1. A

    FS: Blitz techno speed z1

    I have a set of blitz techno speed z1 wheels for swap at the minute as it haven't any replacements. Fronts are 18x9 (told et18 but need 15/20 spacers to clear brembos so guessing there probably 38. Rears are 18x10 et20 and fit with no spacer. Tyres have plenty life in them 225fronts and 255...
  2. 2fst4u

    Brake upgrade question

    Just a quick one. My mate's gonna sell me his R32's front rotors and callipers, which I believe is a good bolt-on upgrade, but my rears are pretty shot too. I Don't want to go to the hassle of swapping over skyline rears because of all the handbrake rigmarole so would brand new oem spec S...
  3. Parky

    Wide front wing only pics..

    I know there was a thread or posts in another thread about this not so long ago but I can't find it so hoping someone can link me up, just looking for a pic of a 15 with just wide front fenders / wings, not rears if anyone can help?
  4. B

    FS: RAYS TE37 alloy wheels in white

    Selling my rays te37 alloy wheels, very reluctant sale but now I've got my r34 gtr I've bought some different wheels now, they are staggered fitment and have got brand new tyres on the fronts and he rears are nearly new. front wheels do have slight curbing on them which occurred before I...
  5. S

    FS: 18" Work Emotion XD9's

    I bought these a while ago direct from Japan and was going to fit them to my skyline, but I now have a different setup I'm using Fronts 18x8 ET35 rears 18x9 ET38 5x114 the rears come with 2 budget directional tyres with 5mm of good tread 245/40/18 no tyres on fronts they are in amazing...
  6. Lai

    Removing and fitting extended studs

    Will be attempting this at home. Rears and fronts, any instructions/advice would be helpful Thanks Sent from Lai-Phone using Tapatalk
  7. S15AK

    FS: 2 x Bridgestone Potenza 235 40 18 95 Y

    Selling 2 x Bridgestone Potenza 235 40 18 95 Y They have been sat in my shed for a while now, they came with my S15 and are too small for the rears and too big for the front so might as well sell them on, as I need to cash to buy some new rears. They still have 7+mm left on the tread, they...
  8. Fruitbooter

    Improving the stopping power of my car

    I have got Evo brembos at the front with 345mm grooved brembo discs and EBC Redstuff pads. I still have crappy oem discs and pads at the back, braided lines on all however. I still dont think the stopping power is quite where I'd like it to be...its a mixture of problems really, I dont like...
  9. paddyb01

    FS: gravity gullflame wheels

    Got new wheels sorted today. so theses are going up for sale till my new wheels come in or they will be going as a part ex for my new one The wheel are in great condition and ive never seen a set in ireland before. fronts 17 8.5 + 25 brand new rears 18 9.5 + 24 no tires il put pics of each...
  10. japmadlad

    FS: weds sport SA-90

    Here for sale are my rare JDM light weight Weds sport 17" alloy wheels, they are 5 stud with a pcd of 114.3 They will fit lots of different models but you will need to check this. They are staggered fitment, front wheels are 7.5" wide and the rears are 8", the offset is 35 front and 43 rear. The...
  11. N

    Chasing 350hp + at the rears

    Hey guys I'm tony. I have a 180sx with the s15 motor in it. It has a t3 top mount turbo with garret internals, not sure wat turbo it is exactly. Its a stock motor otherwise and I'm putting a fmic and looking to run about 11-12 psi boost. Just wondering wat other mods do I have to do to get 350+...
  12. J

    FS: 18" Genuine BBS LM's, 5x114, 8j and 9j ~et22

    I am selling my BBS LM's as i have my eye on some other wheels, they are in great condition and have had the centres reversed so the offset is now around et22 as opposed to et35 they normally would be. This i feel gives them a good fitment for an S15 as can be seen in the pictures. They do...
  13. S

    FS: Rays engineering, Nismo wheels

    For sale are a set of rays,Nismo alloys that came off an S15. They are in really good condition with just some very minor curbing to a couple of wheels Fronts 8.0" x 17" ET 35 Rears 9.0" x 17" ET 38 all have as new tyres fronts are 225/45/17. Rears are 255/40/17 [/IMG] Will add pictures of...
  14. J


    As I want a bit of poke with the wheels being out from the car, does it matter what spacers I put on the hubs? Arches will be rolled, wheels are 18x9.5 et25 fronts and 18x10 et35 rears, ive been advised that id need 10mm spacers all round (fronts to clear coilovers, rears just to match) could i...
  15. Sideways Simon....

    FS: For Sale: Enkei Tracer's - 17x8, 17x9

    Selling my enkei tracers, to raise funds . Specs are: Front 17x8 et38 Rears 17x9 et38 Rears have bridgestone tyres, Fronts are ventus... But anyhow, theres loads left on all four tyres. one of the rims has some kirbing marks on it since i bought the car, but i got some touch up paint a while...
  16. D

    FS: 8.5*18 ET32 9.5*18 Dished wheels

    I have changed the wheels on the s15 I have recently bought, these are the old wheels. Fronts 8.5 * 18 ET32 Good 6mm 225/35/18 tyres matching Rears 9.5 * 18 ET35 Good 5-6mm 235/40/18 odd tyres and one tyres sidewall has been rubbing the arch. All the wheels are in good condition and only have...
  17. natune

    K sport Brake Kits

    hey everyone, ok so the car is going to need some new disks and pads at some point, so im looking at paying the extra and getting a big brake kit. ive been reading up on the k sports, and obviously they are well tried and tested in the time attack scene, but just want to know what peoples...
  18. K

    FS: FS: Gewalt Racing Evolution 17" 2 Pc Alloys/Tyres Need Refurb [£200]

    These came on a newly purchased car and are now surplus to requirements. The fronts have plenty of scuffs and the rears a few. One of the fronts has a nice dent and a small dent on one of the rears. Front tyres are 215/45*17, rears are 235/45/17. As for offsets, I cannot find this out...
  19. S

    what you think a s15 shell is worth?

    what you think a spec r s15 shell is worth with full interior full kit . vertex rear bumper, sideskirts and d-max front bumper 50mm rear fenders blended in 30mm front fenders tubbed front and rear archs with a full outer respray and engine bay in stock blue all lights including stock rears and...
  20. S

    s15 seats

    hi can anyone tell me if s15 seats front and rear will fit in a s13 i think the fronts will but not sure the rears