1. A

    WTB: Wanted S15 Autech Type R

    Hi Guys, I'm on the hunt for a S15 - It's got to be the Autech Type R though .. Prefer white but if the right pewter or red comes along then that's cool. I went to have a look at this one a couple months ago which was for sale. It was perfect in every way, apart from the rear arches. This...
  2. R

    WTB: Front wheel bearing

    Looking for a used front wheel bearing in working condition. thought I would try here first before buying new.
  3. J

    WTB: Sr20det

    Yo guys! Engine time next month, putting some more feelers out now. If anyone knows of a S15 being broken or any S15 sr20det that's up for sale, let me know! Gearbox isn't needed, nor a the ECU as I'm buying Chris's. All other auxiliaries ideally included but not massively important. Sent...
  4. K

    Car Audio buying

    Hi all,Could someone recommend any shops(online as well) for buying car stereo and speakers please? Thanks a lot Peter
  5. D

    Looking at buying an S15, need advice!

    Hi guys Looking at buying myself an S15 Spec R. Just wondering what I should be looking out for in particular? Am looking for a low km one (less than 120,000kms), and hopefully rather stock with maybe an upgraded ECU or turbo. What's the sort of things I should look out for with these cars? Any...
  6. F

    WTB: S15 rear lights

    Wanting either d max or Ep racing , must be mint condition, it can anyone point me in the right direction to buying them new, Thanjs
  7. Floyd

    Defi advance BF turbo gauge problems

    Hey, So basically my gauge was playing up for a while due to the meter cable wires being exposed... I replaced the wire and currently it will boot up fine, LED's come on, needle resets... Then the LED simply turns off and wont come back on again? the gauge itself continues working as normal...
  8. M

    Original plastic spats

    Do the oem rear spats have any clips or brackets I should look out for when buying them second hand?
  9. D

    WTB: Spec R 440cc injectors

    First off I wanted to know for how much these go? So I can take that price in consideration of buying an engine. So I would like to know at what price I should look at and if anyone would have them for sale?
  10. D

    Could anybody tell me what type of header this is???

    I just received this header for my sr20de s15 engine and I was told by the seller that it was a fujitsubo ex header. I hadn't seen any pics when I purchased it and thought I didn't need to as I was buying the piece from japanese performance. When I opened the package it was clear to me this...
  11. M

    Newbie, looking to buy first s15

    Hi, im looking at buying an s15 spec r and just had a few questions before i juml in and buy one, any help and advice is appreciated! Firstly, are there any common faults to look out for when buying? Whats build quality like What is the standard engine performance like? I know its not going to...
  12. G

    Need all the help I can get

    Hey guys, this is my first post I am new on here and I do not know a single thing about s15's all I do know is that i love the look of them and want to get one as my next car so basically what I need is some guidance to information on the car. This is my research before buying it. My main...
  13. J

    Buying Advice?

    Hello, looking to get my S15 in June, and just wanting some buying advice, whether to buy one here or get one imported (know ill have to wait a bit longer) It's mainly to do with what I can get for my money, and having a car which I can say is mine, being 'built not bought' as if I buy a car...
  14. J

    Hello From Northampton England

    Hey guys, counting down the days in which I will be getting my S15, feel free to give me loads of advice on what to look for when buying (I will look through threads) and I don't mind buying an already modded car, if its modded to my taste, just waiting for the next years no claims on JUNE 11th...
  15. D

    New to site from cork, Ireland

    Hey, bought a spec s up the country with two s15oc stickers on it so said I'd look it up since buying its being converted to turbo courtesy of an s14 donor car will throw up a project thread if I can, where????? maybe someone knows the car [/IMG] Have been flat out buying bits for it since...
  16. H

    Buying My First Silvia - What's S15 Ownership Like?

    Hey guys, Looking to buy my first S15 Spec R soon, just wanted to know what common problems they have, and what I should look out for when buying one? Also, what are they like for reliability, do many things go wrong which cost a bomb to fix? I understand modifications will be expensive, but I...
  17. H

    Big Hello From Surrey

    hello everyone. my names steve and i have always been a fan of jap cars and have been a fan of the 200sx since a younge age. (my older brother had a s14a before i could even drive) the time has come for me to start saving and looking for a s15. i thought i would join here as im sure you all are...
  18. T

    Hello :)

    Hello, just going to introduce myself, i've been looking at the S15 for a while now and just want to gain more information about these machine :) I currently own a Toyota supra twin turbo. I always like these but my brother is the one buying. His selling his DC5 for a RWD fun:nod: We are...
  19. A


    Hello Guys/ Girls, Just looking for a bit of info on these cars so thought this would be the best place to ask..... Basically, im looking at buying one for a track car only.... so, Are they good as a track car? i.e. handle well, not going to overheat during a 30min sessions etc? are they...
  20. W

    Hi guys, Need some advice!

    Just currently looking into purchasing an S15. What are the things to look out for? There are a fair few on autotrader which catch my eye.. But I've had some problems buying cars in the past and don't want to run the risk of buying a ringer!