1. J


    I know nissan produce really good engines, much like honda which ive had no problems with mine so far, but looking to buy my S15 soon and wondering, at what milage may a rebuild need to happen and what will need changing? If anyones rebuilt their engine, some advice would be appreciation at...
  2. P

    buying a s15 spec r

    hi everyone am new to this forum, am after a bit of advice am interested in buying a s15 spec r the one i been looking at has done 90k on a s plate in white but has had a full engine rebuild 8k ago all done by (PPI PRO PERFORMANCE INTERNATIONAL) has anyone had anything done by these guys,just...
  3. specr

    turbo rebuild

    can the ball bearing turbo be rebuilt thanks again
  4. richy200

    FS: garage clear out, some usefull bits maybe

    Trying to gather as much cash as possible for my s15. I Have a few bits and bobs which are taking up space, i will get some pics up tomorrow. sr20det bottom end, will need rebuilding, bought this to rebuild but never got around to doing it. I also have the water pump for the engine £40...
  5. S

    rear caliper rebuild

    well guys, i need to rebuild my rear calipers as they are seizing on! can anyone point me in the right direction to get the cheapest kit?? thanks lads! steve:D
  6. D

    need some advice VTI hub on s15

    Hi guys, Went to look at a s15 today that has had an engine rebuild. he had a receipt of a list of things that had been replaced big end bearings, pistons, etc... anyway there was a knocking sound coming from the engine when it was cold... on the receipt it said the VTI Hub had been replaced...
  7. G

    engine rebuild with nitto parts

    hey just wondering if any one has used nitto pistons or con rods before, as im just in the stage of picking my parts out for my bottom end rebuild, cheers
  8. slammedmind

    s14 engine into s15?

    I know theyre both sr20det engines but im looking into a spare to rebuild from the s14. What will i have to change to get it to suit the s15?