1. C

    WTB: Aero rear spats

    As above. FRP ones are fine! If they're TV3 blue then that's a bonus but otherwise the paint doesn't matter as they'll be repainted anyway. Thanks
  2. S

    Engine bay paint for WK0 S15

    Does anyone one know what paint Nissan used for engine bay in WK0 painted S15's? looking to touch up the engine bay in mine but struggling to get a match. order a couple of shades of WK0 base coat but nothing seems to match. anyone used anything that gives a half decent match?
  3. S

    FS: Spec S ARC style intake pipe.

    Got an s15 spec S (sr20de) ARC style intake pipe here. It's painted in satin black crinkle paint, the paint finish is not great and it has a couple of small dents in it... Still works as it should though and will come with the rubber pipes. Open to offers. Collection preferred (PL26) or I can...
  4. D

    G'day from syd.

    Figured get this over with first So sold my black liberty a while ago after spending to much on it haha. Due to peer pressure from mates with chasers and skylines. And purchased this from japan which is currently...
  5. L

    Air vent ring colour??

    Hi guys, I'm after the colour of this if anybody knows it? I've had to take a Dremel to it to fit a gauge tidy and took abit of the paint off [emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. M

    Martin's LS2 V8 S15

    I had a project thread going a while back, but I got bored of updating it and the project kept stopping and starting to thought I'd start afresh now it's completed. Completely home built including paint. Its a 2002 spec r L package but not much is left of when I got the car. Anyway I'll let...
  7. P

    FS: S15 Pearl White touch up paint

    Two Pitwork touch up paint kits, each contains a bottle of BWK 0 Base coat and BWK 0 top coat. I am looking for £10 + postage if required. I am in Oxford and sometimes go to Wokingham/Bracknell area if this helps for pick up in person. I ordered these from pefectrun, once the shipping to UK...
  8. pegliobaglio

    My k20 ek build

    Thought I better start a build thread for this as I like to document my car builds So I was in the market for a new daily, was looking at bmw diesels ( too sensible [emoji12]) when my mate decided to break his mint ep3 sooooo long story short last week I decided I needed an ek I had a look on...

    FS: 2001 Wide BN S15 Spec R

    This is not a definite sale but I think it's right to gauge some interest . Not in a rush to sell an won't sell unless I'm happy the buyer won't F*ck the car up! It's a 2001 spec R , I bought it from Ireland where it's been a show car and never really driven. I got the car in February and have...
  10. J

    Detailing Jem - Scratchy scratchy Lexus RX300

    Today I've been down to West London to detail this Lexus RX300. My customer has only recently bought the car and as you can see from the pictures had had several arguments with bushes and judging by the door handles, several years of abuse from acrylic fingernails. From the paint thickness...
  11. B

    Rusty rear arch coming through!!!

    Hi, Got the rust problem on the arches.. Starting to bubble the paint.. Any recommendations on who to go to in the southern / Surrey area? Many thanks in advance..
  12. H

    planning to paint S15 in Lamborghini (arancio Atlas)

    hi, i am a new member here. i just bought S15 few weeks back and i'm planning to paint my car in orange lamborghini (Arancio Atlas) . Does anyone know the paint code? :) something like this:
  13. J

    Stunning black Spec-R vs. Detailing Jem

    I've been down to West London today to detail is very nice S15. The car was last detailed two years ago by another detailer who advised the owner the paint was thin, and how right he was, in some places there was barely 50 microns of paint, so a full correction wouldn't be possible. The plan...
  14. J

    Detailing Jem - Only four dates left in April!!!

    I only have four dates left this month, so get booked in for a very shiny car now!!! Please see this thread for more info and the the Detailing Jem website Prices: Exterior: For a full exterior detail including paint correction I charge £299, but I reduce that by 10%...
  15. JaseYpk

    FS: OEM Rear Bumper - £20

    Cheap as no one really needs one. Its got a rear foglight fitted to it, which i guess could be covered up if you so wished. but hey, its a spare bumper for £20 + postage Good condition, only scuffs to the paint. No cracks/dents etc. Has a few sticky bits on it from where the rear spats were...

    What paint?

    Basically I'm buying a Spec R on Friday and I hate the paint its got Now I want to paint it straight away, lose the wing and the lights too. Need people's thoughts and ideas on paint! I likes these ...
  17. JDM_virgin

    Silvia Boot Badges

    right guys and gals it looks like i cannot find a boot badge for less than £40 ish- however due to my unique and very cool job, it is highly possible that I could manufacture these by moulding the origonal piece. so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing one? (or several)...
  18. N

    FS: Spec R side skirts, rear bumper and rear spats

    Oem rear spatsOem rear bumper Oem side skirts and wing caps Passenger side front wing (rolled and paint has split slightly) No damage to anything and all sprayed in silver (Not pewter) Also have oem front bumper slight crack on passenger corner and fog mounts cut out badly :rolleyes: paint...
  19. N

    FS: HKS metal flow filter, oem s15 spec R boot brace , s15 spec R spoiler

    oem boot brace removed from a s15 spec R 50 pounds ono HKS metal flow filter 30 pounds s15 spec R spoiler , very good condition, few paint chips on the paint but easily touched up 120 pounds ono all can be sent by courier at buyers cost...
  20. Jay-pan

    FS: Vertex lang Front bumper

    Purchased a Vertex Lang Front bumper but changing my style now, so its up for sale. Made this year September 2012. The finish is a gel coat with primer over top, not the best of finishes but will need to be sprayed and have prep work done as with all made bumpers, or just spray paint on it and...