1. simon

    bridgestone springs?

    do bridgestone make lowering springs? i can't find any info on them anywhere, but i seem to have them on the car
  2. M

    hi there,

    hi everyone, just got myself a s15.. thought id just intro myself. just been browsing and forum looks great. so much info! thanks
  3. subzero

    Quest on Rocker Stoppers ?

    just wondering , ive seen these for sale and lads talking bout installing these.... so whats the crack with em ?? bring the info brainiacs !!
  4. Miss S15

    Has anyone info on this s15?

    The kazama s15 Does anyone know this car or have any info on it? Me and a friend are going to look at it on Sat.
  5. G

    looking for advice on a roll cage

    just want to see where people have got there's from and what people recomend.... pics and info would be nice too:thumbs:
  6. mint

    mintofruit now up

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know my new blog is now online. Im off to Japan in 2 days time and will be updating that with pics + info, So keep checking for updates ^_^ Arigato
  7. I

    hey from ireland

    hey guys and girls! name is keith and as you have probably guessed, im from ireland! at the moment im driving a 99 Civic SiR, but after owning it now for well over a year, i find myself wanting to move onto a bigger and different kind of car. bring on the S15!! always been a huge fan of these...
  8. S

    diognostics plugs???HELP!!!

    does anyone know where the diognostics plugs are on a spec s S15 silvia??my car has failed nct on emissions and need to find where these are to find out problem!!!if anyone could post up pics or any info it would be great..cheers;)
  9. U

    Can anyone help me out, wiring sr20de to sr20det

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am looking for a wiring diagram or any info at all, to put a s15 sr20det into a s15 spec s....already have the spec s so just tring to obtain any info on the wiring....any help would be greatly apperciated..... Ive read acouple threads about...
  10. S

    Filter Info

    FILTER TEST Sorry guys if this have been posted before.
  11. D

    Defi gauges

    Is there any info anywhere about fitting the defi gauges on the site? and does any have the size of the gauges i'll need it fit? does defi gauges come in the one size or different sizes? i've seen it done and they seem to fit perfect into the vent, the procedure or info to do it would be great...
  12. D

    Jap Fest 08 Castlecombe

    Any info lads on jap fest is there many off ye going!
  13. L

    Hello s15 lovers

    Hello! I am from Sweden :wave: I am a new member. I Like the forum you guys and girls have got here, a lot of nice info :) I've just bought a nice stock s15, but i havent recieved it yet. Got some pics.
  14. S

    wats d story !!

    hey all, jst joined d other day, hows every1 doin ? gettin some great info already 4m this site...thanks alot lads :thumbs: talk 2 ye's soon
  15. C

    Hello s15oc!

    Hi eveyone, Just joined there tonight. Lovin all the info ye put together, wicked job. Keep up the great work, Ciaran.
  16. C


    Hi everyone :wave: I've recently sold my civic vti and am looking to get a S15 as my next car but am a bit worried about getting one imported, so i thought I would join the site and find out as much info as i could. If anyone could tell me if they had any problems getting there S15 though an...
  17. S

    SVA imports

    Has anyone used these guys before. i was looking at this little number all info appreciated
  18. S

    Good site

    If you guys want to visit a good site with heaps of info, try It's an Australian site and it has info on all things 200SX and Silvia
  19. slammedmind

    recirc or not?

    Is it ok to remove the stock recirc valve and run the car without a bov? any info appreciated
  20. D

    Power Fc

    Hello boys and girls I have a Power fc looking at me for few weeks now and its itching me to put it in. Can i just plug it in? I'll be getting her mapped in December when i have money saved.. Any info?