1. T

    WTB: Bride Old type bottom mount subframe

    Hi, I am looking for a Bride Old type bottom mount subframe - passenger side. NO45-SL. Generous budget waiting. PM me. Cheers
  2. D

    WTB: Wanted s15 spec r rear subframe

    As per title wanted a straight s15 spec r rear subframe ideally with additional brace bars but would buy just a frame
  3. L

    Replacing diff and subframe bushes

    Hi guys, Just fitted some cusco sway bars and am very happy with them but ever since I've had the car there's some knocks/clunks coming from the back end so next on my list is to replace the diff and subframe bushes. Can I replace the diff bushes without removing the subframe? Or is it best to...
  4. W

    subframe misalignment

    Has anybody ever fixed this issue? Does changing subframe bushes work?
  5. W

    FS: Whiteline arb, hid headlight, hks, greddy,apexi

    Brand new front adjustable whiteline arb, few marks from being in the shed and whiteline sticker is starting to peel. £80 posted Spec r subframe brace, has some surface rust but over all tidy. £45 posted
  6. N

    Subframe thread issues

    Hi! Just wondering how you would solve this problem, asked some friends but noone has an idea good enough to try... Im out of ideas, please help me out!
  7. pegliobaglio

    FS: Energy subframe bushes

    Energy suspension subframe bushes black 7.1117 s14,15 £50 posted uk
  8. dave_t

    Subframe Bushes

    Right, i will be dropping the subframe this week to underseal properly. at the same time i wan to replace the oem subframe and diff bushes for poly equivalents. What brand bushes are best to use? and where to purchase them? Thanks in advance for the replies :thumbs:
  9. Max

    FS: Subframe and all arms

    Hi, for sale (in about 2 weeks) is my: rear subframe £100 all standard suspension arms £100 rear knuckles £20 S15 rear wheel bearing £15 (or the lot for £180) I have sourced replacement ones for a full polybush swap on my car, so leaves me with a full set. When I get home from holiday I'll...
  10. Max

    WTB: S15 Rear Subframe

    S15 rear subframe wanted, have all the arms already, this is just to make the full polybushing process ALOT easier and less time consuming! either can pay you for it or swap mine back to you once I have done the swap plus money your way Cheers
  11. J

    £49.00!! Solid Alloy Subframe Bushes!

    Hey guys, Here we have back in stock our Nissan Solid Alloy Subframe Bushes Solid Subframe bushes are a must have for all hard driving enthusiasts, these one piece CNC machined aluminium rear suspension bushes will banish those soggy back end blues experienced under extreme driving...
  12. K

    differences on S15 subframe

    is there a difference at all between S15 turbo rear subframe and S15 non turbo rear subframe? im guessing theres no difference, but thats just a guess. i need to know, im planning on using it on my S13 and i found a non turbo one.
  13. S

    WTB: spec r rear subframe please

    anywhare round basingstoke, reading or london any further must be able to pakage and sort a courier please
  14. S15_SAM

    FS: Driftworks rear subframe bushes BNIB £65 delivered.

    Driftworks rear subframe bushes BNIB price drop £55 delivered. S15oc only Hi guys I have these bushes to sell as I've changed my mind on fitting them. Heres the driftworks info! £55 delivered to uk for s15oc everyone else is 60-65! "Drifting puts a lot of stress on subframe bushes...
  15. S

    WTB: front and rear subframe

    a straight sr20det front subframe and braces and a s15 spec r rear subframe please must be straight :) and localish or postable to basingstoke / reading
  16. Fruitbooter

    Energy Subframe bushes

    Quick one - When removing the old bushes from the subframe do I need to completley remove everything including the metal bit? I cant remember which bushes need them leaving in and which dont... Also I take it lots of fire is best to remove the old ones :D Cheers :)
  17. andeep

    S15 Rear subframe

    If anyone has dropped they're subframe off their car, could you take a few photos of it? The S15 rear subframe has more bracing than the S14s, so I want to weld some extra bits onto my S14. Photos will be much appreciated! :thumbs:
  18. adz87kc

    torquing up rear alignment arms

    Hey guys, i know a couple of you have done the same job as i'm in the middle of- poly bushing (etc) the rear subframe. Now in the next day or two i'm -hopefully- going to be fitting my new bushed alignment arms i got from Apex. Someone told me that they need to be torqued up with load on them...
  19. C

    FS: Subframe locking collars

    Apex Perfrormance sbuframe locking collars - link They are used but in VGC - about a year old now. These eliminate any play in your rubber subframe bushes and lock the subframe solid to the underside of your car. Reduces axle tramp and holds everything together as it should be. Dead easy...
  20. adz87kc

    S14 subframe = s15 subframe? :s

    This may be a silly question but is the s14 or s14a rear subframs the same as an s15 rear subframe? Was thinking about buying one to paint all pretty and polybush whilst off the car then replace the one on the car currently with the new one.