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17" or 18" - The oldskool question

7 January 2007
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Perth, Wait Awhile
^^ Agreed

Dont be afraid to fit lower offset and wider (of cos it's to a certain extend)

+20 depending on what tyres u use and camber, u probably can get away with about anything from -1 to -1.5 (check my post on the wheel fitment guide, some good examples there)

And ROLL YOUR GUARDS, it gives better clearance and u dont run the risk of cutting ur tyres up.

If you would want a trouble free fitment, anything in the +30 will fit EASILY
F17 x 8 +30
F18 x 8 +30

R17 x 9 +30
R18 x 9 +30

You can even run F9 R10 if you wanted but that needs abit playing with tyres and cambers.

And dont think running +40 or any stupid numbers like that is "safe". u will run into coilover clearance especially teins. They are known for bad clearance. On the other hand, cusco is known for good clearance.

Good luck


I've run 16's, 18's and 19's on the 15.

My tip would also be choose your rims based on the road conditions you will be experiencing and how much sideways action you like. If you have a lower profile tyre you have less margin.

The wheels you had in the first pic are somewhat similar to the 18's I used to run on mine... pic here if it helps you...

16's vs 18's vs extreme 19's (Old Pic)
16's vs 19's (Old Pic)

If the roads are rough (ie. coarse gravel rather than hot mix) I would recommend getting a less extreme camber as you will scrub your tyres out far too quickly. Before I moved to the big smoke I had mine set less aggressively otherwise the roads were terrible and I would be replacing the tyres every 5 or 6 mths!!