1. D

    4 wheel alignment with HICAS

    Has anyone else got experience of trying to get 4 wheel alignment with hicas system. I took the car to two separate garages at the weekend and was told by one that they couldn't touch it because they didn't have a hunter machine. Garage two did have one but they told me they couldn't do it...
  2. Jaydej

    Fitting harness without bar or roll ca

    Hey all I've fitted some harness eyes in my car they are just behind the pillar support under the back seat. I've been told that it isn't the best location. What have you guys done? And I don't really want to remove tank please helppp
  3. Mycool

    Ogura orc racing clutch

    basically ive lost 1st & reverse on my 15.. I was told i had a excedy hyper clutch on the car, took it all apart to find out i'm actually running a ogura racing clutch (which ive been told is alot better than what i originally thought i had? Anyway... Have any of you guys had any...
  4. N

    Hi everyone

    Hello everybody My name is Nath and im from the West Midlands I currently own a Vauxhall Astra Sri Turbo however im planning to buy an S15 sometime next year as ive admired them for a while now and all of my mates have jap cars too :D Im wondering if there are any specific problems that the...
  5. Jay-pan

    Be carefully when buying from this guy

    My dealings with a fellow "member" August 2012 as a birthday gift to myself and money from family and friends I decided to purchase a new kit for my s15, after doing a lot of research I decided on the kit I wanted. As the kit was hard to come by I found a few people had purchased it from a...
  6. I

    S 15 owner from Ireland

    Hi lads new to this looking for s15 parts. I bought full standard kit off a guy who told me about this forum so decided to join.:)
  7. H

    'Hawks' Coilovers help!!

    Right hi again i got a bit of a shock when i found out that my coilovers arent ina good way. Looking and need to get new ones. Any recomendations? Ive been told that BC Racing Uk do a good set (BR series, type RA) Again any comments would help. Thanks :)
  8. Alex De Large

    Insurance Repair Opinions/Advice

    Well I seem to be having some problems with the garage who are doing the repair to my car through the insurance so i'm looking for help from S15OC! I'll try to keep this relatively short. Back in April of this year I had a little front end knock with another car which resulted in my bumper...
  9. JaseYpk

    Thermostat - best place to get one?

    Hey, so i think i may need a new thermostat, although not 100% sure. But i've been told theyre cheap and a simple replacement job. So, where do you get one from? Your local nissan dealer? or is there a cheaper/more efficient place? Also, in the event of sounding stupid, where is the thermostat...
  10. J

    is this the right actuator?

    hi, been told mine is playing up. i put it on the dyno at a car show it only pushed 236bhp and 220torque and boosting at 0.6bar :( was mapped at close to 300bhp and 327torque boosting 1.3bar, ive been told on its not a leak according to the graph but it might be the actuator. is this the...
  11. Y

    Been hunting this guy down

    Sorry about the link I have been told he hangs out here. Please, I need to know the colour :)
  12. Curryzz

    What exhaust are people running?

    Just wondering what exhaust people are running, I fancy something a bit louder,Mines a lovly exhaust but to quiet for me, I like the idea of a Blitz exhaust,anybody wana swap,mine is marked as a tanarbe exhaust,not quite sure though because iv been told its HKS too:confused: its 3 inch all the...
  13. H

    HEY FELLAS, need diff advice :)

    okay okay, there is probs a thread out there that answers all these questions but i want to be certain. today i figured out my s15 spec s has a viscous diff, and i was told that they are half decent. i feel it slips often and i was told to upgrade the oil, will this help the lsd hold on to both...
  14. S

    Spare car key?

    Hi all. Dont know if anyone can help? I need to get a spare key cut for my car as i only have the one, but im struggling to find somewhere to help. When i collected the car, Mike told me that the keys arnt coded, or chipped and i would just need a blank nissan key cut. Went to one place and...
  15. S15RKM

    Which Clutch/Flywheel is Best

    So the time seems to have arrived and my clutch is slipping and Im getting a rattle from somewhere when I put the clutch in and engage a gear also whilst driving it rattles it fookin anoying, could it be the thrust bearing?, anyway I want to replace the Flywheel and Clutch as one item, hopefully...
  16. A

    Factory Hid headlights

    Attention all S15 owners in ireland. Does these pass the nct. I ahve been told by most motor factors that they will fail. Is This true?
  17. I

    R34GTR brake conversion

    Hey i just got some R34GTR Brembos just need some advice on fitting em iv been told i need to drill out the knuckles out to 14mm at the front for the rears been told in need a r33 handbrake assembly and then get a custom bracket made up for the handbrake cables above the driveshaft? and a...
  18. - 0h -

    s15 6 speed shifter and altezza's ones

    hi guys.. I have just done the manual conversion today, and it turned out that my short shifter that came with the 6speed gearbox f**ked up...I couldnt go on the mechanic told me that I have to get the factory 6speed Im wondering if the altezza ones fit into s15 ones? as...
  19. Y

    Front cover Transmission seal

    Hey folks, Looking to get as named above the part number is 32113-89F00 Stiv is doing some work on my car and noticed the gearbox leaking a drop of oil cause of the seal. He has rang the main dealers in Dublin and Nevada, where he gets alot of bits but they have told him 6weeks. So if anyone...
  20. S

    spec r abs removal?

    is there going to be any issues when i remove it? been told the abs runs the speed sencor? any how to?