1. S

    FS: cusco 2 way diff in abs s15 casing with output shafts

    s15 casing with cusco 2 way sold DSC_0110 by shifty biscuits, on Flickr
  2. M

    FS: S15 project lots of jap parts

    S15 project for sale. Had big plans for this car but unfortunatly i have run out of money and interest. Lots of rare hard to find parts. Aftermarket parts either fitted or not going with the car: Nismo 740 injectors Bran new greddy intercooler core 2 way diff (brand unknown) Wind deflectors...
  3. H

    WTB: cusco

    Hello wanting a front strut base for my s15 cusco would be good
  4. S

    Cusco Zero-1. Too hard for daily or just badly set up?

    The S15 I bought recently had Cusco Zero-1 coilovers and it's really crashy. Very stiff and any little bump feels terrible. Could it be badly set up, or are these know to be very harsh, in which case what do people recommend for a daily driven S15? I'm suffering from top mount manifold...
  5. M

    FS: s15 spec r

    Don't know if it's a moment of madness but I just can't enjoy driving the car anymore after the work iv done with it.said I'd throw it up and see how it goes.have my eye on another car but if other car sells this won't be for sale. Tax till 10/14 Nct till 31/3/15 Price 12,000 euro Car is...
  6. spoonman

    A real review of chinese made suspention arms

    I though i would post this feed back about the adjustable arms we put in our cars, thinking they are cheep crap and you get what you pay for and all that bla bla. 4 years ago i purchased camber and toe arms, for $180 a pair. Only now in the last month have the ball or rose joints started to...
  7. dave_t

    FS: Genuine Cusco Front Lower Tension Rod Brace (Refurbished) - S14/S15

    Item: I don't see me fitting this anytime soon so i am putting it up for-sale. Genuine Cusco Front Lower Tension Rod Brace which i have professionally refurbished in gloss black for a more subtle look. Media Blasted - Primed - Sanded Imperfections - Re-Primed - Gloss Black Top Coat - Baked...
  8. billy_t15

    FS: Few bits for sale

    Few items I have for sale Japspeed coilovers one slightly damaged but all works fine £300 Driftworks rear adjustable camber arms good condition no rust £80 Cusco engine mounts £100 Driftworks poly gearbox mount £40 pictures on request thanks
  9. N80Jamie

    Jamie's S15 Spec R Aero

    After selling my first S15 to replace it with a BMW 320D, i soon realised the almighty mistake i made and went out on the hunt for another. The BMW lasted a whole 3 months before i found this Silvia in transit from Japan: It arrived with not a lot of modifications which leaves me with a...
  10. N80Jamie

    FS: S15 Spec R - Low mileage, fantastic condition.

    Really didn't think i'd have to do this for some time however, i'm having to do a 600 mile commute every couple of weeks and i really don't want to put the miles on the S15 or spend £120 on fuel each time. The car was previously owned by 'Kim' (member of this site) and i can honestly say its the...
  11. A

    South Wales SpecR

    Been here a while, about time I said Hi :wave: Been on SXOC for years with my 14a. Always loved the 15s and then one came up for sale I couldn`t refuse. A good friend was leaving to work abroad and I couldn`t let the car sit unused twisted his arm into selling it. Had a few bits...
  12. N80Jamie

    Jamie's S15 Spec R

    As some of you may know, i bought Kimi's S15 from her a while a go and i couldn't be any happier with the choice i made! Since owning the car, not a lot has been done apart from updating my cleaning products to keep it in the condition i bought it in! External stickers that were on the car have...
  13. P

    FS: S15 Spec R great spec - needs finishing

    Well its a sad time but the car has to go due to being made redundant. ive had the car for nearly 3 years now and its been absoloutely faultless. ive done many drift days in it and never had a problem and it drifts very well. ive recently decided to widebody it and make it look a bit different...
  14. P

    Ride height+coilovers - need info!!

    Hi, my s15 which I have had for nearly a year came with Cusco Zero 1 coilovers. I would like to establish how the ride height is set relative to standard. The cusco spec sheet says that these can drop ride height between 0 and -75 front /-65 rear. But I have no idea now what standard ride height...
  15. S

    WTB: Helical diff

    Wanna get rid of my 2 way diff for the standard s15 helical, was wondering if it would be worth swapping or would I be ripping myself off, believe its a Cusco 2way diff although this is to be confirmed! Cheers.
  16. D

    FS: Cusco 6 point rollcage for S15

    right, i was going to sell my s15 as it is but there seems to be a lack of money out there at the moment so, im selling bits off to raise funds for my next project ive been told that given the size of the bars on the cage its most likily to be a cusco item but im not 100% sure, correct me if...
  17. L

    FS: Cusco Carbon Fiber rear strut brace

    As title chaps, i have this excellent item up for grabs. Cusco Racing carbon fibre strut brace. I bought this off a friend as an impulse buy as it looked so good. However it's been sat in the house for a month doing nothing. As you'll see from the pics, it is in virtually new condition and you...
  18. P

    FS: 1999 s15 Spec R

    Sad time for me as i have to say good bye to the best car i have owned by far. im selling due to financial reasons. This is a 1999 model with 89000 miles (72000 in kms) 61,783 miles in total It is running at a guess around 300 BHP Pulls very well through all gears. Has been washed at least...
  19. U

    my new car: 2001 s15

    hya everyone. my names sam (rushy) i live in perth australia and used to own a nissan 180sx with a few mods an iv just upgraded to a 2001 s15 an i love it. anyway heres the specs an pics. i look forward to all of your comments :) Engine: Garret GT3082r turbo with .63 exhaust housing Full...