1. Johnny

    WTB: WTB Nismo meter cluster for s15

    like in thread, I wanna buy nismo cluster.. someone?
  2. D

    USED4.net - Drifting, Culture, Sports

    Hey guys, A few friends and me are running a blog about the evolving drifting scene, jdm cars, local meets and many more for round about 4 years now. There're are a few blog entries which got english subtitles but most of it is written in German. Anyway, if you wanna check out whats happening...
  3. justin666

    Idle Adjustment?

    As per title... How ? :) Just need a small tweak and to raise the idle ever so slightly since having the orc lightened flywheel fitted. Doesn't stall but does def drop lower that before so just wanna knock the idle up by 150 - 200rpm. Expected this as think its just a standard side effect of...
  4. L

    Ignitiol coils! Help!

    Hi, I'm from Peru, I have a s15 Spec R. I want to change my coils because I will install a Haltech and I wanna know which ignition coils are better or if the original ignition coils work better?
  5. Jordan

    18x10 et20 RPF1 rep alloys, gauging interest.

    Honestly don't know how much these are worth with or without tyres; but I wanna get some different wheels so - anyone interested?? Yes I know they're wide :) Jay
  6. N

    Excuse the bright red wheels!

    here she is..... No idea what kit is has at all... and i dont even wanna know about the wheels!
  7. crazymat666

    looking to buy a electronic boost controller.what one?

    like the tittle says im looking to get a electronic boost controller so i got everything ready for a map in near future.i just havent a clue which one to get money isnt my strongest point at the moment but at the same time i dont wanna get anything too cheap.so could anyone point me in the right...
  8. Mike

    WTB: Hks ssqv + Hks (Silent) hi-power exhaust

    As per title, anyone wanna flog me either? :):D
  9. S

    Well heads :)

    thought id throw up a wee intro here and say hello.. :wave::wave: got a sprc r a few weeks ago and have a few plans for it.. nothin too drastic i just wanna basically bring it back to a standardish look again.. ill get a few pics up when shes clean...lol
  10. G

    Changing Seats Question?

    this might sound dumb but is there any sensors or anything connected to the standard seats i know the seat belt light goes off with the belt clip but i just keep seeing all the air bag signs stamped all over the seats just wondering if someone knew. As i wanna throw some sparco's in there and...
  11. L

    Turbo Actutator Welded?

    Hi guys the manifold gasket blew so i deiceded to take the mani and the turbo out when i took it out i checked that the actuator was welded for some reason, i wanna know why isit welded?? added pics jus to give an idea were its welded :)
  12. crazymat666

    ABS FUSE where is it??

    im trying to find the ABS fuse i take the cover off but theres nothing there which indicates which 1 it is. i wanna take it out because at high speeds the abs kicks in to hard and causes the car to slide a little which is quite dangerous for my liking lol.so i wanna see if that will cure it for...
  13. crazymat666

    bhp figures what do you think??

    hi i have a few mods and im interested to know what anyone thinks my power output would roughly be i have front mount intercoller blitz filter full exhuast system i do wanna get it on the rollers but would be nice to see what figure ill be looking for :) any replys il be most thankfull :)
  14. M

    Any silvias in Cork?

    Hi everybody, any mate from Cork could tell me any activity or nice places to visit around there? my girlfriend is currently living there and i´m gonna visit her in february. If someone wanna meet to know people from the forum it´ll be a pleasure.:) Regards
  15. JonoS15

    oil catch tank fitting

    hi everyone, just wondered if anyone knew where i could find some instructions for fitting of a catch tank. i know its pretty easy but i just wanna make sure i get it right. :( cheers jono
  16. O

    S15 Front End on a 96 Neon anyone wanna see one created?

    Anyone in the forum wanna see an S15 Front End on a 96 Neon? and also i am plannin to put an SR20 DET in it. anyone got on any ideas make it possible? or wat i would even bollocking need?
  17. G

    after market ecu's who's got what and why

    hey any one using an apexi fc on there s15 and any one had any probs with it yet? and if you dont have an fc what else are you using? just wanna get some idea's in my head before buying cheers
  18. R-Spec

    Really didn't wanna put this one in the pics section!!

  19. D


    Right, i've got R33 brembo's to go on my Silv'.... And... i've got an R32 GTR BMC.... What i wanna know is, are these and the z32 ones the same? or, if not, will it still do the same job and improve things?
  20. D

    rear brake conversion...

    lookin' into the rear brake conversions..... basically, i know you "loose" the handbrake unless you change to the shoes inside the disc.... but... what i'm wanting to know is, can the S13 back plate and mech' be used? i know you'd have to cut the back plate cause it isn't big enough for the...