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New S15 owner ! Hello everyone !

19 July 2015
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Osaka, JAPAN
Hello everyone !

My name is Max, I'm french, I'm 29, and I am living in Japan for one year.
I've been owner of many JDM cars before, and now that I'm in Japan, I decided to buy a car I never saw in France before, the famous s15 specR !
I don't have it yet, the garage is preparing papers for japanese registration (and it's f*****g difficult to get it ! ), but in a few days, I'll be able to show you my new toy !

I speak a little japanese, but not enough to get every informations I need, so I decided to register here, so thank you for welcoming me, and if I can help you in any way, please tell me.

My car is actually 70.000 miles, pearl white, full stock, but it won't stay stock for a long ! I know a good shop in Osaka that sells JDM used or new parts specialised in Nissan silvia, so I will certainly ask you advices, and if you need anything from Japan, please ask me !

Anyway, please excuse me for my languages mistakes, I'll try to do my best !
Chears everyone !