1. jake

    Need help asap

    Hey I need a bit of help adapt getting my s15 dash loom to fit my rb25 det loom mostly the f4 pin This one can any body help kinda need to know it or have a diagram of it by tomorrow thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. sibbers

    Mudflaps for our 15s...?

    I've never seen mudguards on a 15 and given the amount of stones they turf up it's kinda of no wonder our arches are the first things to go. Does anyone know where I can get some from and what they look like/how they fit....?
  3. jake

    FS: I need of these ASAP plz help

    parts for my nissan s15 I need Crank shaft bearing A woodruff key Connecting rob bearings Is any one selling any of these or know where I can get them kinda need the ASAP today or tomorrow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. H


    Hello, Its been a while since ive been on for a while but i thought i should make more of an effort an say hi. Although i kinda crashed it at the weekend :-(
  5. J

    Front bumper Anyone seen this bumper or a lookalike one in the flesh? Kinda like it
  6. J

    strange problemmm...

    right, my car seems to have a mind of its own. sometimes it works awesome but other times it just doesnt want to run. sometimes when i come onto to boost my exhaust back fires really loud then i lose all power when in boost, when i finally come to a stand still the engine stalls. this morning...
  7. J

    boosting issues?

    hi, i brough the car about a month ago and its been boosting at 0.5bar, since ive been browsing the forum ive fount out it used to run at 1.3bar? what kinda thing do you think would cause this? thanks
  8. ali619

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody, im the new guy around here, reside from Northern Ireland! I currently drive an EG6 SiR Civic, BUTTTTTT I intend for my next car to be a S15 :nod: hoping to get one in around 2/3 years time so im just on here to kinda built up my knowledge of these great cars!
  9. B

    final sr20de to sr20det

    finaly got my s14a sr20det engine with all acciliars,was thinking off doing the convertion myself was just wondering what kinda work and problems i have ahead off me?? any help would be great??:)
  10. M

    Greetings from Cat City, M'sia :)

    Hi there! :wave: Just got my s15 spec-R last May. Came with 17 inch alloys, fibre hood, custom titanium catback. Was actually an auto. But converted to manual in Japan. Naturally id wanna do up certain stuff, find info etc. etc., then found this forum, hehe. Much good info here. Not to...
  11. S

    hello from US

    i have been a members of this site for about a weeks now ? and i haven post much because i kinda hesitate to post because is all s15 ...and i got a s14.5 yea ...:( kinda sad that seen all of you guys are lucky to own one of the world kinda car...i wish i can have here is my...
  12. B

    s15 non turbo to turbo

    hey,new to this site,but glad to be apart of the s15oc. im driving a s15 spec s,but want to ad this possible??what kinda work is ahead of me??what do i need....etc...:confused:
  13. adz87kc

    Factory rear wing

    hey guys, on the hunt for an s15 but a lot of the car in the jap auctions don't have the factory wing. Not sure if theres more than one type but its the one that kinda looks like an evo 5 wing. Are these easy to source or are they like hens teeth like the aero front bumper? cheers
  14. J

    more poweeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!

    hey guys, Is there an idiot guide to what I need to do to get different power increases? A kinda mod for power guide as want to have 300-350 but dont know what will be need??
  15. slammedmind

    FS: hippo sleek goods

    I have some hipposleek bits for sale shift boot gaiter handbrake gaiter center console cover theyre carbon effect never used. I bought them but not my kinda thing so time for them to go, no point having them if theyre collecting dust
  16. subzero

    Max boost ??

    what kinda boost you guys going at ?? ive mine set to .7 at the mo till i get the car mapped. what kinda boost can the sr20det cope with ?? please provide what mods you have as a guide too thanks.
  17. moomin

    good exhaust & suspension advice please!

    Hi all, Had my first experience on the track this year, my god HOW amazing was it lol, and at silverstone too, i was very nervous & slow but am looking forward to next year to get on there again and improve! im looking firstly, to get some new suspension, as i found the standard set-up...
  18. LuPix_S15

    This looks familiar... Anyone recognise the white S15...?? :rotfl: That blue 200SX looks nice as well - got some kinda URAS mad kit. Three spoke wheels are always up for debate! :nod:
  19. irvs

    too high.

    is it just me or does the s15 sit pretty high for being a 'sporty coupe'. the wheels seem to fill the arches nicely but the bumpers and skirts still seem kinda high.:(
  20. C

    Anybody tryed this out or know if there any good ?

    Looking around on and found this: Think they look kinda cool, anybody know if there and good ?