1. S

    FS: Power fc with hand controller, z32 maf, innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale

    Hi as per title s15's sr20det apexi power fc for sale. Taken out from 2000 - 2007 kazama motorsports demo pink silvia s15 so it's basically tuned how do I know because it's above 1 bar but with right maf sensor and injectors. Z32 maf also comes from same car. Innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale to...
  2. M

    Original plastic spats

    Do the oem rear spats have any clips or brackets I should look out for when buying them second hand?
  3. JDM_virgin

    boot ventilation part number

    This is a game id like to call 'name that number', basically there is an air vent in the boot that can be seen from underneath the back end, its on the drivers side and is located on the inside face of where the bumper mounts to the body. you can also feel it if you take out the boot rim for...
  4. NICKO

    Apexi Hand commander fitting ideas

    Well ive just got hold of a D Jetro power fc with the new EL hand commander and was wondering where people put there commander? has anyone done anything different or any sort of custom dash fitment? or has everyone just simply thrown them into the glove box :D get the idea rolling guys :thumbs:
  5. Jordan

    How much is an s15 powerFC worth?

    Contemplating selling mine, it's hasn't been installed on my car yet or been mapped, has the new hand controller too. What cash would I expect to see for it on here?
  6. M

    indicator fuse blowing

    as in the title. i put a 20amp fuse in it just to see whether one of the blubs had blown but none of them have but the right hand side indicators are dimmer than the left hand side. any ideas?
  7. J

    Anyone near Northampton?

    Been on here a couple months, and not met another s15 owner so thought it was about time to know those local to me, then can exchange like for like help when people need a hand fitting etc, or just have a chilled meet and take some pictures, so who's around Northampton? And like 30,40 minute...
  8. D

    any help in replacing distributor on s15 sr20

    hi im new to the site so hello to everyone. i need to replace the distributor on my s15 got a second hand one and just lookintg for some advice before i start
  9. C

    How to: Check S15 Fault Codes - Paperclip Method

    Whilst helping justin666 with his non-starting S15 last week, he showed me how to flash up fault codes on the S15 ECU. I wasn't aware it was possible to do this until last week so here's a quick guide for everybody else.. Nissan ECCS allows you to read any stored fault codes without any...
  10. M

    vertex rear bar modification..

    so im planning on getting the vertex bodykit from vertex but i noticed that the exhaust exit is on the left hand side... as im in australia the exhaust actually comes out the right hand side.. i was wondering if anyone had modified there vertex rear bar before or is the another comoany that...
  11. s15wideass

    S14 hand brake cables same as s15

    As above, does anyone know if s14 hand brake cables are the same as s15 ones?? or if there is a stronger alternitive..
  12. M

    buying a second hand apexi radiator question

    hey guys about to buy a second hand apexi radiator for my s15 just a few thing i want to confirm... 1. is that it has a few bent fins ( i can spend time straightening them ) also a few stains on the core 2. when you look down the rad cap it's abit brown <----is this a bad sign???
  13. M

    mounting apexi power fc with hand controller

    hey guys just tuned my power fc but wondering because of the hand controller plug that sticks out i need to trim my factory ecu bracket for it to be bolted up .....have you guys also had to do this or is there another special way to do it??? i have tried turning the ecu the other way no luck...
  14. Fasthands

    While the weather was good,

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Thanks to a chap called Kris I have recently got to know through a local car club, who is a dab hand with his camera and kindly offered to get some pic's of my S15. here are just a few. :cool:
  15. S

    s15 JDM Spec-R

    Posted this on the introduction but nobody seemed to bother replying, was really after the z32 afm insight ([pic below) Hi guys, Firstly...name is Darren. I've had my S15 for about 7 months now. I'll get to the details below - I'm a huge sports car addict, I've always owned them but have...
  16. S

    S15 JDM - Adelaide Australia - Hi Guys!

    Hi guys, Firstly...name is Darren. I've had my S15 for about 7 months now. I'll get to the details below - I'm a huge sports car addict, I've always owned them but have always had a mature outlook on the cars (love them just being clean without huge wank factor etc). I'm 29 in July so I guess...
  17. paddyb01

    s15 hand brake cables

    well lads does anyone know if s14s have the same hand brake cables? or does anyone have one for sale i need the drivers side?:thumbs:
  18. natune

    K sport Brake Kits

    hey everyone, ok so the car is going to need some new disks and pads at some point, so im looking at paying the extra and getting a big brake kit. ive been reading up on the k sports, and obviously they are well tried and tested in the time attack scene, but just want to know what peoples...
  19. S15AK

    APEXI Power FC Hand conrtoller

    Hi Guys.. I've just fixed my power FC hand controllers plug, so I can now have it plugged in. So just trying to work out how to use it. I don't want to be changing any settings as the car has just been mapped. So just wandering what mointor settings people like to use? And just any...
  20. J

    WTB: part wanded

    looking for a new or second hand 50/50 back light " " " 2 new or second hand power fc " " " new or second hand nismo 2 way diff 4.7 or 4.9 " " " new or second hand dash dodger roll cage