1. A

    WTB: Carbon bonnet

    As above gang let me know what you have? also after oem gear gaitor tears and wear is fine as I am only after trim that glued to thanks
  2. Lil SpecR

    Uh oh she wont start!!

    Went to start my 15 today and shes turning over but not firing. Used her Wednesday and she was fine ... any ideas?! :-o
  3. H

    FS: S15 Varietta Blue

    Just arrived 2 December in Amsterdam. My S15 Varietta automatic transmission after 2 months waiting. Due to family expansion reconsiderd with the wife.. and we bought a Volvo XC90 T8. So mine is for sale.. import tax netherlands paid. car is not road legal yet. Cars runs fine ! automatic roof...
  4. A

    hesitation under acceleration

    I think something bad is going on with my engine, can anyone suggest what it might be? The car starts fine, runs fine, but sometimes if I floor it from like 60mph it accelerates but judders/misses?/hesitates, it doesn't seem good, so I go off the power. I thought maybe I had something in the...
  5. Lil SpecR

    FS: For Sale - Evo(?) Drivers Recaro Seat (looks OEM) & standard passenger seat + rails

    For Sale - Evo(?) Drivers Recaro Seat (looks OEM) & standard passenger seat + rails For sale: (I will be posting more photos up this weekend please message if interested and I will get them done sooner!) SOLD 1 x Drivers side reclining Recaro - I have been told they are from an MR 400 Evo 9...
  6. FreakensNL

    WTB: Cat back

    Looking for a good condition exhaust for my s15, s14 is fine to 3"
  7. Floyd

    Defi advance BF turbo gauge problems

    Hey, So basically my gauge was playing up for a while due to the meter cable wires being exposed... I replaced the wire and currently it will boot up fine, LED's come on, needle resets... Then the LED simply turns off and wont come back on again? the gauge itself continues working as normal...
  8. E

    Service for Spec s

    Hi people, Sorry if this is a silly question, i'm looking to service a spec s and it's mainly coming up with Almera stuff as they are both sr20de, just wanted to make sure that this stuff will be fine for a 15
  9. Packham

    Boost cut with Apexi avcr

    Evening all. Wondering if anyone has ever had this? My car seems to be cutting out on boost. Put new plugs in and it's now doing it from 4.5k rather than 3k rpm. I have decided to set my boost controller to off and it's boosting fine up to just above 0.5 bar with no boost cuts. Could it be...
  10. Alex De Large

    WTB: Standard side skirts

    Anyone got any stock side skirts that they want to get rid of at a good price? Might be after the stock rear bumper too. Any colour is fine. Let me know :)
  11. Jaydej

    Turbo timer needed?

    Hey guys so I picked up my car yesterday and I'm loving it, but the bloody turbo timer display doesn't work and it's pissing me off. Isit fine to take off?
  12. John-

    FS: FREE - Battery!

    The battery that came with my S15 standard fitment. Replaced as thought it was dead. Was actually the starter! Just charged this one and works fine so, free to anyone that wants it. Collection from Royston or Ware. I'll pm the actual address.
  13. driftmonkey

    odd noise coming from engine

    well under load there is a constant noise coming from the turbo area of the engine..... sort of sounds like when you put your lips together and blow but more of a rattle sound lol i have a bullet exhaust LOUD!! and this noise is louder. now the car pulls fine, well appears to as i havent driven...
  14. Parky

    Clutch recommendations please...

    I'm planning on getting the S15 up to stage 3a by this time next year, and am wondering about uprated clutches that are man enough for 350bhp-ish, it's for a 5-speed manual. I'd appreciate it if any of you fine folk could provide me with a few options of what's available, don't want to go...
  15. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Tiptronic 1998

    Well ive not been here for awhile as I did sell my S15 :( I got a DC5 for abit but then changed up for an R34 GTT. My heart was still hurting and so now I want an S15 :p Car was imported by Torque GT. The car was classed as a Grade 4 inside and outside. So its has been under sealed by them...
  16. Parky

    Causes for hunting at idle...?

    Took the s15 out for a drive this morning and after a couple of minutes came to a stop, and the revs were hunting up up and down between 1k and 2k. Turned the engine off and back on then it was fine. What could cause this and anyone have any recommendations / ideas? Idle control valve...
  17. crazymat666

    a problem i really need to find out what it is

    right its hard to explain but here we go.basically when i put my foot down sometimes the turbo doesnt seem to come in i thought my clutch was going but it revs up fine and still moves yet its boosting fine but sometimes nothing happens with the turbo and i cant figure it out. for example i...
  18. N

    WTB: Aero front bumper

    Prefer in pearl white but other colours fine. No fiberglass copy's please unless it's very cheap!
  19. R

    FS: S15 6 Speed Gearbox

    80k miles approx Can include; - Shifter - Dual Mass flywheel - Front Prop With all the above £650 collected (can deliver if not too far for a small fee) Just the gearbox £500 No weird noises or crunches.. drove fine, rare opportunity to grab one of these.. dont come up often ;)
  20. J

    car will not start! help!

    this happened for no reason.... literally pulled up onto my drive, turned the car off tried to start it 5mins later and nothing. there looks to be no power going to my power fc (the commander has no power) and the fuel pump doesnt prime when you turn the ignition on. you can turn the engine...