1. M

    WTB: Areo bumper foglight grill

    as above i am looking some spot light grills for an aero bumper mine have been trimmed to suit a FMIC
  2. Lil SpecR

    Exhaust gasket blown - change manifold? ... ?

    Hi all! Blew my exhaust manifold this weekend! First time I have had to fix something on this car, looks like the manifold will be all coming off, made a start last night... So the question is, whilst the manifold is off - do I replace that as well? Car is currently stock - BUT, she was bought...
  3. mixvariety

    WTB: Dash Vent

    As above, just after one dash vent as one of mine has broken flaps! Thanks.
  4. sniffy

    Replacement Vin plate

    Hi, Has anyone ever got a repalcement vin plate that goes on the firewall up by the brake booster ? Mine was removed for an engine respray and got lost by the painter.
  5. H

    VVT help

    Wondering if someone had any ideas, my car is a 3a so should be fairly quick. (2871, 555cc etc) However yesterday I drove a 2a 14a which highlighted a few issues with mine. Mine is missing a huge chunk of midrange, actually when I think about it it's not performing across the entire rev range...
  6. S

    WTB: Aero skirts

    Hi everyone, I'm after some aero skirts as mine are in a sorry state or would consider something different. What you got? Thanks
  7. T

    WTB: Wanted: Dials/Clocks

    looking for some s15 clocks/dials or even just the faces as mine have some crap ones fitted, ones in mph would be even better
  8. S

    Wiper components

    Hi everyone . Anyone know where I can get the bushes and the related Components for the wiper link arms on a s15 or is it a main dealer jobbie? Mine are worn and have been bodged by previous owner. 👎 Cheers
  9. Alex De Large

    WTB: Drivers Side Front Wing

    Anyone got a rust free driver's front wing that they want rid of? Mine has corroded away where the bumper bolts to it. :frown:
  10. H

    Age of a car.

    My car is on a "W" 2000 plate but I'd like to try and find out the year of manufacture. Apperently the VIN plate holds this info (in the U.K. at least) The 10th character is the age marker. but I'm not sure if this applies to vehicles from outside the UK. If it does apply it would actually...
  11. V

    Wish I had a S15

    Hi Live down in Dorset. Had a DC2 and DC5 Integra, great cars, I miss them both! Currently have a BMW Z4 Coupe. Wanted an S15 for years, I see a grey one on my commute to Bmth in the morning every now again and wish it was mine!!!
  12. H

    Spec R and Spec S differences

    unlikely as it is are they any differences between Spec R and S front wings in terms of width? I've got 9.5" et10 on the front of mine and they are a little wide but I've seen a few in the flesh recently with steel wings running 10's with what appears less poke than mine
  13. D

    WTB: SR20DET Crank Pulley?

    Has anybody got a crank pulley they want to get rid of that isn't damaged? Ive chipped mine getting it off, plus its looking rather rough!
  14. A

    WTB: positive battery terminal cap

    seem to have lost mine!
  15. Adam L

    White S15 with unpainted overfenders - Birmingham

    A pal of mine in Birmingham saw this last night.. Anyone on here?
  16. A

    Greddy temp sensors

    I need to replace my temp sensor in the sump plug but theres 2 to choose from & im not sure which mine is. http://www.greddy.com/products/electronics/gauge-accessories/filter:make:Tempature+Sensor/ Theres 2 sensors one says replacement temp sensor & the other is the same but its warn/elec. I...
  17. Jaydej

    Does yours hang as low as mine?

    So my exhaust scrapes every now and again it's a 3" pipe does yours hang as low?
  18. M

    Diff abs sensor

    Any one know the part number the abs sensor in the diff, Mine stuck in and I'm swapping diffs soon. Also i'm after one if you got one for sale Thanks
  19. W

    Blitz Dual Turbo Timer

    Guys, I've just ordered one of these along with a harness for the S15. Just wondering if anyone else has this running on theirs and if it works ok with your alarm? I've got a Toad Sterling One alarm system on mine.
  20. N

    WTB: Gear gaitor base

    Does anybody have the plastic base that the gear gaitor attaches to which clips into the gear surround? All 4 of the tabs have broke off on mine so it keeps popping out Thank youuu :)