1. S15AK

    VVT rattle

    Hi guys Just asking if anyone has had the VVT rattle and replaced the VTC sprocket to fix it? Only asking as I've got the rattle and I know I could maybe go with a black top head and remove the VVT altogether but didn't want to lose that mid range torque. So I've ended up buying a new VTC...
  2. I

    Rattle noise and high RPM hesitation

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some annoying issues with my S15's SR20DET. I went to Germany a couple of days ago, and I made a top-speed pull on the autobahn (with an HKS SLD fitted) The car was running fine, but when I reached about 6300 rpm in 6th, I felt like a power drop, so I slowed...
  3. S15_SAM

    S15 Welsh valley video

    Unknown car on a closed welsh road! Excuse the rattle and the quality. Photobucket compresses it and it reduces the quality!
  4. P

    VCT Rattle, solutions?

    MY S15 has developed the dredded VCT Rattle, was only quiet a few weeks ago, it's starting to get unbearable when poking my head in the engine bay when I just start it, normally taked 10-15 mins at idle to go away.. or 5 mins driving.. So I was woundering what I should do or what it could be...
  5. Y

    hey everyone I'm new

    hi i own a yellow 200sx in australia very standard with cat back exhaust. tein coil overs, yashio factory taillights and a decent sound system. its a great car and still running great with no problems at 148,000kms only problem is that damm vat rattle on start up but i always change oil every...
  6. S

    Chain or VVT Rattle

    I have done a search and not found what I am looking for regarding the above. I thought I had already asked about this but I cant find it. About 3 months ago I was getting a tick/rattle which under closer investigation looked like it could be the water pump impeller as the shaft had some play...
  7. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried (PIC ON PAGE 3) Hi guys, I have a rattle which has got worse, i think its vvt but i have had another chap say it sounds a bit bottom end,ish, i dont think it is, how can i work out what it actually is?It doesnt tap when its cold but as it warms up...
  8. B

    vvt rattle

    i have got vvt rattle in my sr20de,so what do i need to get to get rid of it:confused:asap
  9. crazymat666

    fixing vvt rattle

    hi i just wondered what sort of work is invovled with fixing vvt rattle im not bothered by mine but if its not too costly i will get it done :)
  10. crazymat666

    Grinding when warm :s

    Here's the situation people when I start the car for the first time of the day it doesn't do it after being driven and warmed up I turn it off then back on put it in any gear put the clutch down rev it up and I get a grinding noise but only on the 1st rev then it wont do it till i repeat the...
  11. G

    Another VVT Rattle issue. Video inside.

    Problem solved. It was nothing. The car had stod still for a long while.
  12. crazymat666

    rattle now and then :S very annoying

    i have just read a thread and im thinking its the same thing but now and then just below 3000rpm when the exhuast note sounds pretty high which could cause some vibration theres a rattly noise it doesnt sound internal and doesnt rattle when idleing at that rpm. in another thread someone has...
  13. K

    VTC or Non VTC

    Hey guys, this has been a debatable question to most but what are the pros and cons of having VTC? Has anyone had any experience? Im just thinking about removing it because of the dreaded VTC rattle.
  14. JonoS15

    Heat shield rattle question

    I have a bad rattle at high revs, coming from what i think is the turbo heat shield. would it be ok If i took it off and fitted a turbo blanket instead. Or does anything else need covering??.... or is that just a stupid idea lol cheers jono
  15. W

    Rattle On Right Side Of Steering Wheel?

    Guys I've noticed theres a really annoying rattle like a piece of wire is rattling against the plastic as when I put my hand there it's gone. I noticed that on the right side of the steering wheel right behind it theres like a little opening enough to get a flat headed screw driver inside to...
  16. B

    rattle in engine

    k guys well in the past few days i have been hearing a rattle in the passanger side of the engine bay so it could be the turbo. but any way as soon as i accel and decel between 3 grand revs and 4 grand near boost i hear a rattle. 2morrow i will have a closer inspection. but does anyone know what...
  17. G

    Ticking noise

    Just bought s15 non-turbo. There's a strange rattle in engine sometimes when started.It stops when the car is moved a couple of inches with a bit of a louder rattle. Can anyone one explain what this is and how its fixed.From novice s15 owner
  18. D

    Engine rattle at 3k rpm

    Previously my engine had a small rattle at about 3k rpm (or could have been 4k, it's been so long since i have driven it!). The rattle only lasted about 100 rpm. I heard a ping and no more rattle, but one of the cylinders now has a knock! The turbo no longer charges up like it used to and...
  19. mook

    I don't think it's VVT rattle...

    Hi guys, Another question for you I'm afraid. Got some noice from the 15 which I originally thought to be VVT rattle, but having seen the vids posted on You Tube and the like relating to it I have to think it's something different. It happens when everything is cold but it's not the deisel...
  20. H

    Vvt rattle or more ?

    Can some one shed some light on vvt rattle for me,i looked through old treads but couldnt find anythingwhen i both my s15 a few months ago there was a rattle from the under the rocker cover which i thought was just vvt rattle,it really only happened when the car was cold but in the last few...