1. M

    WTB: Areo bumper foglight grill

    as above i am looking some spot light grills for an aero bumper mine have been trimmed to suit a FMIC
  2. Saxon

    FMIC + Stock Airbox?

    Hi everyone, Will the stock airbox work with a FMIC in terms of space? I have a thing against hot air intakes/sik wikid induction kits but am I going to have to get one in order to fit the FMIC? If so, which is going to be the best or better than others as I know there are a few different...
  3. langers

    Greddy OLED boost controller tuning

    Anybody have any base settings for a Greddy boost controller? On low boost I want it to peak at 10psi and on high boost at 13psi. The car has a fmic, full turboback exhaust and apexi pod intake and running stock t28 turbo. Thanks in advance
  4. R

    Random Boost Creep?

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to do some research but I'm getting confused. Basically today I've taken the car out for an hour today just to charge the battery, I've given a bit of beans and noticed the warning light on my Defi Boost gauge flash, The warning is set to 0.9 bar, It normally stays...
  5. Chriscooke

    What fmic and where to buy

    I'm looking for a new fmic and fed up with looking at poor fitting crap. I'm tempted to go down the Greddy/hks route as I've heard the quality and fit is good. I I know you guys tend to buy quality parts but where do you get them from? So far I've checked rhd Japan and frsport as I've used...
  6. H

    Mods for 300-350bhp

    Hi all I am new to the s15 scene, so new in fact I'm still bidding in the jap auctions for one ha. I just wanted some information of what mods I will need to get the above bhp. I understand this may be covered before so I do apologise. I know a bit from having an st205 GT-FOUR before hand...
  7. R

    FMIC (boost controller?)

    I've tried reading into this and not finding a lot of information. I've got a FMIC installed and it going in for an MOT/TAX/Insurance soon ready for summer :) Do I need to get a Boost controller with this FMIC? Just wondering what other people have done as I've heard just fitting an FMIC can...
  8. S15Cro

    URGENT FMIC Question!!

    Hi, When ordering a FMIC, are they engine or chassis specific? I just ordered a Blitz FMIC from Japan to fit the S15 but i'm pooing myself that I ordered the wrong on!! :annoyed: Basically: Engine --> 180sx Blacktop (Non-VVT) SR20DET Chassis --> Silvia S15 (With aero that I want cutting to a...
  9. Jaydej

    Which fmic

    Hey all Im looking to buy one however I want to keep my fogs anyone reccomend what ones I should go for I know autobahn one works but is there any other?
  10. N

    Post FMIC Fitting!

    Hi guys, I have searched for this but theres so many responses im confused. I fitted the FMIC i have last night, I just have one question about a pipe that comes off the stock boost solenoid and it used to connect to the factory intercooler, theres no where for it to go on the new hot pipe...
  11. pegliobaglio

    Fmic choice

    Hey guys ,looking to replace my autobahn fmic got a few options just wondered what people are running and what everyone thinks. Looking at either getting the same again a greddy LS or hdi gt2 . Anyone using either of these and have an opinion would be great to get some info before I make up my...
  12. N

    Important first mods

    Well as ive put a deposit down on the spec r s15 that torque gt advertised the other day im on the market for a couple of upgrades. The car is pretty much stock apart from nismo suspension and non aero bodykit. Are there any parts that are worth buying first, brakes, coilovers, fmic, aero...
  13. fez06

    thottle body silicone pipe

    Anyone know where I can get a new one from? Iv just ordered a new fmic and want to change the pipe as it looks tatty compared to everything else
  14. A

    Front fiberglass bumper x FMIC

    Hi, im getting cracks in the paint & I now have an actual crack in the fiberglass on my front bumper, its got zero support at the bottom. The FMIC is a few mm from the bumper, what I want to know is if I put small bits of foam/rubber between the bumper & the intercooler so the bumper is...
  15. L

    Someone please stop my confussion

    Hi all Just about getting round to fit my FMIC on the weekend :thumbs: Only problem i have is whats the best to run for the engine. Basically i want to aim for a stage 1a/2 on the S15. want to run a safe 1bar of boost and maz 1.1bar Whats best to do on the recirc side of things? Run the...
  16. Havoc

    Front crash bar?

    Right guys, Does anyone know if the front crash bar on the s15 (black one you normaly remove when fitting a FMIC) is the same as a S14 one? Leading onto my second question of will one fit if you do some chopping to it, to allow for the FMIC? Basically want to refit it to help support the...
  17. G

    15psi boost safe?

    I am looking at a 200sx, s15 spec s GT it isnt tuned, has a stock ecu chip has a Greddy Profec B-Spec 2 Boost Controller and its set to 15 psi it has all the usual mods, FMIC, Full TBE, HD clutch im just worried that its too high on the boost, that it could do damage
  18. JDM_virgin

    Apexi type 2 fmic kit

    bit late to ask this now but here goes, just given a guy on driftworks a deposit for an apexi type 2 fmic kit with piping from turbo to inlet manifold :) only thing is it was off an s14a, so my question would is how hard would it be to modify it/my 15 to make it fit or has anyone done this...
  19. JDM_virgin

    WTB: FMIC not chinese toot

    As above looking for a FMIC kit to fit SR20DET S15 engine. Any good brand is ok greddy, hdi, bitz etc etc. Must be good condition with no holes obviously thanks peeps
  20. A

    Hi from Sydney

    Hi guys, thought I'd sign up! Currently own a 2001 ADM 200sx in pewter, have owned it for a year now and loving it Currently dyno tuned at 200rwkw at Unigroup, basic mods Fmic, exhausts, pod, nistune! Also apart of TeamS15, Sydney's finest S15s