1. Fruitbooter

    Help fitting bushes

    Ive posted these piks in my project thread but just in case people dont look in there... Right I need some advice Im really struggling to fit the bushes in the rear arms and hub carriers Im following this technique - And the same to fit the insert - But mine dont go in so...
  2. J

    Exedy Hyper Twin Plate Clutch & Flywheel

    hi, its been on the car since the end of 2009, done about 15-20k km. works fine and bites hard. how much you rekon its worth? on average? thanks
  3. Topper

    Strange Heavy Load hesitation

    After a HG change, car wouldn't start, got her running (CAS was out), adjusted/corrected timing, Car now idles fine and will rev slowly/smoothly with no issue, small blips up to 3k are fine, but if opening the throttle harder/fast (only tried when stationary) the car almost cuts out before...
  4. pegliobaglio

    good paint/bosyshops

    good paint/bodyshops Anyone know of any good bodyshop in herts,I am putting my type r up for sale but need to get the lower lip of my front bumper sprayed as it has some stone chips and have a scratch on my front drivers side wing I want touched up too. Only 2 marks on the car as its not very...
  5. H

    Boosting Issue

    Hi all, for the past month my turbo/something else has been playing up when on boost. It should be running at 1.6 bar and was mapped by Norris Designs just before christmas but whenever you get to around 1.4/1.5 bar the boost is wandering around and refuses to climb all the way to 1.6. I have a...
  6. D

    engine running issue

    Hi guys! Hope i can get some help here, lateley i have been expriencing engine struggles/roughness after 3000 rpm. It is a 1999 jdm spec R, it boosts fine (1 bar) but is undrivable after the 3000 pm rev range. It feels like its not sparking or something but just a huge loss in power and real...
  7. crazymat666

    little bit of trouble last night :S

    right so hears the problem was out last night and decided to put my foot down and give the old girl some speed and it kept sort of shuddering now and then but then when down our local bypass and put my foot down and it felt as if some one had gone in the back of me but after i slowed down after...
  8. C

    Speed Awareness Courses

    Has anyone attended one of these courses to avoid penalty points on their licence? Yes, I got busted yesterday... in my Punto! I was told at the road-side to not pay the £60 fine or they'll give me the points automatically, but the cop on the desk at Oxford said I need to pay the fine and then...
  9. S

    FS: S15 Rear Coilovers

    Hey guys, I have a pair of rear JIC coilovers that have just come off my S15, they work OK but need new bottom bushes. Which are still available, I'm told. No signs of leakage and seemed fine on the car (other than the banging)! £100 - collection only Based in Redditch
  10. crazymat666

    car wont start now and then

    right my problem is the past week on a monday morning and then again last night i was parked up having chat with friends then decided to leave and go in and turn the keys disabled the immobiliser with the fob and turn the key but nothing happens car doesnt turn over atall and theres no...
  11. Fruitbooter

    Help with 2 problems

    First one is I think there is a problem with the ABS. The light isnt on when driving and the breaks work fine but when the ABS kicks in it seems like the drivers side wheel is juddering and you can hear a clunking sound? :down: What the hell could this be? I havent had a chance to look under...
  12. Fruitbooter

    Silvia had its first tantrum today...

    Okay went for a drive to Ironbridge today which is a good 20 miles from me but it played up a few times on the way.. Firstly when i got into the car in the mornin i diss-armed it fine got in..turned ignition on then turned key to start and it went dead...tried turning key back and starting...
  13. J0R04N

    FS: S15 Pewter Grey Bonnet

    Got my old bonnet for sale, has got a small bend/twist. Is easily repairable. I managed to find a new one for a good price hence why i didn't repair it myself. Would suit a track car or if you wanted to repair would be fine for road use also. Bonnet closes fine just cosmetic. £60 ono
  14. subzero

    Power FC ecu buzzing ?? when ign off ?? relay ? Help need urgently .

    Arrived to work today, car driving away fine etc ... turned off car went into work , came out bout 2 hours later, hear this crazy buzzing from the ECU ... a relay maybe ?/ buzzing only happens when the ign is off, car starts and runs fine ?? disconnected the battery so not to blow the...
  15. M

    car stools when idle

    im having a slight problem when idle when i start the car its fine but after when i rev it high the whole car just cuts of the car still drives fine but its when i stop the car stools when it reaches the low revs any advice??? thanks mark
  16. K

    Gearbox advice

    Just removed my engine and gearbox today and noticed that there is a little up and down play in the main shaft. The box was running fine before taking it off. Could someone tell me if it's knackered or not?
  17. S

    FS: Z32 afm brand new for sale

    Hi Guys, I am currently selling Z32 AFM manufactured in the UK with a 12 month warrenty. the price is £250.00 including P+P to UK. *AFM plug not supplied please note that these Z32 AFM are not those fake ones that you buy from Ebay and these are genuine remakes made here in the UK. I am...
  18. F

    Strange fault any ideas???

    Ok here's how the story go's, I have just got my car running again folowing a rebuild after blowing it up on the track. Done 500 kms and all seems well, so time for the first oil change. Filter and oil changed, right now start the car! Nothing, no dash lights no ignition, nothing, now I am an...
  19. Curryzz

    Strange electrical fault geting on my nerves:(

    Hi, i have an odd mix of faults with my electrics, there is no permanant live to the clock, passanger side door lock, interior light, and also the climate control unit? Any brain waves, all fuses are ok, soon as i put the ignition on its fine but it resets its self every time i take the key out...
  20. sliding-r

    Misfire but now working again

    yesterday my car randomly started mis-firing and only running on three and made car shake. i could smell fuel inside the car. called the AA and waited for 2 1/2 hours and decided to try and start it again, and strangely it was absoluty fine again. so i decided to leave and called the AA off...