australian delivered pearl white, which at the time was pretty hard to...
  20. eiden88

    S15 slow street build

    Hi everybody, I've been on here for a while now (since 2009 or so), never started a build thread for my 15 as it was proceeding very slow due to lack of funds and university duties. Now I thought it was well time I started my own build thread, so here we go :) Car's specs as I got it: ps13...