1. Cess

    What about an S15oc Instagram account?

    Didn't realise the club had a Twitter account (now followed) which got me thinking... the s15oc should create an "offical" Instagram account. Silvias are incredibly popular, we have some great cars on here. So I think it would be a great way of showing off our cars, raising awareness of the...
  2. H

    Hello from Sweden!

    Been on here for a while lurking around but never did I introduce myself. My name is Daniel, 26 and living in sweden. I had my S15 for 1.5year now and tried to rescue it from the previous owner :) Made some basic mods, like pod, 3" exhaust, coilpack, exedy clutch, nismo engine and...
  3. H

    Mods for 300-350bhp

    Hi all I am new to the s15 scene, so new in fact I'm still bidding in the jap auctions for one ha. I just wanted some information of what mods I will need to get the above bhp. I understand this may be covered before so I do apologise. I know a bit from having an st205 GT-FOUR before hand...
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott - better prices than most?

    Chris Knott - better prices than most? According to a recent survey by the AA, motor insurance premiums fell by 1% during Q1 of 2015 - the average UK comprehensive motor insurance premium being £530.47 with the direct brokers and price comparison sites. I'm pleased to let members know that...
  5. L

    Oil coolers??

    Hi guys, my s15 should be here in a few weeks and it's got an oil cooler fitted. My question is..... Are they needed? The cars only got intake/exhaust mods and I won't be tracking it so could it be getting over cooled? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. P

    New Belgian S15 owner

    I'm Pieter and as the title says I'm from Belgium After searching for quite a while I finally found my car. I bought my 2002 Silvia from Auto Theussing that imported it straight from Japan It was a grade 4B and completely stock with Sunroof, Aero kit and optional Nismo coilovers expect for...
  7. P

    My de autech to det s15, Townsville Australia

    Hey guys! Very new to s15oc so I thought I'd do up a thread and show off my ride! Bought it 18 months ago as an autech fresh from japan. In that time it's seen the track a few times and see a few basic mods as you'd expect. At this stage mods include: -full det swap, not de+t :P,hdi front...
  8. D

    Greetings from Down Under! 2002 Spec S (Turbo) GT

    Mods please delete.
  9. Cris69

    is it worth it???

    hi i was on a site the other day (japan partner) looking at importing an s15 for myself!! i found one nice and cheap!! ( $2050 ) the fob price is $2579 and an extra $777 to ship to uk.. all prices in USD - grade 3.5 its a standard type s ( non turbo ) and its an auto... these things dont...
  10. Jaydej

    First mods advice

    Hey everyone, I been looking at mods and I'm not sure what is the best starter mods, I'm torn between intercooler and intake or full exhaust and manifold. what are your opinions? Or is there different mods I should start with?
  11. T

    Texhnolith's C-West GT S15 Spec S RB25DET

    Texhnolith's C-West GT Widebody S15 Spec S RB25DET Thought I should open up a member ride thread as well I've bought the car back in december of 2011 and had some big plans in mind. This is also the reason I bought a Spec S (L-Package) and not a Spec R. I never intended on keeping the SR20...
  12. S

    Simons S15 spec R

    Hi all this is my 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 spec R, I bought the car from torque gt when Mike had just imported it over so I'm the first owner in the UK, also highly recommend torque gt. I have had the car just over a year now and the build has been moving quite slow due to moving jobs and having...
  13. S

    FS: 1999 S15 Silvia Spec R £10200 OVNO

    With a heavy heart it is time for the sale of my 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec r, I've owned the car for 2 years and have decided the time has come to sell it. The car shows 114527 on the clocks which is a mixture of miles and km's and can be proven to convert to 79,843 miles. The car was originally...
  14. G

    15psi boost safe?

    I am looking at a 200sx, s15 spec s GT it isnt tuned, has a stock ecu chip has a Greddy Profec B-Spec 2 Boost Controller and its set to 15 psi it has all the usual mods, FMIC, Full TBE, HD clutch im just worried that its too high on the boost, that it could do damage
  15. G

    found one, could use some opinions

    hey guys i found an s15 spec S just wanted to know what you guys thought about it its a bit too expensive ($18k)...
  16. T

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 - Rare Autech Version + Mods

    Fresh Import Rare Autech Version S15 just arrived from Japan. Great condition and looks awesome with the modifications. The Mods are Aftermarket Front Bumper, Carbon Bonnet, Aero Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Volks Racing Alloy Wheels, HKS Coilovers, FSK Manifold, 5Zeigen Exhaust, ARC Induction...
  17. A

    Hi from Sydney

    Hi guys, thought I'd sign up! Currently own a 2001 ADM 200sx in pewter, have owned it for a year now and loving it Currently dyno tuned at 200rwkw at Unigroup, basic mods Fmic, exhausts, pod, nistune! Also apart of TeamS15, Sydney's finest S15s
  18. fez06

    johns S15 spec R

    Thought it was about time i started to make a thread. bought from torque gt, brilliant guys, its a standard spec R full aero. got a few mods for it but not fitted any yet apart from front strut brace, not going to do anything crazy tho just subtle mods as i like these standard. heres a couple...
  19. Jay-pan

    WTB: 2 way Diff swap.

    I currently have a 2 way diff on my 2001 S15, was imported from Japan fresh end of last year on 52,000 miles. The diff works how it should locks and holds but don't no the make would find it out but i need the car so haven't got time to remove the diff. Looking for a swap for a Helical diff +...
  20. S

    Boost spike

    Before installing front mount it would max out .8 now with it goes to about 1 bar? Is this Normal? other mods added is walbro fuel pump and new colder spark plugs but I doubt that make diff