1. C

    Gas pedal deadzone

    Just recently got my S15 and there is one thing really bugging me out. The gas pedal doesn't appear to have any way of adjusting it's start and stop positions (other than literally bending it). The issue is, I have a lot of deadzone before the throttle cable starts pulling on the throttle lever...
  2. FreakensNL

    BOV stalling fix?

    Is there any way to fix the stalling with a open bov? Can't really find anything, and don't want to recirculate.. use the throttle anti stick screw as a idle control??
  3. NICKO

    Photo's wanted: exhausts

    well the time has come to make the S15 a fair bit quieter due to a house move and I need to see a few pictures of various exhaust to see how they sit and look etc Also I would like some info on the noise levels of different systems, for example idle noise, full throttle, motorway driving etc...
  4. Feast Japan

    FS: S15 SR20 Engine Room Bits

    Guys, in the middle of shoving RB25 in an S15. Have many items from the original SR set up I dont need. Not looking to make profit, just rather see the good used items put to use. SR20 NA 60mm Throttle Body A/C Pump CPU Brake Master Cyl. Rad Shroud Etc Etc. PM or leave reply below. Adam
  5. I

    Very difficult Starting

    Hi, I have a starting issue with my S15. It's very hard to start, cold or warm. I have to crank durng a long time, and open the throttle a little bit during the cranking to make it start. My mods are : - Z32 AFM - Nismo 740 cc - Tomei M7960 turbo - Tomei 260 cams - Nistune remap When the...
  6. Parky

    Throttle body inlet pipe size..?

    I want to change the old black rubber joiner from the intercooler cold pipe to the throttle body but am unsure of what size I need to get, can anyone advise?
  7. B

    Help! Big problem with my Spec S

    So it started with a hesitation when I pressed the accelerator. Then it progressed to having a rough idle when warmed up. The idle was fine when cold but its now a bit rough when cold as well. The main problem now is that when I have the throttle just open to try and cruise along in whatever...
  8. crazymat666

    put my foot down,brake,car stalls anyone had this???

    basically from a stand still or if i put my foot down to full boost then come to a stop 5-10seconds after,the revs drop right down and the car stalls.also if i dont stop and let off the throttle them few seconds later i put my foot on the throttle to stay at the same speed it hesitates and...
  9. Max

    FS: Nismo AFPR, fuel rail, OEM clutch & flywheel, throttle bodies, DET head

    Custom Steel Top feed fuel rail for DET £60 has mounting pieces for DET rail, not pictured AN6 in and out, for injectors with 11mm tops (blue InjectorDynamics ones) (ignore the ID's, NOT FOR SALE) Standard turbo inlet and outlet pipes with bolts/nuts £25 RB20E throttle body 60mm £20 same...
  10. Max

    Gearbox reverse sensor wiring

    Hi guys, I'm after an answer from an electrical guru. Now, what I am trying to do is to link in an external AV feed into my double DIN screen at the flicking of a switch. Dash mounted switch, not through the radio. To keep the music on while this video feed is being displayed (HKS CAMP2) I...
  11. Max

    Throttle body choices

    Hi Looking at upgrading my TB as I upgrade my Intake mani I know the Q45 TB is 90mm OD but the intake mani I have doesn't have that flange, so what I want to know: What is the size of a Spec R TB Is the Spec S any bigger than a Spec R TB? Can I bore out mine or swap on a G20 if I can find...
  12. J

    soooo my knock reading is 59....

    im guessing this isnt good? could this be why my car keeps cutting under full throttle?
  13. sjt47y

    throttle body and tps

    Hi, I have been experiencing car stalling problems recently. at slightly higher speeds, i clutch in, the revs drop below idle revs and sometimes just stalls. Revs are now adjusted to idle higher at 1000revs. I changed a new blow off. I have cleaned up the pipes. But still this problem...
  14. J

    video request s15 with throttle bodies

    hey guys, seen a video posted in a reply on here a few months ago of an s15 drifting one big corner in japan that had throttle bodies, i'm sure it was a spec s in white. anyone know the vid? jonny.
  15. Fruitbooter

    Help with 2 problems

    First one is I think there is a problem with the ABS. The light isnt on when driving and the breaks work fine but when the ABS kicks in it seems like the drivers side wheel is juddering and you can hear a clunking sound? :down: What the hell could this be? I havent had a chance to look under...
  16. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried (PIC ON PAGE 3) Hi guys, I have a rattle which has got worse, i think its vvt but i have had another chap say it sounds a bit bottom end,ish, i dont think it is, how can i work out what it actually is?It doesnt tap when its cold but as it warms up...
  17. Darren_S15

    Fitting Nismo 740cc Injectors

    Here is my guide on how to fit the Nismo 740cc injectors. Use this guide at your own risk, but it worked fine for me When you start your engine bay will look something like this Before I did anything I REMOVED THE BATTERY CABLES and covered the front bumper and wings of the car with some...
  18. Darren_S15

    Whats this then? (Throttle Body Hose)

    So on Sunday I managed to pull off the hose circled in red in the pic below: Some liquid came out of it and I immediatly put it back on as I thought it was a fuel line at first. But whatever it was had no smell and was just like water. Can anyone tell me what its for? Im guess it might be...
  19. L

    WTB: throttle bodies needed 4 my sr20

    im lookn 4 a throttle body with throttle postion sensor 4 my spec s sr20. or any info on where i can get one would be lovely.
  20. I

    problems @ WOT

    ok, had my car for about 5months now and it hardly gets driven hard, 3/4 throttle max when overtaking otherwise 1/4 throttle most of the time. anyways, my mate asked if he could take it for a spin, i said ok. off we go, i was in the passenger seat and god does it feel different, feels like i...