1. R

    Car is stuttering

    Hi hope you can help , got my car back to my house last night and it is not running very well it is jerking and stuttering all the time it struggled to go up a hill at about 20mph :yawn: foot flat to the floor in second how ever it ticks over fine sounds sweet , it does hunt a little im...
  2. S

    Starting car problem

    Tonight, suddenly my car refused to start up after sitting only 1hour. The weather condition was light rain which might have/have not done something. I gave a good jump start and ran for about good half an hour but didn't start again. It makes multiple clicking noise when I tried to start so I...
  3. K

    Where can i find a '93 180sx in the states?

    Well I decided to get my s15 once i get a lot more money:( . So for now im going to buy 180sx. So now i've been looking for '93 180sx in caliornia but haven't been able to find one. I would perfer right hand drive, but if i cant thats fine as well. O yeah, if i cant find a 180sx ill go for the...
  4. J

    0.5 boost:mad: ?

    Need some Help Guys :( Car had been running fine all summer but all the sudden I can only boost upto 0.5 bar, I went round and checked all the hoses but they seem fine. Really havent got a clue where else to check now, could the profec B controller has packed up and causing this?? Where else...
  5. Topper

    HID Kit

    Guys. I've bought a relay kit from Cookie on SXOC, i remember a while ago seeing a diagram showing how it should be fitted, but i cant seem to fine it. Anyone got a link??