1. C1TPT

    Its back!!!! :D

    Hi guys! As some of you know my car has been off of the road for a loooooong time but finally got it back :D I had the gearbox rebuilt even though it was fine.... I got a new clutch from Exedy... and fitted a new spiggot bush in the fly wheel now its all fine :thumbs: When I first test drove...
  2. zero260

    Spark plug cover

    I am after a polished spark plug cover and I cant find one anywhere. The only ones I have found are the carbon and Tomei ones. Even if its just a brushed ali then that will be fine as I can polish it up myself. Does anyone know where I can get one from?
  3. E

    a POP sound n burning smell

    Hi.. Just want to know ur opinion.. Is it fine or not.. I've replaceed my stock exhaust with 5zigen 2 1/2'' exhaust.. The sound are great.. The problem is there is a POP sound at the exhaust when i shift my gear, is that fine? And i can smell a burning when i park my car after a run..
  4. mint

    Dash no linger lights up .. help anyone?

    Ok.. tonight on route home from work the dials flikered on and off twice, I thought It happened but figured id gone mad. The issue's I had with the lights previous I sorted.. turned out to be the wires in the arch. I taped up each one and then together and now they all work 100% a treat...
  5. richy200

    Having a slight engine problem first thing in the morning what could it be?

    As per above, i'm having a problem with the s15 (s14 blacktop sr20det). Every single day i get in to the car and start it, the car starts and idles completely fine, then as soon as i go to pull out of my drive in gear It feels like an intercooler pipe is off. I can litterally put my foot to the...
  6. mint

    Heaters stopped working?

    um.. as of now they seem to have stopped working.. Or at least the driver one has. Full heat (4 fan thing) and on the face mode at 32' and not a breathe of air comes out my driver vent.. NEVER done this before. I had it on the one for the feet and window, same at 32 and 4 and my feet were still...
  7. B

    new speakers.

    right.. i fitted a sub and amp last week.. perfect.. working fine... then i go to put in 6x9 speakers.. they dont fit... so i made them fit.... :annoyed::annoyed: ... so everytime i go over a ramp or anything they cut out all the speakers... to get them working again.. all i have to do is pull...
  8. K

    Slight hesitation on light throttle.

    Hi, just wonderd if any one has experienced engine hesitation on very light throttle? my car has done this since i got it and the car was standard. I have done some mods but the problem is still there. When coasting in fourth or fith gear car seems to slow then picks up intermittently engine...
  9. E

    SR20 Carbon Plug Cover

    Hi Guys, Finally we have the first one come out from the factory! Please click on the picture for a larger view!! The first one is on its way to us to test the fitment (Thanks Rob from SXOC for doing this for us, really appreciate), if everything is fine, we will start mass production in...
  10. subzero

    rough idle help ? idle position sensor ?

    rough idle help ? idle control valve ? ok, i originally thought i had a prob with the setting on the PFC being too low , so upped that to around 1k revs . when the car heats up, the idle starts fluctuating from 800k to 1.2 . wont hold steady for a couple of seconds. then it levels out and is...
  11. N

    CLUTCH PROBLEM!! Help me please.!

    Hey guys.. this has happed to me 2 time before about a week ago.. i go in my car warmed it up went to put in Revers and it didn't go in.. none of them did , i pumped the clutch... for ages and still nothing.. it was like somthing ws stoping it from going in. i finally go the gears in and drove...
  12. T

    Clutch issue

    Hey guys, I haven't had all that much time to post on here and have mainly used it for reference but I must make some more time to keep posting! LMAO I'm currently just tryin to iron out a couple of niggles with the car. Everything's spot on apart from a few teething problems here and there...
  13. Andyw

    FS: Standard S15 Suspension

    well as iv now fitted HSD coilovers, i have for sale full standard s15 suspension removed from car at abt 48k miles, were working fine pics; £75 collection only from east yorkshire! Cheers Andy
  14. DeanS15

    boost leak? aargh!!

    i've got a bit of a pain in the arse to share, basically im looking for suggestions as to whats wrong with my car. i had it set up and remapped to 1.2bar on the t28bb and have the supporting mods to go with it, and for a couple of months it pulled like a train, but then developed a squeal at...
  15. Darren_S15

    FS: A few bits I want to get rid of...

    S15 Suspension + a few other bits Got a few bits for sale: S15 Suspension £100 (collection only) Done just under 50,000 miles and was fine when it came off the car. Rear gators are a little broken up but thats all. Standard S15 Toe and Traction Arms £20 (posted) £15 (collection) In great...
  16. G

    idle problem

    when the car starts from cold it almost stalls (the idle jumps up and down from 300 to 600 rpm) after about 20 seconds it returns to normal cold start. once temp guage reads middle, the car idles massive lumpy cam style as i have NO cams this is not good!( jumps from 800 down to 600 almost...
  17. J

    H.I.D. Problem

    Hi I fitted my H.I.D kit on sunday, once fitted the passenger side was working fine however the drivers side worked for about 10 seconds, flickered a little bit then switched off. I tried it a couple of times with the same reaction I phoned up auto bulbs direct who kindly sent out another...
  18. subzero

    Low beam bulb removal

    Low beam bulb removal (pt 2 where to get hid bulb?) how the hell do you remove this cover without breaking it ... got the full beam bulb out no bother , this one turns fine but dosent pop out, is there a nack to it ??
  19. Feast Japan

    2008 Nissan GTR - Finally a chance

    It was a Wednesday morning, roughly 10 AM, and on my way to Futako Tamagawa station. Waiting at the station were some good friends. Dino D, Miguel Varella Cid and Newera employee Dai. Dino being the man of the month had just been handed the keys of two very fine automobiles. One a 2008 Nissan...
  20. raytsang

    Adjustable pulley with NVCS

    found this nice part on the Boss Auto Produce site it's a LAP "NVCS adjustment pulley" very useful for those what to fine tune the cams. and keep NVCS