1. K

    In Need of Boost/BOV Help!

    Hi all thanks for looking as after looking on the Internet for odd noises from dump valves it's pretty difficult to get an answer lol :) Pretty much, I fitted a Blitz intercooler around last August and then around December a Hks bov and hadn't had any issues. Suddenly last week I was driving...
  2. rapid200sx

    Casio Nismo G Shock watch ....

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/casio-nismo-g-shock-extreamly-rare-item-for-gtr-nissan-silvia-gt-r-r32-r33-r34-/181138152006?pt=AU_Watches&hash=item2a2cacda46 I guess if you have spare cash burning a hole in your pocket... to buy it is only ​AU $1,999.00
  3. Nissan_S15

    S15 Oil filler hole questions?

    Hey guys, Sorry if these are silly questions, but just a quick one regarding the oil filler hole on the s15's cam cover. Is the filler hole itself where the oil cap screws in, made from plastic or metal? Only reason I ask, as you know my plastic filler caps seal gave way and let oil seep out...
  4. S

    kinugawa td06 help

    I bought one of these turbos 2 weeks ago and its burning oil , turbo is fine no play boost ok its in a Sr20det I'm using stock oil feed line and the oil feed banjo it came with would it be getting to much oil as the oil feed hole on turbo had no restricter in it like my old garret oil flow out...
  5. Parky

    Rear washer jet removal..?

    Morning all, Guessing this falls under bodywork but apologies if this is in the wrong section. I did a quick search but couldn't find anything. I de-wipered the rear window yesterday, the motor didn't work anyway and I probably would have ended up doing it sooner or later. I used a sink hole...
  6. J

    few drifty photos from the sky insurance day!

    turned out to be a good day until it rained :( the car was faultless alday until i popped a hole in my vacuum pipe...
  7. JaseYpk

    FS: Japspeed 50mm Rad (popped..)

    cheeky punt.... I was going to launch this into a skip, but then figured i might get a few quid for it if someone wants to fix it lol Its in good condition apart from the pop in the centre of it. cant see the hole as its in the fins somewhere, but trust me, there is one haha. RadWeld wont fix...
  8. Fruitbooter

    S15 6 speed oil capacity?

    Okay so I read you can overfill them to 2.3ltrs? Can hold 2lrts using the nomal fill hole.. Today I filled it up through the gear stick hole and I almost went through 3 Redline MT90 bottles (0.946ltrs each) It didnt reach its capacity I just stopped as I had vissions of gearbox oil seeping...
  9. S

    have a hole in my dash and im not sure what's meant to be there?

    As above, i have a hole in my dash...its rectangular, just to the left of the steering wheel and looks like it possibly housed a switch of some sort? I'v had a quick nosey on google and have found various gizzmos fitted where this hole is but cannot see what was there as standard....anyone know...
  10. B

    Xanavi Disconnected from s15

    So after a few weeks of getting my s15, I had had enough of the bright green japanese screen that popped up in the dash. The faceplate was in japanese and the buttons didn't work at all, therefore it was useless and distracting when driving at night. So I tackled the beast and took off the...
  11. T

    Fitting front hubs.

    To fit the front hubs to the shaft of the hub knuckle do these require pressing on or should they just slip on initially with the nut to press them on the hole way. The reason i ask is that i have two brand new hubs to fit to the driftworks geomaster hub knuckles. Only when i mate them up...
  12. C

    Metal fabricator required!

    Does anyone have the above skills?! I need a couple of simple brackets making from 3mm steel. Just one flat plate with a hole in it, and another small plate TIG welding to it at 90 degrees. Will exchange for beer tokens, of course :)
  13. B

    FS: for sale veilside 18inch

    need to sell these as short on cash and have a set of rotas.sorry about pics will get BETTER pics up LATER. veilside andrews 3 piece 18inch. front size 1885 an offset +30 p.c.d 114.3 hole 4/5 with 85% firestone tires rear size 1895 an offset +34 p.c.d 114.3 hole 4/5 with 85% dunlop tires...
  14. D

    WTB: urgent!

    Hello everyone, i am rather urgently after the centre console/cubby hole lid for an s15. my hinge went the other day and now I just have a hole and no lid!!! If anyone has or knows of one for sale please could you pm me Thanks alot Jack
  15. C

    OEM Recirc valve fix

    This guide was made by 'Adams' on SXOC... The job is really simple - all the tools needed are a 8mm and 10mm socket spanner, a screwdriver plus some instant gasket. 1) The factory DV is located behind the battery, just under the fuse box: 2) First you need to remove the battery...
  16. S

    WTB: Fog light surrounds

    as above, i need the bits that fit in the bumper round the fogs. one is blanked, the other has a hole in for the wmic. anyone got any on an old bumper :P
  17. D

    Wiring run

    Hey guys. Fitted a dual stage BC, wondering which hole is the best to run wires through to the cabin?
  18. paddyb01

    rear wiper help

    was thinkin about geting rid of the rear wiper and motor because i never uses it is there a bit you can get to fill the hole in the glass thanks for the the help lads:thumbs:
  19. seilow

    hole in cylinder head utility??

    hi guy ^^ someone know what it this hole ? many thanks
  20. S

    Holes in the right side of engine bay

    Just under the relay box and the battery and so on... there is two holes one for the intercooler piping which is fair enough, but then there is another just next to it under the relay box which I think shouldnt be there... I had an arguement with the seller as I am trying to get the car...