1. waggoner

    rough running

    Hey guys i picked up my s15 about 3 weeks ago. It was running good for a week then stalled when i came to a complete stop. Next drive it did it twice. And just keeps getting worse. It now cant keep a constant idle after i move it and jerks while driving. i cleaned out the acc valve after reading...
  2. L

    MAF Problem - High Idle

    Hi everyone, The problem: high idle (1800-2000 RPM) Car: Silvia S15 Spec-R (Manual) Modes: Nistune ecu Type 4 Greddy bov type R (without recycling) Z32 MAF HKS Intercooler What i have checked: 1. TPS on idle 0.5v 2. MAF on idle ~1.6v (increases when i put on pedal) 3. MAF (engine off) -...
  3. shib

    Idle Valve

    Gents Does anyone know the size or part number for the pipe between the idle valve and the inter cooler pipe? I'm also after the part number for the bracket on the passenger side door which the door handle on the door card bolts on to. The bracket is held on with 2 screws and looks like this...
  4. crazymat666

    new lambda sensor and idle control valve

    im in need of both items in the title can anyone direct me to a good place to get them be very grateful
  5. paddyb01

    adjust idle

    well guys whats the best way of adjusting the idle Ive read alot of ways of doing it on the net maybe I'm thick but none seam to work for me, my idle sits to high at around 1100 or could there be something else worth trying? paddy
  6. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    cam upgrade?

    been seeing a few s15's with aftermarket cams and its pretty impressive how much more power they give. Just wondering what are some of the best cams to get and what prices? thinking about saving up for some. Everyone loves a lumpy idle
  7. justin666

    Idle Adjustment?

    As per title... How ? :) Just need a small tweak and to raise the idle ever so slightly since having the orc lightened flywheel fitted. Doesn't stall but does def drop lower that before so just wanna knock the idle up by 150 - 200rpm. Expected this as think its just a standard side effect of...
  8. Parky

    Causes for hunting at idle...?

    Took the s15 out for a drive this morning and after a couple of minutes came to a stop, and the revs were hunting up up and down between 1k and 2k. Turned the engine off and back on then it was fine. What could cause this and anyone have any recommendations / ideas? Idle control valve...
  9. Krish

    What oil pressure ?

    Had a slight oil leak issue which has now been resolved. I've now noticed my oils pressure sitting between 6-8? Dipping to 4 on idle? Before it never went over 6. Any help appreciated?
  10. S

    Idle issues after head gasket replacement

    So I got my car back on Tuesday after getting the head gasket replaced. I also had the inlet manifold gasket and exhaust manifold gasket replaced. My issue now is everytime I start my car up, it'll idle around 1200-1500 for a min, then drop down and fluctuate between 550ish-1100ish. At first I...
  11. N

    Emissions problem! HELP please!

    well guys ive recently purchased a red 2000 spec R s15, but I am having problems getting her through the NCT (Ireland), Low Idle - CO was 4.8% it has to be 0.5% or less High Idle - CO was 9.77% it has to be 0.3% or less HC - 336 ppm - it has to be 200ppm or less Lamda 0.75 - it has to be...
  12. S15AK

    idle over fueling problem

    I've had a problem for a while with my S15, it won't idle when reved. If I give it some gas when idle it will cut out, and it dose smell of petrol so guess its flooding. Driving about is fine, just struggle a little when coming to a stand still as it can cut out. what we have done so far is...
  13. J

    Help! Another problem! Car won't start :-(

    Right my s15 will no longer start for some reason? Its been having a few problems lately. We thought it was a fuel/ignitionn problem. Fuel pump, coilpacks, fuel filter and spark plugs have been changed. The car was running great for about an hour then all of sudden it wouldn't idle and...
  14. J

    Idle gone haywire!

    So I was driving home today and hit a red light, while I was sitting there I noticed my car shaking badly and also the idle being weird, When the light turmed green I started to go but the car just studdered for a bit and then finally went on like normal. It only seems to happen when the rpm...
  15. M

    rough idle and sometimes coughs when driving

    hello all did my first drift day on Saturday but near the end of the day the car started to idle strange, idle was jumping up and down and then when driving home the car was coughing almost like a misfire but only for a second and then drove fine. i stopped for some fuel and the car wouldn't...
  16. S15_SAM

    Cold idle adjustment / removal. Is it ok to take this bit off.

    I'm looking for advice on the above. I'm sick of my cold idle being 2000rpm and would quite like it to be at normal idle from cold. In my eyes it would be better for the engine on start up, as less wear on the oil starved bearings straight from starting. So I've been looking today at the...
  17. N

    kinda bought a slight lemon!

    Hey guys... so it turns out i bought myself a lemonish car! its not a total loss, just stupid issues that shouldn't come with such a price tag. so i have a few questions to ask 1) what do the standard injectors look like? is there anyway to identify them on the car? 2) i have the worst idle...
  18. D

    lambda sensors/rough idle

    are the universal ones any good? getting rough idle and overfueling once warm and when you unplug the lambda it starts running better. Anyone any ideas
  19. N

    So i finally took delivery.... few issues to sort out though.

    Hey guys, finally took delivery of my car...But as with all second hand imports, there are always a few issues that need sorting out. First off, I have a very very erratic idle, but it keeps the idle at about 900rpm. needle doesnt really move.. but it rough. it seems in Singapore they cut...
  20. sjt47y

    throttle body and tps

    Hi, I have been experiencing car stalling problems recently. at slightly higher speeds, i clutch in, the revs drop below idle revs and sometimes just stalls. Revs are now adjusted to idle higher at 1000revs. I changed a new blow off. I have cleaned up the pipes. But still this problem...