I have this spoiler on my car but i have no idea who makes it anyone have one or know about it? any info welcome
  2. hendo

    Kelford Cams

    Any of our NZ members got any info on Kelford Cams? Saw in a mag they are now making cams for SR20s and would like to get some first hand info on them.
  3. xlr8

    FS: *xlr8' S15 silvia for sale*

    Looking to sell my s15 silvia.heres a few pics and spec.e-mail if you have any questions.sound! Her is the full spec and info on the car, open to reasonable cash offers.ideal for english buyers as clearing costs are...
  4. D

    FS: S15 for sale in QLD Australia - website with pictures & video inside.

    Hi All, Selling my S15 for an excellent price. Plenty of work done. Can get another RWC when the buyer actually has finance (Two buyers fell through so far!). Currently sits in a car cover in my garage! Awesome condition, buttload of extas, I wish I bought it like this!! See full info...
  5. rudd-o

    Replacement Motor Starter for SR20DET(S15)

    Hello guys yesterday my motor starter died and now im looking to buy a new one. The stock motor starter was a HITACHI S114 and its a discontinued product so i found two aftermarket makes the first is a Mishimoto SR20 starter and the second is an ISIS SR20 starter . Mishimoto's one seems to be...
  6. S

    how do i cut n paste stuff

    since the forum was updated i cant make a new thread and paste the stuff i need into it i can add the stuff into quick message below the first post i cant edit a post and paste info into it either how can i fix this as its driving me bonkers
  7. mint

    Someone buy these!

    I know im not an owner no more, but meh.. I LOVE these! im in Japan just now, i'll see if i can shed some info hmm
  8. M

    Greetings from Cat City, M'sia :)

    Hi there! :wave: Just got my s15 spec-R last May. Came with 17 inch alloys, fibre hood, custom titanium catback. Was actually an auto. But converted to manual in Japan. Naturally id wanna do up certain stuff, find info etc. etc., then found this forum, hehe. Much good info here. Not to...
  9. L

    WTB: throttle bodies needed 4 my sr20

    im lookn 4 a throttle body with throttle postion sensor 4 my spec s sr20. or any info on where i can get one would be lovely.
  10. DeanS15

    Meet: joint 350zOC and SXOC meet, 10th jan

    joint 350zOC and SXOC meet, 24th JAN (CONFIRMED) @grasshopper inn, westerham. (times to be confirmed) this looks like its going ahead and should be a good turnout, the head of 350z owners club has organised a meet where sx's in all forms are welcome along. just thought i'd let you guys know...
  11. craig_m

    what do you think of this??

    i know this has been for sale for a very long time, just wondered if it would be worth buying at the right price?? has anyone gone to see this and know if anything is wrong with it?? any info would be great. thanks craig
  12. JEZ 8553

    FS: WORK Emotion XD9's

    Edit - new for sale thread with updated info.
  13. C

    WTB: center console

    Looking for a center console for me to chop up and mount my boost controller and various other bits in. Doesnt matter if its scrathced a bit as it'll get painted anyway. Don't need the ashtray either and the armrest isn't essential. Any info on where one can be found would be appreciated too...
  14. D

    Genuine Aero front bar - who's bought one in aus?

    so basically i totally screwed my genuine aero front bar. its cracked and got a chuck out of it which looks **** and can't be totally be fixed. so i'm after info from anyone who has bought one locally. what i'd like to know is where you got it from, how long it took to receive it and whether...
  15. C

    WTB: carbon door cards

    looking for a set of carbon doors cards for s15,any1 any idea where they can be got?rough price?all info welcome thanks
  16. P

    hi all

    hi folks, my name is pj, from ireland, have an s15 spec r , joined to gain knowledge, and give info on the best jap drift car there is.
  17. Darren_S15

    Mechanical or Electric Boost Gauge

    Just wondered if people have mechanical or electric after market boost gauges on their cars? The one I'm looking at comes in both and I don't know which one to get.. Is one better than the other etc...? Any info would be great.
  18. S

    WTB: Info on S15 Type R

    Looking to buy or import a Type r in the near future can anyone tell me anything id need to no bout them thanks!
  19. D

    Hello Everyone

    Hello guys and girls, Thought i'd sign up so i can learn about S15's! I'm currently driving a peugeot 106 gti, but looking to upgrade to a S15! I'm a complete novice when it comes to S15's so would like to know all about them! I'm looking to spend about 7k to get one, would that get...
  20. J

    180sx bumper question...?

    which bumper is lowest to the ground for a 180???stupid question i know:confused:... all info appreicated