1. JDM_virgin

    FS: 2017 fiesta st line 125 ps

    Link to my car for sale on eBay, didn’t know wether to put this in the eBay section or cars for sale and decided here as it is technically a car sale thread. Please share with friends who are after a bargain Ford Fiesta ST-Line 125ps sat-nav, city pack, privacy glass | eBay
  2. Krelis SX

    SpecR Aero from The Netherlands

    Hello everybody, my name is Niels and i’m since 22 December 2017 a proud owner of an S15 SpecR Aero from 1999. Straight out of Japan, waited 5 months totally (incl shipping, mot etc.) but now it’s finally mine. I’ve owned an S13 as well back in 2009 till 2012 Then decided to have kids and...
  3. S15_BEY

    S15_BEY's pearl white, redtop SR20DET S15 (on air) build thread/photo dump.

    So after two years of ownership I'm finally getting around to starting a build thread! I'll start back in May 2015.. After a few years of my S13 constantly breaking down, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was fighting a losing battle against rust.. I decided it was time to break...
  4. R

    My S15 N/A

    Hey guys! I joined this forum a short while ago and have been looking through builds and just looking for general advice. I decided to put a few pics of my own up so here she is :) It was originally an automatic but was converted to 5 speed manual and had a 2way diff put on when imported :)...
  5. Alex De Large

    WTB: S15 Coilpack

    Hi all, Looking for a replacement coil pack as one of mine has decided to fail. Let me know if you have one for sale.:)
  6. Joeh

    Anyone picking up the new iPhone 7 today?

    Initially was tempted to reserve one last week, nearly gone through the whole process and last minute I decided against it. Thought about it quite a lot but I've already gone an iPhone 6 plus, the benefits of upgrading are minimal (just the camera really and splash proof) and the price is...
  7. A

    FS: S15 exclusive full body decal kit

    Hello from Russia to everyone. We've made a decal for our Silvia, but later decided to leave clean-look. It is exclusively drawed by that guys and printed on an expensive film. We even did not unpack it. It is stored as a roll in a box (I will be able to make photos...
  8. M

    Hi from Colchester

    Hi, I'm Morgan and I've currently got torque gt searching for a S15 for me (hopefully might have good news tomorrow!) was as initially after a FD but after going to my friends meet on Sunday (6two1) and seeing a few of the silvias there I decided to change my mind. whoever has the red aero, if...
  9. I

    FS: Nismo rear wing S15 or... use your imagination

    £Sold delivery Original plan was flatten out the high edges and flush mount it, but then decided OEM or nothing.
  10. chico656

    New s15, but been posted before on here

    So I decided a while back that I really wanted an s15. Had LOVED them for a while now, but never had the money. Upon looking into purchasing one, I figured originally that I'd look at import garages and then buy one that had been imported, after looking around for a while I couldn't really...
  11. S

    FS: S15 front fenders.

    I have for sale some 30mm front wings. These are brand new and have never been used, bought to go on my 15 but I've decided to go for smaller ones as I wanted a more OEM look. Will take £200 ONO. Collection from essex.
  12. M


    Other than Zilvia there isn't any S15 forums around us so this seems like a good place. I've been drifting in a 180 for 7 years that was fully built. Decided to part it and buy an S15 - I couldn't be happier.
  13. K

    New S15 owner ! Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone ! My name is Max, I'm french, I'm 29, and I am living in Japan for one year. I've been owner of many JDM cars before, and now that I'm in Japan, I decided to buy a car I never saw in France before, the famous s15 specR ! I don't have it yet, the garage is preparing papers for...
  14. T

    My old wheels refurbished

    I bought myself a set of NISMO lmgt2 alloys for my s13 before I had my 15, but never got around to fitted them, but once I had my s15 I decided to fit them. When I bought them they were in their original finish but in bad condition, I drove on them like this for a few years before getting them...
  15. O

    i have to brag somewhere.

    well i just have to say, mybuddy just got his 92 skyline gt-r up and runnin again last night. so we decided to go for a ride, well long story short we decided to run em, so we lined up and ran. now i would think that a 450hp skyline sittin beside a 01 spec-r jp version with nothin more then...
  16. Packham

    Boost cut with Apexi avcr

    Evening all. Wondering if anyone has ever had this? My car seems to be cutting out on boost. Put new plugs in and it's now doing it from 4.5k rather than 3k rpm. I have decided to set my boost controller to off and it's boosting fine up to just above 0.5 bar with no boost cuts. Could it be...
  17. pegliobaglio

    My k20 ek build

    Thought I better start a build thread for this as I like to document my car builds So I was in the market for a new daily, was looking at bmw diesels ( too sensible [emoji12]) when my mate decided to break his mint ep3 sooooo long story short last week I decided I needed an ek I had a look on...
  18. M

    Number plate holder

    Hi guys, does any know if u can by the rear number plate holders? mine had decided to snap, if I can remember I think they are wielded on ?
  19. S

    moved from my sx to a silvia

    Hi all Decided to make the jump to a s15 been a avid sx owner for 9 years but have decided it's time to change. Going to be breaking my s14 :'( but so happy to be back in as body as my s14 been of the road more than on. Hopefully the bad luck will go now. Here's my new love
  20. R


    Hello all, have been a 200sx owner since 2005, recently picked up an S15, and decided to join. :wave: