1. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Cooling system flush

    Hey guys just wanted to know a few things. First off whats the best coolant to use I've heard different coolant for the temperature its coming up summer here so will be 25-32 degrees. Some people saying red's better than green and what not and also what ratios 50-50 or 75% water 25% coolant. And...
  2. Silverstreak

    Full silicone hose kit for the SR20 DET

    I am in the process of having a full silicon hose kit made up for me. Once this has been done and I have tested the prototype, if it's good, then it will be being put into production. I will also be getting the cold air induction pipe done in both OEM and oversized for those of us running the...
  3. Silverstreak

    Thinking of an exterior restyle

    Wanting your guys opinions.... Now that I have everything underneath sorted, I want to start thinking about the exterior of the car! So thoughts please guys... This is what I have in mind at the mo.... [/URL][/IMG] But with these wheels and the blue in the Takata Green with my company...
  4. Chriscooke

    Heads up - Green light Insurance

    I as I'm sure many of you do have just had the mammoth task of searching for a decent insurance quote for my sx, I guess you guys have it even harder with the cars being imports. I spent most of wednesday of this week on the internet and the phone searching for a good quote but one insurance...
  5. JaseYpk

    Cusco Aluminium Strut Brace

    Used, a bit scuffed, but serves its purpose, and yes, i painted the ends green ^_^ Auction starts at £10
  6. Burnsy

    Silicone Hoses

    Hey. Looking to change the 15's engine bay look. Anyone know what's the best and cheapest way to buy replacement hoses? ive seen you can buy what you need singularly but this does start to add up. Anyone know of a kit to suit my needs? Are the ebay alternatives as good as samco? here is my...
  7. A

    after market wheel, need to "hardwire" a Horn, help :O

    right im in a pickle, bought my car with a aftermaket wheel fitted and no horn. today i set of about fitting the horn to a button on the dash, now i just cant find the horn live wire. i've been told its a green black wire but i cant find a green black wire anywhere inside the steering-wheel...
  8. D

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Gymkhana Round 3

    Quaterfinal S15 N/A (White) VS S15 Turbo (Funky Green) Finals Heat 1 S15 VS Impreza Finals Heat 2 S15 VS Impreza
  9. D

    Gymkhana at Putrajaya, Malaysia

    1st, 2nd and 4th placing taken by S15's!!:nod: If you're wondering, 3rd place was a impreza By the way, the S15 with the green rims is a non-turbo, took 4th place.
  10. Sideways Simon....

    S15 dash/dial bulbs

    Looking to get some green led bulbs for my dials so they'll match the green backlight of my defi gauge, been struggleing to find these on ebay though... Any suggestions?
  11. M

    Greetings from Cat City, M'sia :)

    Hi there! :wave: Just got my s15 spec-R last May. Came with 17 inch alloys, fibre hood, custom titanium catback. Was actually an auto. But converted to manual in Japan. Naturally id wanna do up certain stuff, find info etc. etc., then found this forum, hehe. Much good info here. Not to...
  12. LuPix_S15

    Yashio Water Temp HELP!!

    Hi folks :) Either I'm being dumb or summat but the Yashio 'Okachan' Water Temp gauge does not seem to be as straight forward as I thought?! Here's a pic of all the bits I got (this is the version that plugs into the S15 consult etc): The green wire highlighted by the green box is...
  13. Darren_S15

    Leaking - Help!

    I have not driven my car for about 2 weeks now. Got in and drove about 20 miles today to my girlfriends house, drove it quite hard once it had warmed up. When I later moved the car into the garage I noticed a green liquid on the floor, and its still dripping out slowly over the garage floor...
  14. D

    Can anyone read japanese?

    Translation required on this please! :) bascially, where which wires go where...? Need to know where the ones in the red boxes go too. Then the one in the green box, is that a Constant 12V+ or an Ignition 12V+??? Cheers
  15. Topper

    Yahoo Auctions Go to Automotive on the left hand side, the in the search type box enter what you ar looking for. Under the Japanese text you will get Green ENGLISH text!!!!! What you think of this guys?? :cool: