1. A

    Coil packs!

    I hear conflicting things about coil packs, some say Splitfire are better than OEM, others say you cant go wrong with OEM & aftermarket are rubbish. Seems theres 3 options most people talk about. OEM Nissan £400+ Splitfire £400+ Audi R8 (is this easy to do?) £20 each!? Which is best, any...
  2. B

    Bent fuel rail

    Well I finally got my straight cam conversion fired up. Doesn't run great as the injector rail is bent (prob my fault) 😞 they're so badly seated it chuffs air back through the seals What my options, I need this to work tomorrow / Monday. I have a s15 engine, can I make the rail from that...
  3. H

    Lip Spoiler options and front bumper grills

    what options are available for the Spec S front bumper although currently on near standard ride height, it will be going a lot lower but the front still looks a little weak. also I've seen some inserts that fit around the fog lights to fill the gap in the bumper, are these easy to come by?
  4. H

    Spec S front lip options and front fog light grills.

    What are the options for lip type spoilers for a Spec S? also on the front bumper where the fogs are there any grills that fit into that area?
  5. Jaydej

    Hybrid turbo

    Hey all, I've been looking for turbo options and have been told maybe a hybrid turbo would be a good idea, I'm looking for really quick spool abit more power and standard position. has anyone done this? Price, specs or other options please
  6. shelb

    S15 optional parts catalogue (optional extras book)

    I picked this up a couple months ago and thought some people on here may be interested in seeing it. It also has all the different radio options and stuff
  7. N80Jamie

    FMIC Options..

    Right i'm wanting to get a Front Mount ordered this month however i'm stuck on where to spend my money. I'm not looking to spend a fortune but at the same time i want a good fit with minimal work needed. The Japspeed version has me very interested due to their £199 price tag including delivery...
  8. Parky

    Clutch recommendations please...

    I'm planning on getting the S15 up to stage 3a by this time next year, and am wondering about uprated clutches that are man enough for 350bhp-ish, it's for a 5-speed manual. I'd appreciate it if any of you fine folk could provide me with a few options of what's available, don't want to go...
  9. dave_t

    The S15 Rear Arch Thread

    Right, after a day of working on the S15 iv'e come to the decision of losing the rear overfenders. As finding oem rear panels to use the arches is a no go being in the UK, + stock arches offer very little wheel options, what other options are there? i have seen a few stock body S15's on the...
  10. S

    Dashboard options. Help needed.

    I have removed my head unit and connected items and I am left with a small issue and how best to tidy it up. On the Dash I had mounted a screen that was stuck down with a/some double sided sticky pads. Underneath this there is some minor damage to the dash. How best can I tidy this up. I have...
  11. H

    Suspension options?

    Hi Guys, I've got a quick question - at the moment I've got some Nismo S-Tune suspension and am wanting the car to sit more flush and have more adjustability. What options have I got as far as road driving is concerned (I don't want it too stiff as I live in Surrey where the roads are...
  12. R-Spec

    Track rod ends (S15 Spec R ...same as S14 I guess???)

    So one has failed the MOT for me.... question is I assume they're the same as the S14 ones so I could just to Nissan... What other options do I have and can you get more steering lock out of aftermarket ones? What should I pay for a pair? :-)
  13. NICKO

    Gearbox for reliable 400bhp

    Well im after a gearbox that will cope with clutch kicks and 400bhp all day long without any problems but want to keep my s15 6 speed clutch as Ive spent a small fortune on my clutch and flywheel and dont really want to be replacing it any time soon so what options have I got? Now there are a...
  14. S

    WTB: A front lip/Splitter for the 15

    im looking for a splitter for the front of the car or whats the options?
  15. Topper

    Where to buy an new o2 sensor?

    Have seen Nicely's link to here but would prefer a plug and play/nissan one. Anyone know where to look, Google throws up places in the states that dont deliver to UK. I have asked Apex if they have/can get, just wondered on other options. Cheers Topp
  16. H

    Transmission Options?

    Eventually I'm going with a bigger turbine, I'm aiming for around 500whp. Right now I have a TD06-20G and around 380whp. I'm basically at the breaking point of my transmission especially with some sticky tires on it. My question is, what is my best option to upgrade the transmission? Options...
  17. C

    New to S15

    Hey everyone today we paid for a Silvia s15 Spec S Collect this weekend cant wait this is going to be my girlfriends cars but ill be honest we both love it what are the tuning options for the spec s? is there anything we should be careful of or to look out for? Cheers Chris+Becky
  18. S

    Silvia RRP?

    Hi Bit of a random question, but does anyone know the retail price for Spec R Silvia's when they were produced in japan? Also costs for various options like sunroof, aero kit etc Cheers in advance Mike
  19. TriniGT

    So what are my options - Antenna

    So I am re-running my wiring for the entire car a realized that my antenna wiring in the roof of the car is hacked to f@#k and the antenna amp is missing. What are my options for an aftermarket setup? Also I see that there are three connections on the passenger side rear windscreen. I know...
  20. A

    Engine options, opinions please

    Hi All, The importer reckons the S15 will be arriving in the first week of August so I really need to decide what to do engine wise. My options are keep the na block and source a turbo head or source a complete turbo engine. It is staying SR20 but which one? At the moment I'd prefer a...