1. K

    DIY CAN bus gauge / clock

    I had wanted a way to display an AFR gauge in the car without adding extra gauges and so I set about making this, utilizing the stock clock location and control stalk. It's not such an easy install into an S15 as it requires cutting and drilling to the gauge cluster and destroying the original...
  2. A

    Battery relocation

    How easy is it to do, what do you need (any recommended battery cages?) & if you got a garage to do it, what sort of price would it cost + any recommended places that do it? Thanks.
  3. I

    FS: S15 rear spats £60 + del

    Fibreglass S15 rear spats Need very minor fettling to fit just right, should be easy for a bodyshop. SOLD
  4. FreakensNL

    WTB: OEM seal gearbox rear 32136-89F00

    Nissan Holland can't help me :( Kost 8.88$ on FRsport.com but they want 40$ for shipment Could fit in a envelope easy... If any one could help me out?!
  5. sibbers

    WTB: Quiet 3" cat back exhaust

    Would love something to replace my loud bean can exhaust... no idea what it is and some people love it, but for me it's just too loud when driving normally and it makes my rattly doors sound like maracas! Loads of S14 exhaust seem to pop up, but hearing they are a bit longer so thought Id' post...
  6. Surfing Boris

    Battery relocation

    I think I'm posting in the right section but I wanted to know if there is any sort of how to guide on relocating the battery to the boot and if so how easy is it to do and are there any specific batteries to look at for a more powerful battery, cheers!
  7. C

    Basic tuning on S15

    So I'm having a bunch of trouble with my engine, soon as I turn the boost to 0.7bar or more, the engine won't rev cleanly over 6000, splutters and has no power. Now, I've logged it on datascan and it shows the MAF flat lining at 4.71v and injector duty going to 103%. I don't get it, I have...
  8. J

    Oem foglights

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and I am looking to buy a s15 aero the one I'm going for hasn't got the fog light option how easy and what would I need to get them fitted has anyone come across this many thanks
  9. R

    Will Recaro's from my civic be able to fit into an s15?

    as the tittle says would they be able to fit? Pretty sure they are on super low rails so hight shouldnt be a problem. I was just wondering how much of a task would it be? Straight easy swap in and out or more difficult than that? Thanks Rick
  10. Krish

    Shifter circlip removal!

    Why am I having such a problem getting this off! Everything I've looked at makes it look and sound easy.... Just not for me :-(
  11. R

    fan belt

    hiya, does anyone have a good site for parts, i need a new fanbelt as its rather squeaky lol, also easy to change? thanks all
  12. J

    Turbo System

    Trying to find the cheapest/good quality parts I can for: Braided Turbo Lines Garrett gt2871r High flow manifold 3 inch Down pipe Decat Pipe Preferably all bolt together for easy self installation as I don't have access to a welder. Has anyone shopped around for this before and found any...
  13. J

    oil leak

    have a small oil leak i think it might be the front crank shaft oil seal does anybody know is this an easy job that i can do myself or not and what is the best oil for the sr20 engine????
  14. spoonman

    When you see your old car come up for sale...

    My old spec s has popped up for sale again, but this person is really talking out there arse, "this one been driving by mature adults who were very easy on her!" Even without the aero front bar which is now on my spec r it still looks good...
  15. sliding-r

    FS: iPhone 3GS 16gb

    Phone in good enough some small scratches and a small crack to back cover. The phone is locked to o2 currently, easy to unlock £160 Ono delivered recorded Comes with charger.
  16. Nickichi

    Exhaust Heat Shield

    Heya Is their a trick to getting these off or should they just come away easy? I tried last time outta curiosity but didn't work probably cause i left the cable bracket attached. I need to do it this time because im pretty sure 1 of the gaskets is leaking hence the black carbon on the front...
  17. L

    Anyone been to Japan?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone here has been to Japan? I am hopefully going over in Jan/Feb next year and was looking for some advice on the drifting scene in Japan. I'll be in Tokyo for around 3 weeks, but only really wanted to spend one day or two looking at cars. Preferably a day trip to...
  18. C

    WTB: Center console / armrest cover

    Looking for a center console armrest lid/cover to aid my next project! Only really need the lid but will take the whole console section if necessary. Condition is not important. If you don't live in the UK it is really easy to send things abroard, so please don't let that put you off :)...
  19. S

    spec s conversion to manual turbo

    hi this is my first post on here!! ive been a member for a while and have just sold my integra dc5, and am now looking for a s15.. i have found a really clean spec s automatic, and im after infomation and peoples views on changing engine and box to spec r engine and gearbox!!! how easy is...
  20. G

    WTB: S15 complete Aero kit inclusive spoiler and rear spats

    Hi, Im looking for the complete Aero kit: * Front bumper inclusive foglights (and the button) * Sideskirts left and right * Maybe Rearbumper or has al s15's the same rear bumper? * Rear spats when its easy to fit it on the OEM rear bumper. * Spoiler inclusive third brake light Im from the...