1. gazzaspencer

    Flash code 28 engine light maf sensor

    Had previous issue with z32 maf sensor. Engine light comes on no throttle control, cannot rev over 2000rmp (sometimes can) flash code 28 "cooling fan circuit" Old z32 maf was 2nd hand and untested so replaced with brand new genuine Hitachi from horsham developments last year which sorted the...
  2. A

    FS: S15 Spec R Turbo in blue/purple flip -

    Would consider PX offers. Silvia S15 Spec R turbo 1999 Offers around £9.5k Odometer says 147254. No idea if its Km, Miles or a mix of Km & miles. I've owned the car for about 5 years and its been an awesome car to own, In the UK since 2012 & im the 2nd UK owner. The past 2 years its had a...
  3. ryan3

    FS: S15 parts - wing mirror, driveshaft, camber arms, intercooler, cat

    Few parts for sale, all items can be collected from newhaven, near Brighton or I can post at an additional cost. Pewter grey wing mirror, very minor marks as you would expect on a used mirror, glass motor works perfectly but the Folding mechanism makes a clicking noise when opening the mirrors...
  4. S15AK

    outdoor car covers?

    Hi guys Anyone had a decent out door car cover? I've got one but had it for a good few years now and it could do we being replaced. So anyone got any recommendations please? Cheers
  5. S15AK

    VVT rattle

    Hi guys Just asking if anyone has had the VVT rattle and replaced the VTC sprocket to fix it? Only asking as I've got the rattle and I know I could maybe go with a black top head and remove the VVT altogether but didn't want to lose that mid range torque. So I've ended up buying a new VTC...
  6. dave_t

    Steering Column Lower Universal Joint - Part Number? (Pics Inside)

    Guys I have replaced my inner tie rods and outer tie rod ends with Tein units, and also replaced my steering rack bushes for energy poly bushes. I still notice a slight dead zone and notchy feeling when moving left-right from dead centre. I think I have pin-pointed the problem to be the...
  7. P

    My 1999 White Spec R

    I had this thread in 'introduce yourself' back in 2011 when I brought my S15. I am starting this thread to update about the car. I have done a few more trackdays, solved a few minor issues, and this year I have started making more mods...
  8. N80Jamie

    FS: Pioneer JDM Double Din CD Stereo

    This came on my car from Japan and I have since replaced it with another unit. Unsure on a price so open to offers!
  9. D

    FS: 1998 SZ-R 6spd with mint Recaros & KSport brakes

    Hi guys, Unfortunately the time has come that i'm putting my much loved Supra up for sale, reason being is that I don't have the time at the moment to carry out my project that I had originally intended for her so I would rather give someone else the opportunity at having a excellent base...
  10. S

    Turbo Gaskets

    So I'm awaiting my new turbo and have been doing some searches for gaskets. Is there a specific type of meterial to look for? Would it be safe to purchase some on ebay? I will also be installing my new exhaust manifold, but won't need the exhaust manifold gasket as I just replaced that when I...
  11. P

    Hello from Aus

    Hello, My name is Callum, I'm an 18 year old from Brisbane Australia, and I drive a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S. My day I'm a full time I.T. Helpdesk "Engineer", and by night I occupy my time with my friends, my car, or my computer. I always love going for drives, there's not a great deal that...
  12. B

    JDM S15 Spec S Key Reprogramming

    I just replaced the battery in my key as the distance it worked from had been reduced within half a foot of the door. Since I replaced the batter it is no longer working at all, I assume I have to go through some sequence to reprogram the key. Does anyone know the sequence for this? The car...
  13. N

    headlights left side not working

    Hi guys, my left headlight has suddenly stopped working, i have aftermarket plug n play HIDs they have worked a charm up until now, i have tried a different set of HID's and it works for a bit, then dies again, i tried taking it out and just putting a standard globe in and it still doesnt work...
  14. P

    Hi all, from Holland!

    Hi all, As the title says I'm from Holland and bought myself at the end of last year an Silvia S15 :) The car drives great because of the great spec! It's only not that comfy so i know what to do at first. Engine mounts are replaced for standard ones with a big difference of vibration! Next...
  15. rudd-o

    Gearbox leak ??

    Today i moved my car and i saw a big black oil spot in the floor under the gearbox. Does this means that my gearbox needs to be replaced ?
  16. D

    FS: free!!!!

    Anyone want a stardard boost gauge and solenoid??? worked fine when removed from the car... it was replaced with Defi's. Cover postage and it's yours! :)
  17. xlr8

    Gearbox oil?

    saw this video and does anyone know what the reason is for putting oil into the gearbox this way?always thought the gearbox oil was replaced from the side of the gearbox itself? its at around 7 mins 49 secs
  18. G

    idle problem

    when the car starts from cold it almost stalls (the idle jumps up and down from 300 to 600 rpm) after about 20 seconds it returns to normal cold start. once temp guage reads middle, the car idles massive lumpy cam style as i have NO cams this is not good!( jumps from 800 down to 600 almost...
  19. J

    Of Wheel bearings..

    hi guys, Was wondering if other nissan wheel bearings will fit the s15. I think my rear ones need to be replaced. One of the suppliers here quoted-approx. US$200 How much does wheel bearings cost normally? thx in advance. jay
  20. P


    anyone know what power you could get of a spec s with a manifold, exhaust, remap, induction kit replaced??