1. N

    Bumper Inlet Ducts

    Has anyone found a descent looking bumper inlet duct to get more airflow to the radiator during track events? I currently have a 2" x 12" slit cut between my headlights for airflow, but hate how it looks. I know there's aftermarket bumpers available, but has anyone tried the 350z inlets or...
  2. L

    S15 Coolant leak.

    Last week I decided to change my exhaust manifold and Cat back exhaust. After crawling around underneath I noticed a coolant leak dribbling onto the subframe but looks to be coming from under the inlet manifold. I've done a search on here and Google and can't really see much info on it. I've...
  3. J

    FS: SR20DET Breaking

    I have an engine that has been damaged due to DET all parts other than the pistons Block And cylinder head are fine. Crankshaft in std size good condition, no damage at all. £100 Rods £10 each no damage Rocker arms £8 each inlet and exhaust valves are yet to be removed from head but i...
  4. paddyb01

    WTB: power steering pump inlet pipe

    Looking for the inlet pipe that bolts onto the pump mine is cracked if anyone has a broken pump laying around. Thanks
  5. Chriscooke

    FS: ***BNIB SR20 260 Tomei PROCAMS***

    BNIB 260 Tomei Procams for solid lifters and the Bent cam sr20det. :) I currently only have the Inlet cam here but the second is on it's way as we speak due to an issue while ordering :) The part numbers for these cams are Inlet: 1433260120 Exhaust: 1436260120 As above the CAMS are BRAND...
  6. T

    walbro 255

    Can someone tell me is the inlet on oem fuel pumps inline with the inlet or is it rotated 180 degreesto the inlet THANKS IN ADVANCE :confused:
  7. G

    FS: s15 engine lightened balanced and rebuilt tomei cams ported

    ok the engine from my s15 is up for sale as i've changed direction with the project the engine was rebuilt before the car was imported by garage34 in japan i have done since around 2000miles spec reads lightened and balanced crank match weight rods and pistons nissan bearing nissan rings...
  8. N

    FS: Spec R auto box, exhaust, injectors, inlet manifold, Z rims

    SpecR autobox done 44k £150 works perfect removed for manual conversion. 370cc injectors £60 Standard inlet manifold £30 JDM turbo elbow back 1 piece exhaust £30 (Not loud 3.5ins exit) 350z 18'' alloys 2 with skid rubber 2 without tyres £150 Located in Poole, Dorset, England
  9. sushiming

    oil leak...

    hey guys ive got a leak but duno where its coming from its turbo side of the engine what can leak from that side is it more likely to be the turbo oil inlet pipe...?? need this sorted soon :(
  10. D


    Length 31" (600mm) Height 12" (280mm) Thickness 3" (75mm) Inlet 3" Outlet 3" Compress Air Flow Rate <700Cubic Feet/Min, Rated to 600-700 Max HP Working Pressure: 35~40PSI Pressure Drop 2~5psi@35psi; 0.2~0.5psi@15psi Hot Air Temperature 32?F~302?F (0?C~150?C) Material 100% Aluminum...
  11. sushiming

    Fooking crap.....wrong pipe........

    hey guys turbo pipes still not fixed tried doing it today again after buying the pipe from nissan and its wrong it doesnt seem like its the out let pipe as its too long i am thinking could it be the inlet pipe or maybe the S15 outlet is different to the S14A one but I have opted to book it into...