1. Lil SpecR

    GruppeM Airbox or?

    Looking at intakes, came across the GruppeM, is it worth paying for this or is the Apexi intake (or other??) Just as good an option? Am I just paying for carbon fibre prettiness? lol...
  2. H

    OCD kicking in

    can someone do something about the S15 images shown at the top of the forum page , a number of them are reversed and it makes me really uncomfortable and i cannot stop looking at it willing them to change lol
  3. J

    WTB: Wanted stock s15 seats

    Hi guys I'm after a set of front and maybe rear bench for the s15. Must be willing to post or be on the way from Leeds to Inverness tomorrow lol Joey 07575560022
  4. Lil SpecR

    My S15 birthday cake lol

    My birthday yesterday and I was 30, im also too tight to buy a cake from a proper cake maker (I'd rather spend the amount on a tank of fuel hehe) so I made this cake lol, bit Tokyo Drift inspired lmao ;)
  5. Lil SpecR

    Show me your dash/audio setups!! =)

    Hi all Before I go getting some double din unit for my S15 I wanted to see what other people had set up in their S15s? So please show me your centre dash, whether its single or double din, some computer wizardy system or filled with engine management gadgets! I just want to get some inspiration...
  6. Pikachu

    What's this in the ignition?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew what this is in the ignition cylinder? I'm totally baffled and refuse to believe it is a screwdriver, lol Thanks in advance!
  7. phillll

    My Pearl White s15

    Not created a thread yet as I was waiting for more bits to happen, so here's the story so far. Grade 4B in lovely pearl white. Imported by Torque GT in October 14. I'm the first owner and traded in my EP3 type r against it. Absolutely love it so far. It's my first RWD car and my first turbo car...
  8. shelb

    Gear knob Refurb (DIY)

    I got this gear knob free with a gear surround I bought, It was pretty shot but I hate seeing things go to waste so I thought I would do something with it. Forgot to take some pics but you get the idea lol
  9. P

    My de autech to det s15, Townsville Australia

    Hey guys! Very new to s15oc so I thought I'd do up a thread and show off my ride! Bought it 18 months ago as an autech fresh from japan. In that time it's seen the track a few times and see a few basic mods as you'd expect. At this stage mods include: -full det swap, not de+t :P,hdi front...
  10. S

    Hello - Another s15 owner :)

    Hi all - I'm james, from Gloucester. Recently met 'tooley' i think his name on here at birmingham (skid risk) last weekend. very nice fella! Just thought id say Hi on here. Aint to good with all these forums etc so still getting the hang of it lol.. Here are a couple of pics of...
  11. vinnie

    FS: Nissan s15 arch liners

    Got the driver side and offside arches. There both in good condition, will take some pics once the rain stops lol. Each for £15 excluding postage.
  12. matt1966

    my S15 SPEC S AERO.....

    HOW THE HELL DO YOU load photos
  13. R

    My Pewter S15 Spec R

    So yeah hi im iain and ive owned this fine s15 for a few months its my first rwd car and first turbo car as it happens, ive come from 5 years of type r ownership my previous type r being 280bhp n/a and stupidly quick lol the spec r is a complete change of pace but i love it. It was imported last...
  14. A

    Waiting to find an unmolested S15

    Hi, Im currently a Toyota Altezza RS200 owner hoping to be an S15 owner when the right one comes up, preferably one without the major engine mods, so I think im in for a wait lol. Id consider importing but the dealers charge silly money. Some nice cars on this site!
  15. tooley

    White s15 Coventry!!!

    Who has the white s15 in cov!! I drove past you by KFC near sainsburys. i was in my white stagea. I never see other owners in my s15 only when I'm in the stagea lol!! looking good!!
  16. S15_SAM

    Lydden hill BDC, 14 April one white one blue

    Saw these two at BDC a fee weeks ago. Had a nice little drive with the guy in the blue one. Got the drive past video? Lol.
  17. S

    Hey guys been reading this website for hours thought id say hi

    So Hi! hey, as my title states i have been reading through the forum topics as a guest for the past week! a few reasons for that, the S15 is a dream car to me, so much so for the vets on the board i have been looking at/ wanting the S15 (uk prices) since £15k value and in recent years i saw...
  18. T

    Help need S15 dimensions

    Hi can someone measure the rear of their silvia and the boot lid please as I don't own one yet lol Cheers
  19. R

    fan belt

    hiya, does anyone have a good site for parts, i need a new fanbelt as its rather squeaky lol, also easy to change? thanks all
  20. Fasthands

    Forum problems..

    WTF is going on the home area is just showing activity something or other I cant get to see the forum sections page as usual.. or have I pressed something? lol