1. L

    FS: Gt2871r + apw manifold

  2. Lil SpecR

    Small shopping list ... where to go?

    Hi all I have a small shopping list of parts, where is the best place or brands to go for? I've tried japspeed but they're struggling to understand my requirements lol :) Downpipe Turbo elbow Sports cat Performance panel filter Manifold braided lines/turbo/water/oil Manifold/turbo gasket...
  3. Lil SpecR

    Exhaust gasket blown - change manifold? ... ?

    Hi all! Blew my exhaust manifold this weekend! First time I have had to fix something on this car, looks like the manifold will be all coming off, made a start last night... So the question is, whilst the manifold is off - do I replace that as well? Car is currently stock - BUT, she was bought...
  4. B

    Borg warner efr series turbo

    Hi All, Anyone on here fitted a b1 frame efr turbo either 6258, 6758 or 7163 to a sr20det engine in stock location? If so what manifold did you use? I understand there may be fitment issues depending on the manifold used. rgds Brian
  5. lewis

    Manifold and elbow fitting

    Hi everyone, i'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me plan properly with fitting my manifold and turbo elbow. Basically I'm going to be fitting them when the elbow arrives, hopefully in the next few weeks and I want to make sure I can kind of do everything at once and make sure I have...
  6. L

    FS: BRAND NEW APW exhaust manifold and 2871r turbo

    Debating selling my BRAND NEW NEVER FITTED APW exhaust manifold and 2871r Garrett turbo; both items brand new never fitted. Looking for £750 for the turbo and £400 for the manifold; will consider a lower combined offer if the buy wants to buy both items Not hell-bent on shifting these but...
  7. A

    Coil pack wire harness + exhaust manifold shield removal

    noob questions! So I decided to buy a new harness to go with my new coil packs...why not, its old as f**k. It looked simple to do but I see the earth wire disappears round the back of the engine, under the cowl & I cant see where it goes or how I would get a spanner in there. Anyone tell me...
  8. S

    Exhaust manifold heat shield.

    I've had a bit of an issue with my exhaust manifold causing the paint to bubble on my bonnet and now I'm having the car fully resprayed would like to find a solution :love: Are there any exhaust heat shields available on the market? I've seen heat shields for the ABS system but need something...
  9. A

    WTB: manifold heatshield with bolts.

    Anyone got a non rusty exhaust manifold heatshield?
  10. B

    WTB: Wanted, standard exhaust manifold s15

    Hi, has anyone got a standard exhaust manifold for sale with heat shields, in desperate need of one, thanks
  11. L

    S15 Coolant leak.

    Last week I decided to change my exhaust manifold and Cat back exhaust. After crawling around underneath I noticed a coolant leak dribbling onto the subframe but looks to be coming from under the inlet manifold. I've done a search on here and Google and can't really see much info on it. I've...
  12. S15AK

    SR20DET manifold gasket?

    Hi Guys I'm changing my manifold so might as well replace the exhaust gasket, so I'm thinking OEM is the best way to go? I've done some googling and I think the part number is 14036-75F00 (OEM SR20DET Multi-Layer Exhaust Manifold Gasket), but if anyone else has bought this from Nissan before...
  13. S

    OEM turbo manifold gaskets

    Just a quick one guys/girls. My cars blowing really bad i believe from where the turbo bolts to the manifold on the 4 bolt flange. It was blowing here before and i managed to sort it by tightening the 2 studs on the right hand side up however this time it sounds and feels like its the side...
  14. S

    FS: s14/s15 Sr20det Japspeed manifold

    Sr20det Japspeed manifold. Brand new in box with gaskets nuts and bolts. £100
  15. laimis

    FS: For sale Autech exhaust manifold,ARC intake

    S15 NA SR20DE FGK exhaust manifold 150GBP. ARC super intake chamber 60GBP
  16. W

    GTX3067R or GTX3071R

    Hi, I have a S15 Silvia and im thinking about changing my turbo as i hate the amount of lag it has, its just not enjoyable on the street at all. Current setup is: HKS 1.2mm head gasket ARP head studs Kelford valve springs and retainers Kelford 266/270 duration, 11mm/11mm lift Sard 850...
  17. C

    WTB: Stock SR20DET Exhaust Manifold (used or new)

    Hi, Does anyone have a new or used good condition stock exhaust manifold for sale/would like to get rid of? Wonder if anyone also has the URAS Exhaust Manifold Damper/Brace for sale? My stock manifold has cracked (I most probably accelerating its fatiguing due to many short journeys to work...
  18. Surfing Boris

    Manifold and pipework choices

    So i managed to slam the underside of the car on the deck on Sunday night and while i hope it was just the chassis rails taking the impact i am concerned i may have walloped the exhaust and know there is a risk that thump can transit up to the weakest point and find a nice weld in the manifold...
  19. Adam L

    FS: Evo 8 FQ400 turbo kit

    I know a few people have had Evo's on here, or might have friends with them on here. I've got an Evo 8 FQ400 turbo kit that will bolt on as a direct replacement on any Evo from 4-9. I bought this to get me out of trouble about two years ago as a good kit, but once it arrived I took it apart to...
  20. jake

    FS: S15 bits

    So as of next weekend my s15 will be starting it's rb25 swap so got some bits up for sale Sr20 det with blue rocker cover was just rebuilt in November with genuine nissan gasket kit have a recondition crank and crank pulley put in as well as acl race bearings pulls good and doesn't us a lot...