1. V

    WTB: Stereo surround and arch liner

    As above I need a stereo surround (with heated rear screen button) and a near side front arch liner for my newly acquired specR Would like as good condition as poss. I'm in the West Mids but can travel
  2. adzsy

    FS: Stereo Surround

    Couple of dents where I think someone has got a stereo out with a screw driver. Otherwise great condition. £20
  3. G

    WTB: Stereo bracket / coilovers

    remove please -
  4. K

    Car Audio buying

    Hi all,Could someone recommend any shops(online as well) for buying car stereo and speakers please? Thanks a lot Peter
  5. R

    FS: Kenwood 4023BT Double-Din Stereo

    I've hardly used this stereo but as I've now upgraded to one with navigation and I travel a lot :) so I no longer need this one. It has a good set of specs, Brilliant sound quality. Seen here: I'm looking for £110 Posted to...
  6. sibbers

    Has anyone fitted an OEM stereo from a new Nissan?

    Hey all, ive been thinking about double din stereos, and I don't really think there's much reason to get a 7" touchscreen unless it's for GPS but then it cost so much and usually look more tasteful when then are turned off! So, what about a Nissan Qashqai GPS stereo? Might look good, but no...
  7. M

    WTB: S15 stereo mounting brackets

    Hi guys I'm after a set of the metal brackets that the stereo screws onto to mount ... Anyone got some ??
  8. A

    HeadUnit Loom Adaptor

    Hi all, Bought a nice Alpine Double Din Head Unit and having a bit of a `mare finding a loom adaptor to fit. Halfrauds have nothing similar. Could anyone point me in the direction of one with correct plugs before I hack up my stereo loom. Thanks:thumbs:
  9. F

    Radio holder question

    I've just fitted an s15 dashboard in my s14a, but I have one small issue... Where the stereo etc sit, there is no support to hold it up and into place, I can see exactly where the Air con unit screws into but not the how the stereo etc is supported??? In the s14 dash the radio screws into 2...
  10. T

    Switched live and interior lighting feeds behind stereo?

    I'm hunting about for live and switched feeds to supply my defi gauge controller behind the stereo / aircon units. Does anybody know what the three cables to the cigarette lighter are, i'm assuming live (+12v), earth (-) and interior lighting circuit (switched live)? Which one is which? <---...
  11. Fruitbooter

    Stereo geeks..a little help please (Micra ISO bad earth?)

    Okay went to fit my nice new Sony cd player the other day but couldnt get it to power up.. I purchased a Micra ISO adapter which fits into the sony one nice. wont power up...ive tried switching the red and yellow wire combinations as shown in the instruction manual but with no...
  12. K

    LCD car stereo help

    hi guys just bought my s15 but didnt come with stereo system. could anyone recommend me a good lcd touch screen with navigation. thanks guys
  13. D

    WTB: stereo bracket and din

    need help urgently i am without a radio in the car can someone sell me their din and stereo bracket.
  14. M

    WTB: stereo cage / holder brackets

    cash waiting! need some pronto. things what bolt to the stereo and hold the fecker in place :) thanks!
  15. pegliobaglio

    stereo brackets s14/s15

    Hi guys ,my car doesn't have any stereo brackets and now I am driving her a bit more be good to have some tunes,a guy on sxoc has some 14 brackets but just wanted to make sure they were the same before I got em,anyone with any info would be much appreciated thanks guys
  16. pegliobaglio

    WTB: oem stereo cage

    Right i am finally getting around to sorting out my stereo and am in need of the original cage that bolt in behind the fascia any ideas where i would be able to get one?
  17. pegliobaglio

    A question of size

    Hey guys just a quickie,does anyone know what size the standard speakers are?? Just my car had all the stereo stripped from it and need to sort some replacements at some stage
  18. sliding-r

    WTB: Stereo Shelf

    hi, anyone got a panel to hold stereo headunit up so you can have storage underneath, my stero is just laying inside atm lol
  19. B

    warning chimes

    hi guys now iv had my s15 for about 2 months and the warning chimes are giving me the sh*ts - the ones where your door is open and the stereo is on or your lights are left on or whatever. is there are way to stop this? a fuse perhaps?
  20. F

    FS: S15 Carbon Fiber Stereo Surround Bezel!

    Hello, I am selling my Carbon Fiber Stereo Suround Bezel. It is carbon wrapped plastic so it fits just like OEM. Great quality and it looks awesome! from a company called DS5. It is practically brand new, it has been in a show car for about 3 months. I am asking $150.00.