1. S


    Recently i've noticed my s15 making a weird noise on start up. It goes away after i've put it into gear and start to accelerate. I'm positive it's the cambelt but i just need confirmation as i don't want future problems to arise. So i'd like to know is this normal or is there some sort of...
  2. J

    Spec R on pistonheads £4,800!?

    Has anyone noticed this? Too good to be true? Sent from my Iphone
  3. paddyb01

    boot gauge pipe

    Only noticed today that my boost gauge is tee'd off the fpr, is it ok to have it like that?
  4. Jordan

    Front strut brace or no front strut brace?

    Can't seem to find a lot of info on this so here goes: I noticed some of you guys have them, some don't run them. Any reason/ preference for this? I personally think the bay looks cleaner without aesthetically, and was toying with the idea of removing mine altogether. Short of removing it and...
  5. Jay-pan

    Speed dial and temp

    Hi guys, Just had my car converted from KMH-MPH but when below 50 its totally fine reads spot on. Then soon as I go above 50 it starts waving around and some times just sits at 0. Now i think its the little converter device is faulty so got a new one sent out free of charge. But is there...
  6. sliding-r

    FS: Supermade s15 front Bumper

    Thought somebody might be interested in this: Not mine just noticed it
  7. I

    Rough running and creeky FR corner

    Hi there, Just coming up to a year since I got my car and its been great, however a couple of problems have arrisen which I'm not sure about. Firstly occasionally the car willl run on three cylinders on start up, this can be anything from a few seconds to a few minites. It is also hesitating...
  8. pegliobaglio

    loud whirring/grinding noise

    Hey guys, I have noticed a weird noise kinda like 2 concrete blocks being rubbed together coming from the rear of my car, has been gradually getting louder and I notice it mainly when coming down through the gears(engine breaking) and mainly in 4th and 2nd ,only noticed it since I had my diff...
  9. sliding-r

    Power steering boot split

    Hi, Just noticed the above has split, have anyone needed to replace there's, if so where did you get the part? Or shall I just go to motor parts supplier like Unipart?
  10. S

    Full respray cost?

    Hey guys Recently I went to wash my car at a morrison's pressure washer due to the hose pipe ban. After getting half way through washing it I noticed my hands were covered in red anti-climb paint. I traced it back to the pressure washer nozzle and hose. Unfortunatly as I only noticed half way...
  11. DeanS15

    what are the differences between s14a and s15 subframes?

    i've heard there are differences, but in any of the pics i've seen i cant spot them.....has anyone had them side by side and noticed anything obvious apart from the extra bar between the rear mounts? any info appreciated :)
  12. crazymat666

    climate control and fuel

    hey ino the AC uses fuel but does climate control?ive had it switched off for tonight and noticed the difference in fuel consumption is it just in my head though??
  13. B

    little problem im having with the car..

    my car idles at about 2 revs when cold.. thats fine.. when its warm it idles at just under 1... however when sitting still at lights etc.. it shudders every few seconds... there is no loss of power.. now i just noticed it has a decat and also i put octane booster in it... the car was sitting up...
  14. M

    pidgeon mod boost problem

    has anyone had any problems after blocking off the standard dump valve i.e pidgeon mod???i tried it just to see what its like and noticed boost seem to fluctuate(think thats the correct spelling:))and a few pops from the exhaust from overfueling i presume???
  15. C

    Spec S Lambda sensor.

    I pluged my Spec S Consult plug in to my laptop with ECU talk, and noticed the lambda sensor voltage is all over the place. Does this point to a failed lambda sensor and if so where's the best place to buy one? I have noticed mine is different to the spec R lambda as mine has red, white and...
  16. J

    Red S15 in Cheltenham? Vert-ex lip spoiler?

    Saw this by holy apostles in Charlton Kings tonight on the way home from work! Looked badass! :nod: I was nearly past it by the time I noticed it...not a car I ever expect to see on the road :D Only thing I noticed was the Vert-ex rear lip but thing looked like it was fully kitted at a glance...
  17. D

    Engine Oil Quantity

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm the approximate quantity of engine oil required for an oil change? My car seems a bit 'lumpy' on idle so I have ordered all oils (except engine), spark plugs, oil/fuel filter and treated myself to an induction kit....hopefully all it needs is a good...
  18. raytsang

    turbo noise and exhaust leak.

    Oki noticed my turbo spool getting louder and exhaust sound too, so opened the bonnet to have closer look, while reving the engine can heard it leaking near elbow , but also noticed sounds comming out of the airfilter like rubbing or scratching noises... does this mean my turbo is on the way...
  19. kimi

    Happy Birthday Yakozan

    Happy Birthday Mate :D sorry i'm late only just noticed :nod: kimi x
  20. I

    tyre pressures at the track - what do you run?

    Guys, how much pressure do you run on the track? - cold pressures please. From my experience, once the tyres heat up - they add about 5-6psi to the cold reading. My tyres are 225/45/17 F and 245/49/17 rear. I usually run 35/36 on the road. I tried this on the track - no real probs but pressure...