1. fez06

    remapping ecu

    Can you remap a standard ecu? if not what would I need? Up to now iv got full exhaust and manifold, apexi intake, walbro and running just under 1 bar of boost. Iv read the post about 15psi not being safe so I think its time for a remap. I'm not after crazy figures 300 would be nice but want it...
  2. Tony


    Hi guys! Here I'am again with my stupid questions..hehhe have anyone tried converting to z32afm and driving the car without a remap....?? Is It even possible..? best regards. T.M
  3. s15wideass

    Z32 afm do you need a remap???

    Hi guys, one of my friends mafs is broken and I was just wondering if he got a z32 afm would he need a remap or would the car run fine without a map on a stock ecu?? Might get a z32 myself if a remap is not essential, thanks for any help
  4. JaseYpk

    fitting FMIC without Remap?

    Is it a bad idea to fit an FMIC without IMMEDIATELY getting a remap? ie - drive around for a month ( ~800 miles), and THEN get it remapped? cheers
  5. D

    FS: 290bhp Astra VXR

    2006 06reg Astra VXR in Arden blue, complete with rare full heated leather option. 64,400miles (this will go up as it's my only car). The car also has the following mods - Full Remus exhaust with sports cat and new downpipe recently fitted. EDS Stage 2 remap Collins uprated actuator Forge...
  6. S15_SAM

    Ins and outs and cost of a remap on my soon to be S15.

    Afternoon! Picking my S15 up in less than a week and trying to get prices etc for a few bits and bobs! Mainly the remapping of it, it's got stock turbo, large FMIC, apexi induction kit with supposed apexi airflow meter?(will confirm on purchase), defi boost gauge, and boost controller, with full...
  7. S15AK

    My remap S15AK - Steve FC Tuning results

    Hi guys, Just want to post up my thanks for Steve (and bob), for mapping my car last week, was a long day for me 500+ miles with 9hr+ of driving, but well worth it. Very please with the results as we hit over 360bhp :D Steve turned it down a little just to keep it nice and safe, to to be...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Silvia remapped by Steve @ FC Tuning... POW!!!

    Hey :wave: Some of you guys will probably already know but I jumped on Tom's (sliding-r) idea of getting his remap done by Steve @ FC Tuning so we both headed down to Hayes Engineering near Dartford to get our cars sorted out with remap work etc. Well for starters both Bob and Ray who work...
  9. C1TPT

    nistune or standard ecu remap?

    Hi guys, I will be getting my car mapped pretty soon and i was just looking at the options. i dont want something expensive like the PFC so its between the nistune software and just a standard ecu remap! can anyone tell me the differences? advantages / dissadvantages? can you call up fault...
  10. C

    Tomei Poncams

    Would there be any advantage to fitting a set of Poncams to a mildly tuned SR20 running a GT28 at 1.3bar? And would another remap be required if fitting them? :D
  11. LuPix_S15

    350+ bhp tuning plan - comments/feedback please

    Ok, over to the experts on here :) Here's my plan for the 15 over the next 10 months... been thinking things through but not too much in case my head starts hurting?! Please bear in mind due to funds etc I'm doing the performance side in two stages - first stage with stock tubby, second stage...
  12. C

    Almost ready for mapping..?

    Hello everyone, I'm nearly ready for Jez to map my S15 now, but have a few questions before I hand it over. My main goal is to have a smooth, reliable, and safe amount power and torque, rather than to achieve a certain BHP figure, but somthing around the 300 mark would be nice! I've...
  13. Y

    Engine Remap?? (whats it all about)

    What I wondering is about getting an engine remap. I have my car about 2months now and when I bought it the guy told me that its putting out 290bhp and showed me a rolling road print out for it, now thing is that the print out is a bit suspect. Where it should have the registration on it, it...
  14. S

    Stage One Tuning

    Gents After driving in a friend's (ugly) tuned Scooby, i've now caught the tuning bug! So what I have so far is just the Apexi filter with heat shield. I only want to do the following: FMIC Colder Spark Plugs Nismo 555 Injectors Increase boost ECU Remap Firstly, how much should this all...
  15. D


    :annoyed::annoyed::annoyed: ok ive just spent about three hours on the computer trying to find the best parts for me but i need help first on the list is fmic ( best make to get/price) exhaust, turbo pipe, manifold, de-cat. dont need sound just performance injectors. what size?? i havnt...
  16. P


    anyone know what power you could get of a spec s with a manifold, exhaust, remap, induction kit replaced??