1. L

    S15 type s dyno

    Hi guys just brought Ashley meades s15 na it's had a few mods as you all know just looking at the dyno results and it made 152bhp isn't this less than standard what's wrong? Since this dyno it's had Fujitsubo header and front pipe cat back system and arc super intake pipe, what you reckon that...
  2. John-

    What would you do?

    I'm going to get my car remapped with Nistune for peace of mind after doing all stage one modifications: Induction, decat 3" catback, Profec b spec 2 boost controller, FMIC, and a walbro fuel pump. Question is where do I go? I have found out that Steve at FC Tuning is pretty much right at my...
  3. fez06

    boost problem lack of power

    had a dyno at the weekend, not very impressed to be honest as its about 20bhp down. it seems to be boosting crappy only makes full boost at 6000rpm. had a boost test tonight on road and tried to eliminate the boost solenoid. with it connected it ran the same as on my dyno run. when i run the vac...
  4. B

    190kw atw requirments

    Hi everyone, i have just recently bought an ADM s15 spec R. i want to achieve 190kw atw but would like some help on how to so this. i currently have a FMIC, Blitz boost controller, exhaust from cat back and a GFB BOV. on the dyno i have achieved 156 kw atw. what else do i need? also keep in...
  5. S

    dyno results - not happy?

    hi all got my dyno tune today am not happy with results.. unless was real 'unhappy dyno' ????? :annoyed: my mods follows.. nistune ecu auto bahn 88 fmic 3 inch turbo back exhaust pod filter z32 afm 740 cc nismo injectors hks evc-s ebc walbro fuel pump tomei type s fpr colder spark plugs...
  6. Re-VolveR

    how many HP?

    engine specs: intercooler HKS type-S Walbro fuel pump 255L/h greddy 7 spark plug Exhaust HKS Hi-POWER Silent 76mm GREDDY hot pipe AUTOBAHN88 outlet NISMO frontpipe test pipe boost - 0.85bar i don't have dyno in my city(Russia=() please tell me how many HP i have now(approximately) and what i...
  7. JEZ 8553

    My remap results with Steve @ FC-Tuning

    After seeing the results of Steve's wizadry on other S15's and many other different types of car i was keen to get around to getting my car remapped, especially since i wasnt too keen on my current map done by someone else (running too rich for my liking and wanted it done on a RR). Only...
  8. hendo

    DIY Air/Fuel setting?

    Does anyone know if you can or how you can set and check your air/fuel ratio at home, plus adjust it to suit your needs. I'm thinking that you can't without a computer and dyno but you never know.
  9. S.K

    Video or car on dyno (lots of torque)

    Mapped by Steve @ Fc Tuning You know when he has done a good job when you break the straps on the dyno Engine has standard internals with a steel head gasket and bolt on mods only.It has a blowing mani to turbo gasket on the video below but is now fixed,
  10. DeanS15

    dyno day - eurospec2000

    did a dyno session yesterday down at eurospec2000 in guildford, got it for nothing as the guys owed me one from last time when they couldnt obtain a readout. was pretty pleased with the result too, no det whatsoever, sensible boost - though it could take more. think now that i will have it for...
  11. K

    AFR Problem.

    So, I went to a dyno day today. Got awesome power (IMO) for what has been done to the car. BUT, there was a problem. My afr's are out of wack. Attached is the dyno sheet and I'm on the verge of detonation (so the dyno guys say). Starts at 14.5 on the left and to about 12.3 on the right of...
  12. Roots82

    My dyno results..

    I got the car on the dyno today basically as a health check etc and to get a chart before i get a front mount and a remap.. here's the result.... Not exactly impressed with the figures maybe i have problems.... or maybe the dyno wasn't accurate :rotfl: or maybe this is a normal level of power...
  13. N

    Black S15

    Figured I would make a post introducing myself Im Brett, I own a Nissan 200SX (ie. siliva) S15 Spec S GT. Brought it was ~70,000km's on it. Pics when I first got it. Since then, got an Apexi GT Exhaust, Greddy Intercooler Kit and put a HDI Boost Controler on it, threw it on the dyno and...
  14. 2

    Dyno results

    hi guys, i got my boost controller put in my jap spec R on the weekend, stock with cat back and apexi intake. put on the dyno n got 172.4RWKW at 0.9 bar. so if any 1 also had their s15 dynoed plz post up the reading id like to know. also let me know the main mods on the car too. thx :)
  15. A

    HELP! 1 Step Behind Std

    I've got a wierd problem that I hope someone can help me with. Previously I have ask Nicely for advice on what to change and he adviced me based on the symptoms I told him which were misfiring on low revs and sluggish and irregular power. I changed my coils, sparkplugs, and O2 sensor and...
  16. koullis

    e manage ultimate map

    hey guys, does anybody have a modified base map for s15 sr20de? i am going turbo and changing internals and i can't tune it on a dyno before i brake in the engine. what shall i do?
  17. B

    Dyno results

    Popped down to Perfect Touch in Hoddesdon for a dyno run,as before I start to up the power I thought I'd better check that all is ok.It came out at 237whp (260 fly) which considering the only mods the car had is an Apexi exhaust and unknown air filter,I thought wasn't too bad:D Rob the dyno...
  18. W

    Low dyno reading???

    Hey guys, newbie here from New Zealand. Just had my car dynoed today. Its a S15 spec R and have some questions about it to see if anyone else has experienced them on there stock ecu's. My mods are turbo back exhust, apexi pod, 60mm throttle body and a electronic boost controller. Dynoed the car...
  19. channie

    My dyno results!

    Had nothing else to do and came across my dyno print outs!!! Might be of intrest to some... (The red lines are the unmapped PFC and my cam positioning sensor pissed!) Engine mods... Tomei Expreme manifold Power Fc Dejtro Nismo 740cc injectors Stock S15 BB turbo (50K) DW Front mount Walbro...
  20. E

    HELP: Stock S15 running EXTREMELY lean

    HELP: Stock S15 running EXTREMELY *Rich Ran my STOCK JDM AUTO S15 SR20DET on a dyno today. Fuel ratio was 10:1. At this stage, I believe there should be heaps of black smoke coming out. But there wasn't. AFM was good. O2 sensor was good. Spark plugs was good. Timing was good. There wasn't any...