1. E

    A few small issues I need to sort out!

    Hi I bought a s15 in may haven't really driven it yet but have found a few issues I'm struggling with. 1. I have a knock from what I think is the front drivers side. When I brake and come to a dead stop it knocks. I had that side up in the air gave it a wiggle from the sides and there seemed to...
  2. S

    Grip Build Spec R S15 White

    Hi guys, After years of wanting a s15 I finally got one. Its rather hard get one in my country as the prices are sky high. I bought mine for around 10,000 quids which is considered cheap here. well anyways, here is the car's specs when i got it. ENGINE: Garrett GT2871r 52trim .64(aka...
  3. C

    Noise from Front Tension Rod

    Hey all, problem solving time: I'm getting a loud clunk noise when driving at any speed, turning, going over bumps or cambered roads. Its the front driver's side tension rod I believe. I have adjustable ones, not sure of brand I took it out tonight and one of the two metal pieces circles here...
  4. NICKO

    where to buy track rod ends and which ones?

    Im on the hunt for some track rod ends for my S15 and was wondering what people buy to replace the Originals? Ive contacted camskill and they have none in stock or any due to come in. Are the S14 ends the same as the S15? also what manufacturers would you recommend? Ive recently bought moog...
  5. I

    Rods and Ends + FAST download

    1999 Spec R manual The alignment place advised me to change one rod and one ARB drop link due to play. I want to change both rods and both ends. I'm trying to figure out what rod and ends I need. I have came across loads of conflicting info so far. I believe: Rods: The rack end threads are...
  6. dave_t

    FS: Genuine Cusco Front Lower Tension Rod Brace (Refurbished) - S14/S15

    Item: I don't see me fitting this anytime soon so i am putting it up for-sale. Genuine Cusco Front Lower Tension Rod Brace which i have professionally refurbished in gloss black for a more subtle look. Media Blasted - Primed - Sanded Imperfections - Re-Primed - Gloss Black Top Coat - Baked...
  7. T

    track rod ends

    Hello , I was looking for some advice my car needs new track rod ends again , I only replaced them last year . I drive my car most days what would you guys recommend that i buy .
  8. eiden88

    FS: TougeFactory bump adjust tie rod ends

    Hi all, up for sale a set of brand new TougeFactory bump adjust (anti bump steer)tie rod ends. These would fit 14mm od tie rods, so any from s14, s14a, z32/33, standard or uprated tie rod would be straight fit for these.Won't fit non-hicas s15 tie rods. £70 +shipping (or you could arrange your...
  9. Jay-pan

    Track rods and ends.

    Well my track rod is bent, so going to replace the track rod and ends. But before i do i have read in a thread that the skyline ones are an exact fit just thicker and stronger. Is this true and what skyline ones? i have seen the Tein ones which are my next point of call.
  10. shark79

    FS: NISMO S15 mat

    Hi all , i have a Brand new discontinued genuine NISMO S15 floor mat/carpet for sale (part num :74902-RNS50). They are still in their original packaging with the PART NUM tag still attached. Price: GBP 450.00 SOLD AND SHIPPED AUSTRALIA And some other stuff im letting go 2) KTS fully adjustable...
  11. T

    WTB: s15 tension rod bracket / arm

    Does anyone have the near side one of these Tension Rod braces available please ??
  12. V

    Nismo Tension Rods for S14 and S15

    We have a mint condition Nismo Tension Rod set (Part No. 54460-RSR40) for the S14 and S15 Nissan Silvia. The NISMO Tension Rod Set is a great way to improve the steering of your vehicle. They use strengthened rubber bush to reduce flex and in turn make the car more predictable during...
  13. G

    after market tie rods/tie rod ends

    just want to know what after market tie rods and ends everyone is using ive got just jap tie rods and heavy duty tune agent tie rod ends, and a pair of rose joint tie rod ends just wanted to know what everyone use's and recomends cheers...
  14. specr

    FS: k sport tie rod ends

    i have for sale brand new k sport tie rod ends cost 120 first 100 euro
  15. JonoS15

    WTB: Track rod ends

    Hi all I need to get hold of some track rod ends as the seals are starting to go on mine. Does anybody know where the best place to get some is? as i've look all over and cant really find much cheers :thumbs: jono
  16. W

    Increasing steering lock

    Just wondering what people have done to increase the steering angle. Was thinking of using the tie rod spacers but heard you need to use s14 tie rods and ends. Do s14 tie rod inners fit the S15? Need some more angle for drifting :D
  17. S

    where to get parts in the uk?

    just had some work on he car done and a quick look round the car reviled that im going to need a new lower engin mounts and a new off side frount track rod &ball joint:rolleyes: any idear of part numbers, or performance replacements! please post! or even anything i dont wont to be geting ect
  18. 1

    tie rod

    Anybody has any clue whether S13 tie (tie rod end) are similar to S15? It looks the same and measurement as well (12mm thread size). S14 is longer and uses M14 thread
  19. K

    Any bump steer track rod ends any good?

    Has anyone got these longer ends fitted? If so, are they any good and where'd ya get them?
  20. K

    Track Rod End Part Numbers

    Has anyone got these please as i need both left and right for my mot. Thanks