1. N

    Hi from Germany

    Hi there, i am Mario from Germany. I am 25 years old and live near Baden-Baden. Many People knows the area as "Blackforest - Schwarzwald in German". Since December 2015 i have a S15 Spec R in KH3 Black. The Car is modfiied, the spec list is big. For example: Engine: HKS GT RS Turbo with...
  2. J

    Red S15 Spec R Project

    So after many years of Japanese car ownership I’ve finally saved up enough for an S15! After many months searching I finally found one I really liked with a massive spec list! After viewing the car a deal was made and a couple weeks later I collected the car with my friend Jamie. IMG_0252 by...
  3. FreakensNL

    Nistune tunes SR20DET

    He fellow S15 owners, I've just starting using Nistune and would love to have some comparison material. If you are willing to share please let me know :notworthy: My mods: -Stock turbo (T28BB) -3" Turbo back -Pod filter -FMIC -EBC (17 PSI) -Splitfire coil packs -AEM fuel pump -Iridium 7 plugs...
  4. tooley

    FS: HKS Turnbo, Mani, Exhaust etc for sale

    Hi, Totally had a carve up of my Turbo system and exhaust so I no longer need the following. HKS GT RS Turbo Includes lines - Good working order no play. HKS Actuator HKS Stainless Steel Manifold - no cracks. Came with turbo. Ideally don't wand to break the two as they make a good set...
  5. bigk20

    New turbo idle problems

    Hi Can any one help me out ? I've just installed a garret gt2871r on a tubular manifold with new turbo elbow I haven't changed anything else This is just to get me Horsham devlopments to get it mapped Basilcy it's not idling right It drops nearly cuts out and goes back up but stutters...
  6. W

    FS: 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero 2.0 Turbo (Rare Leather Interior Version)

    With great regret, I think the time has come to sell my much MUCH loved S15 Spec R that I’ve owned for the last 7 years. I just don’t use it anymore and have hardly put any miles on it recently. Wife hates it as it’s too uncomfortable and I’m forever charging the battery just to go for a quick...
  7. S

    OEM turbo manifold gaskets

    Just a quick one guys/girls. My cars blowing really bad i believe from where the turbo bolts to the manifold on the 4 bolt flange. It was blowing here before and i managed to sort it by tightening the 2 studs on the right hand side up however this time it sounds and feels like its the side...
  8. N

    Hi from Healing

    Hi everyone, I purchased a very clean s15 spec r from a friend of mine who imported the car in September 2015 from japan. I've owned it for a couple of weeks now , no real plans for it yet just enjoying it at the moment . In the future I will be changing the car for more grip etc . Here's the...
  9. T

    FS: forsale s15

    car is 2002 was imported for me by torque gt all paperwork present[includingthe jap stuff] 63000 miles converted on import have cert to prove outside is aero apart from front bumper which is standard with foglights and a abflug splitter/under tray 3inch exhaust tomei stainless manifold and turbo...
  10. langers

    S15 turbo elbows/dump pipes

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice on turbo elbows (or dump pipes if you prefer). I'm planning to get a Blitz Nur Spec RX or HKS silent hi-power cat back for my S15, but I want to eventually have a full 3" turbo back with a sports cat. I've found a Tomei Expreme on RHD Japan but it would be nice...
  11. C

    WTB: Stock SR20DET Exhaust Manifold (used or new)

    Hi, Does anyone have a new or used good condition stock exhaust manifold for sale/would like to get rid of? Wonder if anyone also has the URAS Exhaust Manifold Damper/Brace for sale? My stock manifold has cracked (I most probably accelerating its fatiguing due to many short journeys to work...
  12. K

    Johns Black S15 From Australia

    Hello! Ive been a lurker on this forum but i decided to make an account and join in. Im all the way on the other side of the world from Melbourne Australia. Anyways i hope most of you people are kind on this forum haha ^___^ Ive also got a forum elsewhere but i guess ill update one thing at a...
  13. NICKO

    Photo's wanted: exhausts

    well the time has come to make the S15 a fair bit quieter due to a house move and I need to see a few pictures of various exhaust to see how they sit and look etc Also I would like some info on the noise levels of different systems, for example idle noise, full throttle, motorway driving etc...
  14. M

    FS: Hks gtrs turbo kit

    Hks gtrs turbo kit for sale including hks gtrs turbo, hks manifold , hks actutor and dmax 1 piece elbow and dow pipe. Easily a 400hp turbo with alot more reliability than a 2871r. Extremely responsive from low revs (zero lag) and pulls right up to rev limiter. Anyone looking for bolt on hassle...
  15. I

    FS: GT2560R / GT28R only done 250 miles

    Selling GT2560R / GT28R turbo, bought new in march and only covered around 250 miles of standard boost while running in the engine. Still have all the original packaging etc and will come in the original box. Selling because a bigger turbo will be fitted over the winter. Price £450 + £25...
  16. Adam L

    FS: Genuine Tial 38mm external wastegate

    This was off my GT35R turbo kit from my old Evo. genuine part, in used condition. £120 posted
  17. Adam L

    FS: Evo 8 FQ400 turbo kit

    I know a few people have had Evo's on here, or might have friends with them on here. I've got an Evo 8 FQ400 turbo kit that will bolt on as a direct replacement on any Evo from 4-9. I bought this to get me out of trouble about two years ago as a good kit, but once it arrived I took it apart to...
  18. M

    FS: Spec R with aero kit and Cosmis wheels

    My 1999 Spec R S15 Silvia is for sale, as I want a transporter and get my SR86 made and used. I've only driven this a few times since owning it, mainly to get paintwork done as it has a new bumper, different bonnet and the wings were faded. Spec R Aero body kit with FRP Front bumper 159,000...
  19. LeddersD

    Got the Bodykit on

    Well it's taken a bit of time till the weather has improved etc. but 7 months later the original 2nd hand JDM aero parts have been prepped and painted and attached. Screwed in at the bottom and taped in the middle. Very happy with the sourcing of the skirts from Mitch, who I met in a car park in...
  20. Mycool

    WTB: T28

    Looking for a t28 turbo. Best condition as pos