1. P

    So who’s running air on their S15 ?

    Got another S15 currently floating across the pond from Japan and I fancy putting air on this one. So I’m just looking for opinions from air owners like what kit you running and pros and cons of the kit.
  2. JDM_virgin

    Another running rich post

    Finally got my wideband fitted this weekend and the results are: Warm idle (800rpm) 11.8-12, cruising 3k ish-12, mild acceleration (half throttle on boost) 13.5-14.5, WOT 10.8-11.1 but right up at 7k i have seen 10.3 Mods so far are walbro 255, FMIC, 3"turbo back with decat, boost controller...
  3. K

    S15 spec r

    Hey people I've spec r running 400 brake have it also 2 years being building away at it when the bank account let me
  4. C

    Rpf1 fitment help

    Hi all, thinking about getting some eneki rpf1's. sizes: 17x9 et 22 & 45 215/45/17 Currently running stock suspension but will eventually get hsd's ive checked will they and appears to look ok fitment. what do you guys think of this fitment and if there's anyone running a...
  5. W

    Anyone running hussla wheels?

    Anyone running these?
  6. Moriquendi

    Top mounts/Adjustable camber plates

    I am looking for some adjustable camber plates up front for my S15 and the only ones i have found so far are these from tein: and the optional uniball top mounts for the KW Clubsport kit. Since i have KW variant 3 atm i was wondering if anyone has...
  7. waggoner

    S15 running super rich

    Need some help guys! Car was stalling when coming to a stop while driving. So I swapped maf with another s15 maf. Unhooked battery to reset computer. Now it's running super rich with a bad idle. Car is stock
  8. pegliobaglio

    FS: Work emotion xd9 18"

    Work emotion xd9 18" Having recently got myself some cr2pc wheels these are no longer needed Work emotion xd9 in Matt silver (now discontinued) Specs are 18x9 et20 225/40 18x10 et38 255/35 All tyres are kuhmo ku39 with 2500 miles max on them so loads of life left . 3 wheels have light...
  9. L

    Hi hello

    Hi guys been toying with the idea of getting a s15 for about a year and a half now after getting rid of my previous performance cars if you can call some of them that :rolleyes: main order from 18 Lupo sport polo gti slammed and wide wheels and bonnet bra before it was a fad toyota starlet...
  10. S

    FS: S15 sr20det engine

    For sale i have a very good condition Sr20det from an s15 which is fitted in my s14, it has an s14 rocker cover so i can run s14 coilpacks. The engine was bought complete with new pistons, rods, springs and valves, 264 cams, and also new oil pump and water pump. i do not have the proof of this...
  11. JDM_virgin

    knife to a gun fight?

    A guy I work with and myself have been talking about doing a RWYB at santa pod and its been a standing joke that we would never get there as my car had been off the road for ages and he has more projects to finish than he will be able to do in his life. His first plan was to rebuild a new cossie...
  12. J

    Wheel fitment guru's ???? Help

    Before I go and spunk a load of money on wheels then have issues with them fitting I thought I'd chuck it out there!! Even though I'll probably end up getting different answers just wondered what people's thoughts are ok , so I'm planning on running a 18/9j et15 with either a 215 or 205/40...
  13. sibbers

    My sensible fast road S15

    I was going to post this in the welcome thread, but it seemed like after 3 months that might be milking it a bit. Anyway, after focusing on tasteful handling mods and renewing aging parts to make the car feel modern again I thought I'd see what happens with a headlight restoration kit. Turns...
  14. C

    Looking for an S15

    Hi guys. I am looking at buying a Spec R S15. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an insight of what they're like to drive daily, running costs, and I'll have about 5K spare for Modifications. What are the recommended more etc. Thanks in advance :) .
  15. Packham

    Packham's White Spec R

    So here we go, I purchased my s15 back in September 2014 from in the UK. The Current spec is: Engine/Exhaust Apex front mount Apex alloy radiator Apexi AVCR Apexi induction kit Full blitz exhaust with tubular manifold Carbon fibre cooling panel Suspension/Brakes/Wheels HSD coilovers Apex...
  16. Jaydej

    1/4 mile times and power

    Hey all just thought we can put together a thread with what times our cars can run on the strip. I think this would be helpful for anyone wanting abit more information on performance on S15 if you do post please list: time power tyres size and make and any other information you feel you need to...
  17. W

    Blitz Dual Turbo Timer

    Guys, I've just ordered one of these along with a harness for the S15. Just wondering if anyone else has this running on theirs and if it works ok with your alarm? I've got a Toad Sterling One alarm system on mine.
  18. waggoner

    rough running

    Hey guys i picked up my s15 about 3 weeks ago. It was running good for a week then stalled when i came to a complete stop. Next drive it did it twice. And just keeps getting worse. It now cant keep a constant idle after i move it and jerks while driving. i cleaned out the acc valve after reading...
  19. Jaydej

    Bigger wheels maybe?

    Hey guys I'm running 17" on standard suspension at the moment but I'm thinking about running 18" as a daily and keeping my 17" as track wheels. Now I have been trying to research what the standard et is on the wheels are so I can work out what I need to get. at the moment I'm running I think 8j...
  20. Jaydej

    Bov on standard intercooler

    Hey guys went to fit the hks ssqv today ran into some problems so left it for now. who is running a aftermarket bov with standard intercooler and piping? Tell me how you did it thanks