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I think I'm cursed never to get my car running again :( :(

14 November 2005
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Moscow, Russian Federation
Another less than positive experience today with the car. I was all ready to do the Auto to Manual swap today after the auto box gave up the ghost last month. I had all the parts I thought I needed fresh from Perfectrun and was all set. I'd agreed to purchase the MT a while back from Albert - it was his S15 one from before he did his engine swap.

I rented a pit at a garage the other side of Moscow and even managed to rent a transmission jack ready to go.

:rant: Mrs Elizium's cousin drove to Albert's today to pick up the transmission and noticed a few bits that weren't there that were supposed to be. I think the guy who did Albert's work took advantage of him wrt the old transmission. Bits missing are as follows:

1. Flywheel - this is not the end of the world as I have a new one with my ORC clutch
2. Clutch release lever (fork) and associated spring and dust cover... !!!! who would take it!!!
3. Clutch release sleeve (that the throw out bearing sits on) and associate spring
4. Reverse sensor and Neutral sensor
5. the plug that fits over the speed sensor hole :(
6. clevis pin for the clutch pedal (no biggy of course)..
7. transmission cross member and mount

:cry: :cry:

:rant: I'm shocked that anyone would decide to strip the transmission of these parts - pretty much being a real PITA for anyone wanting to reuse the transmission. My feeling is the clown that took the transmission out of the Albert's car assumed that someone would pay him to install it in the new car... and hence he could charge them for the 'extra' parts...

So - another long wait for parts from Japan because I'm sure some tiny soddin' piece is going to be on backorder at Nissan for half a year :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I can't wait to find out what's missing next !!! And here was me, expecting to be posting up a nice tech article with pictures for people on how I successfully removed the slushbox and replaced it with something valuable!