1. jake

    Rb25 swap

    So I'm looking at doing an rb25 swap on my s15 Just wondering on the best way to go about it like how to get all the bits how much I should be looking to spend and how much Time I should be look to spend doing it I was thinking the best way to go about it would be to go and get a r33 that had...
  2. S

    Anyone recommends a good ECU?

    Hey I have a N/A S15 2000 model and I want to buy an ECU that will work on sr20det as well because I am going to be doing an engine conversion I am willing to spend $2000 any recommend ECU or brands that are good?
  3. E

    WTB: 9k euro too spend on a s15

    hi im from Ireland and looking too but an s15 have 9000 euro to spend so let me know what you have thanks:)
  4. oilman

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  5. N80Jamie

    FMIC Options..

    Right i'm wanting to get a Front Mount ordered this month however i'm stuck on where to spend my money. I'm not looking to spend a fortune but at the same time i want a good fit with minimal work needed. The Japspeed version has me very interested due to their £199 price tag including delivery...
  6. oilman

    £1 Delivery for UK Orders - No Minimum Spend

    £1 Delivery for UK Orders - No Minimum Spend ENDS MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 17TH MARCH We also have many other offers that can be combined with our £1 Delivery offer. - 15% OFF all Millers CFS engine oils - use voucher CFS15 - 20% OFF all Filters - use voucher FILTER20 - 15% OFF all Cleaning and...
  7. S15_SAM

    I really want a track car! How many of you have one?

    I'm 27 years old, I have a house, I'm a mechanic for TVR and I've never owned a track car!!! My S15 is perfect for it but I'm just too scared of hurting it or blowing it up! The last couple of weeks I've been thinking of selling my 15 and buying a dedicated track car, preferably turbo and RWD...
  8. pegliobaglio

    Brake pads

    Right guys, have bought some new discs for my evo calipers but am not sure which pads to go for , have been looking at hawk hps , stop tech street, ebc ndx blue stuff any other recommendations at all? Don't want to spend an absolute fortune as the car is only used on the road and I doubt I will...
  9. JaseYpk

    New Clutch Recommendations

    I think my clutch is on its way out, not sure how long its got left, but the bite point seems to be slumping. So what clutch do you guys recommend for fast road use (needs to be suitable for a daily, including town use, nothing too firm)? I don't want to spend a fortune, and if one you...
  10. crazymat666

    What EBC to get?

    Right guys I got my insurance through soon and once that's all sorted I'm lookin into getting a electric boost controller and getting it mapped but I don't want to spend stupid amounts on one and I don't want to be too cheap either so what do you guys recommend ? Cheers :)
  11. oilman

    Free Shipping At Opie Oils - No Minimum Spend

    Cheers, Oilman
  12. C

    WTB: S15 Spec S in the Uk

    Right basically after a lot of turmoil trying to decide whether to get a Spec S or R I have decided to go for the S I know the R would be more fun but for the last two years I have been driving a Toyota Aygo to save up some cash so anything will be better than that. I have about £6k-£7k to...
  13. W

    Hey All

    Orite guys/gals, im after buying an S15 but just wondering what should i be looking out for on the car, il have around 7k to spend on one, being 20 almost 21 insurance is like 3.2k for the year. Any companies specialise in s15's? any help will be appreciated thanks! Rob. :)
  14. pegliobaglio

    car cover

    hi guys,i have been looking about for a semi tailored car covr,but there are so many different ones it s hard to chose,was just wondering if anyone has one they would reccommend at al? i am after a quite heavy duty one as the car spends most of its time outside atm,got around £100 to spend could...
  15. xlr8

    s15 brake pads

    anyone recommend a good set of brake pads for a specr s15.?not looking to spend too much..
  16. J

    Nice to meet you all

    Hey Everyone :wave: My name is Matt and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I own a 1999 S15 Silvia that has a endless list of mods and seems to just keep adding to it non stop haha. Click on the link below to the Members Ride section where I have a full write up of it...
  17. M

    s15 turbo elbow

    Im looking to buy a stainless turbo elbow,are there any makes to stay away from i.e fitting problems,not lining up etc..dont want to spend mad money,also are s15 ones different from 13s and 14s???
  18. J

    WTB: WANTED:17"or 18" alloys

    as above wanted set of wheels.not lookin to spend too much CASH WAITING
  19. J

    Is the resession global??

    well guys just wondering from a few of the members who live outside ireland,is threr country in a recession too,as ireland at the minute is in a devestating state,nearly 20% of the country are unemployed as far as i know.i myself am only working 3 days..:( hence i have plenty of time to spend on...