1. J

    Speedo Conversion, Where to take the live from?

    Hi guys, Currently in the middle of changing the speedo from KPH to MPH, I've soldered in the signal feed and the converter but where should I take the live feed from and ground? Is there anything on the same loom that can be used? I did see a driftworks post of someone saying that there and...
  2. F

    S15 speedo conversion

    I've cut the signal wire and wired the convertor in, where do people get there live feed and there earth from? Thanks
  3. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top feed fuel rail, Tomei ras

    Hi guys I am now going 22vet with my build so I won't be able to use these parts . All parts are brand new Mazworx top feed fuel rail, comes with injector dynamics id850's and all associated hardware to fit this with the oem inlet. Ie fuel rail, o rings, pigtails, adaptors etc I paid over £600...
  4. S

    kinugawa td06 help

    I bought one of these turbos 2 weeks ago and its burning oil , turbo is fine no play boost ok its in a Sr20det I'm using stock oil feed line and the oil feed banjo it came with would it be getting to much oil as the oil feed hole on turbo had no restricter in it like my old garret oil flow out...
  5. Cess

    Head unit installation/aerial issue

    Since I installed my HU in the 15, I've suffered from terrible radio reception. Now I think its something to do with the aerial needing a powered feed. Is this correct? If so, how is this done?
  6. S

    WTB: Nismo 555cc Side Feed Injectors

    Hi guys, I'm desperate for a set of 4 Nismo 555cc side feed injectors if anyone on here has got some available? The yellow ones, that I believe look like this..... Cheers guys :thumbs:
  7. S

    WTB: Standard air box cold air feed

    Does any one have a stock air box cold air feed for a Spec R? cheers
  8. Havoc

    FS: NISMO 555cc Side Feed Injector

    Hello. Right I have 1 brand new spare 555cc Side feed injector for sale if anyone needs it for a replacement. To fit Nissan. SR20DET, RB25DET, VG30DETT £60
  9. JaseYpk

    FS: S15 -> Rear Lights, OEM boost sensor & OEM air feed

    Found these badgers under my bed. Open to offers as i'm unsure of value. Postage will be agreed upon sale. Rear lights, Perfect condition, Like new. £70 OEM Boost sensor for OEM boost gauge. £10 OEM Air feed: £5 (just needs a clean) If prices are unreasonable, make me an offer :) Cheers
  10. R

    Turbo water feed

    Hi Guys, Can anyone provide a part number for the water feed from the wtaer pump to the side of the turbo? Mine seems to have cracked and losing water at an alarming rate :( Not sure if it;ll make a difference, but I've one of the early S15 ball bearing turbo's. Cheers guys Russ
  11. LuPix_S15

    FS: Blitz Super Sound Dump Valve

    FOR SALE: Blitz Super Sound Dump Valve (S15 Kit) Excellent condition - the kit comes with the unit welded onto a replacement S15 hotpipe so it really is just bolt on and then add the vacuum pipe which takes a feed from the plenum area (can use same feed which supplies the boost...
  12. meddler

    Injector type

    Guys, I have a question regarding the injectors fitted to the S15 SR20. Are they side feed or top feed? I have found that the early SR's were side feed, but I believe that there were also top feed SR's around too. Can anyone confirm what are actually fitted to our cars. The reason behind...
  13. J

    quick boost question???

    well guys am going wiring up a boost gauge tomorrow in the car and was just wondering can i take my boost feed for it off my electronic boost controller???will this effect my boost controller settings??and will i get an accurate reading??? cheers
  14. kimi

    WTB: OEM cold air feed

    Looking for the plastic pipework from the s14, that sits above the passenger side headlight. I have the Apexi air induction with the Apex cold air box, however it needs the cold air feed to finish it off. Mine came with the HKS metal flow fitted, so i had no OEM air box to start with :no:
  15. Robbyp

    Removing airvents

    Hi guys was wondering if there a guide to this thinking of slipping some gauges in here!!just wondering if u need to block of the heater feed into it not sure if the hot/cold be good at the back of the gauge all the time.Any body who done this let me know.Also are the wires easy enough feed up...
  16. E

    Question on fuel plumbing

    All, I'm trying to work out my new fuel plumbing plan and am using a SARD fuel rail. The rail itself has 3 connection points for fuel lines... I was expecting 2 :) Question - how to install it: 1. feed into the center and then return from each end via my aeromotive FPR which has 2 inputs...
  17. J

    Cold Air Feed

    Who's put a cold air feed up to their Apexi power intake (or equivilent filter)? Is it necessary, does it actually make a difference? :confused: I've still got the stock air intake in place that was attatched to the filter box - this points vaguely in the direction of the Apexi - I'm not...
  18. sushiming

    Turbo oil feed

    well as some of u know i brought and oil feed pipe for the turbo and just wanna knwo has anyone else brought one off apex gb cuz i had a problem with the bolt once put threw the banjo only half a cm worth ot thred is that normal cuz the garage that was doing it for me said thats too short and...
  19. sushiming

    feed pipe...yahoo autions

    clicky are these water and oil feed pipes with banjo's aswell...