1. crazymat666

    whats everyones views on horsham developments?

    hi so im at the stage where im thinking a live map would be nice for the silvia :D. spoke to one person whos had there s15 done there and they seem happy but its nice to get a fair few reviews so if anyone has any info id be greatfull. thanks :)
  2. S

    FS: 2003 honda civic type r if you know someone interested please pass the info on!! i need a silvia back in my life
  3. M

    Feature Cars wanted plese!!

    Aloha! We are setting up a blog and are looking for cars to showcase under the major brands. If you would like to put your car up for view to the rest of the world and are the chosen one, we will hook you up with a 10% Discount code! Its a win win!!!! Just drop an e-mail to...
  4. M

    Hi people

    hi, i dont have an s15 yet but it WILL be my next car as iv loved it ever since it came out when i was like 10 just looking for some help on how to get hold of one and any info i should know about before i own one:D cheers sam
  5. J

    plastic windows ???

    hi guys just wanted to know if any one knows where i can get plastic windows for my s15 any info would be geate
  6. R

    Info needed on HKS GT-RS turbo

    Im replacing my s15 turbo, im looking for info on the hks gt-rs turbo. will it bolt straight on....
  7. E

    Rear diffuser

    Has anyone post something similar? Need info on rear diffuser.. any recommendations? :D
  8. C

    Help needed for a 1999 Silvia SR20DE, S15, S Spec non turbo

    Looking for some info on the following. Its a 1999 Silvia SR20DE, S15, S Spec The motor is a Non Turbo version, has an older type distributor that contains the coil, power transistor and crank sensor all built in, does not have any coil packs in the rocker cover 1). There is an engine code...
  9. pegliobaglio

    Japspeed front mount intercooler

    Alright guys,anyone using the japspeed ic on their car? They are the same size core as the apex one and come with all the fitting etc like apex type 1 does,just they don't have A 6 week wait on their kit and can do them for 199. Was informed by a reliable source that the japspeed radiators are...
  10. T

    The Stig Arrives!

    Hey there S15OC! Would like to introduce myself, im The Stig. Im from Coventry, i currently own a gen7 Celica and i am a member of Brilliant car but starting to fancy a change. The celica was the first car i ever promised myself i would own, then i saw the silvia! iv wanted...
  11. pegliobaglio

    stereo brackets s14/s15

    Hi guys ,my car doesn't have any stereo brackets and now I am driving her a bit more be good to have some tunes,a guy on sxoc has some 14 brackets but just wanted to make sure they were the same before I got em,anyone with any info would be much appreciated thanks guys
  12. C

    New Member Wanting Info on S15.

    Hi Guys new to the s15 scene and i am wanting to get one next year when i turn 21 so i am wanting some info. i have no rush to get one so not goin to rush in to anything. i currently have a mk4 Astra Sri Turbo so wanting to change to a s15. so down to the questions what power is an s15...
  13. V

    New here from USA Miami, FL!

    Whats up guys! The S15 is my dream car. Always wanted one and looking to get one in the near future. Currently drive my 2nd 1998 240sx and just researching on how I can get my S15 here to Florida. I just wanted to ask if it is a real pain to do? Places that do it? Process? Been reading about...
  14. xlr8

    FS: GP sports s15 for sale

    Putting up my s15 for sale.Heres a pic.Please e-mail me if you are interested. Looking for 11500 euros. For full spec and info follow thread below
  15. B

    Hey guys another s15 wanna be :D

    hey guys just registered and i thought i would say hi i am intrested in gettin s15 within the next 6 months and have came across various web sites and forums offering info on maintence, spare parts, specialist insurers and performance upgrades but i am struggling to find any info on the basics...
  16. J

    How are things?

    Alright people's, Im James from Ireland and I got myself a Silvia s15 spec-s standard as can be. Seen this site whilst looking for info, so im here now! Hopefully I'll have some input to the site. Always liked these cars plus I wanted to get something rwd! I dont know much about Nissans so im...
  17. F

    good jap-blogs or sites to follow?

    couldn't find any info here, so i'll just ask - i want to read some more, get some info, pictures etc. on japanese cars/tuning in general. I'd normally subscribe to something like modified.mag or similar, but i'm broke 'n stuff :rolleyes: was hoping someone here knows a good blog or similar...
  18. C

    Newbie clocking in!

    Hi guys, thought i'd say a quick hello! Decided on an s15 for my next car so i need to do abit of research on here on some saving!! Already seen loads of great info from here :D including the links in the stickied section for newbies when buying a s15.
  19. DeanS15

    what are the differences between s14a and s15 subframes?

    i've heard there are differences, but in any of the pics i've seen i cant spot them.....has anyone had them side by side and noticed anything obvious apart from the extra bar between the rear mounts? any info appreciated :)
  20. 9

    S13 to S15 front end conversion

    Whats up guys. Ok so I just bought a 93 S13 fastback. I was thinking about doing the conversion to your guys gorgeous S15 lol. I figured what better place to find out how. So if anyone can give me some input on where to go for the parts, what parts are needed you know basic info. Thanks