1. Joeh

    Contributing Members Nissan FAST - EPC/Electronic Parts Catalogue 12/2005

    Nissan FAST is an electronic parts catalogue for all Nissan vehicles released in the Japanese Domestic Market. The program has the ability to decode VIN numbers and provide build information for each vehicle from the time of manufacture. We offer direct download of the Nissan FAST program for...
  2. S

    Recommended Brake Pads for fast road use

    Hi all, been trying to nail down the best brake pad options over the weekend. after a low-dust pad that doesn't really require warming up to be useful (like i hear the EBC yellowstuffs do) as i use my car daily for commuting too. greenstuffs appear to fit the bill but ive also come across a...
  3. lewis

    My Dream S15

    So as most stories start, and don't worry it won't be long till photos rather than less interesting chatter, I was browsing the internet... and whilst a much younger version of me was looking for pictures of Paul Walkers GTR and Supra from F&F etc to print off and stick on my wall, when I saw a...
  4. T

    tyres needed. ...

    Got to get some new tyres so was wondering which were the best for the 15 fast road/daily. Are the federal 595rsr any good:confused:
  5. NICKO

    how to contribute to the forum?

    I've been looking on here and can't seem to find how to contribute to the forums? I'm mainly doing it to gain the fast parts system but it's always good to help while doing so :thumbs:
  6. S15AK

    FAST part number for wiper arms?

    Hi Guys anyone with access to FAST get the Nissan part numbers for both the front wiper arms please? I was going to spray can them up as they are looking tatty, but might as well see how much I can get them new from Nissan for.. Thanks
  7. Draco87

    Turbo upgrade information

    Hi guys!! I need your suggestions!! I would like to enhance the power of my s15, but maintaining a good curve of torque and power from 2500 rpm and a final power of around 420 hp. In short words, i will build not a car for drag, but I'll try to set up a light car, precise and fast, that prior...
  8. J

    Happy customers

    size=150]Do you want to know if your car's odometer reading is correct?[/size] We can help... Here are some examples of comments from ebay customers. Please also check out our store were it is slightly cheaper: Prompt service, great comms. Saved me from...
  9. S15AK

    WTB: S15 loom (coil packs)

    Hi guys I think my coil pack loom is breaking down due to the heat, so I need another one. I've not seen any up for sell, but if anyone is breaking an S15 let me know please.. Or if anyone with FAST access could get me the part number for Nissan that would be helpful Cheers
  10. Fruitbooter

    Tyre recommendations

    Hi Guys Okay here's the problem, I fitted brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 2's in Feb and they need replacing already.. That's normal daily driving too, no streeto or alignment settings are off a tad but mainly camber where as the wear on the tyres is very central (the 3 tread...
  11. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Release bearing repair wtf? need quick replies

    ok ripped gearbox out today changed the release bearing put it back in and its still making the noise wtf wtf.. reply fast please
  12. J

    led lights

    hows things lads am just after putting led 50/50 lights into the car this evening and the indicators are working but they are flashing fast like there is a bulb out just wondering is that just the hows things lads am just after putting led 50/50 lights into the car this evening and the...
  13. S15_SAM

    Help with nissan fast part numbers

    Hey guys. I need part numbers for both rear output seals for the helical rear diff and also diff front pinion bearing. I have apple computers and iPad and I'm assuming Nissan fast doesn't work on it right? Thanks Sam
  14. I

    Rays Valve Caps

    I have some Rays Valve caps in Red and Gunmetal available for next day long as the postman behaves! I can deliver for £12! These are shifting fast so give me a shout if you're interested!
  15. S15_SAM

    Dual mass flywheel part number

    Does any one have the part number for the stock flywheel. I haven't figured out Nissan fast yet as I'm on my phone. Thanks
  16. hoodooyoudo

    Part # for Component Tweeter panel in door card

    Has anyone got any idea what this is? I grabbed a copy of FAST but .. I have no clue how to use it. :o
  17. DeanS15

    part no. needed (someone with the fast parts program)

    can anyone help? i need the part number for the small sensor type thing on the bottom of the power steering pipe on the passengers inner wing - if someone has a fast diagram i will be able to identify it and maybe order the part. its weeping pas fluid from the plug. thanks in advance :).
  18. D

    WTB: OEM metal bonnet.

    OEM metal bonnet needed. Will pay £120 and collect if I'm near enough :) Only one issue, I need it fast! My car is going in for paint on the 30th... Cheers guys.
  19. F

    Forum Code?

    Hi there...I must say this forum is really nice..seems to be quite fast, looks good...but never seen one like this! Anyone able to tell me what source this forum is from/based on? :thumbs:
  20. S


    Went into the S15 Owners web site and wanted to download FAST...firstly, what is it and why is it that the site would not recognise my name and password??:mad: